Unspoken Vows, Book 1 of the Heartbeat Series

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Chapter 6. Discovery

The nurse who had dressed Megan in the gown when she first entered the cubicle was the one to return with a clipboard in hand for Megan to sign. We left her to dress and waited for her in the lobby.

“Dirty bastard,” said Brandon, staring out the plate glass window at the rain pouring down from the night sky. I watched more of his full reflection in the plate glass than the rain. This whole thing with Megan shook him up. I had never seen Brandon pace like he had in that waiting room, so upset he couldn’t stand to sit and wait for results.

“I begged her to stay home,” I said.

“So did I.”

“Why? What is this guy to her?”

“An abuser. Just like her father,” replied Brandon. With those words, Brandon let me know that he knew a hell of a lot more about her than I did. I’d have to pump him for the information that I needed because he wasn’t going to offer it up easily. One thing I can say about Brandon, he was always a good confidant. He never exposed a friend unless he was afraid for his or her safety. Years ago, I learned I could trust him with vital information, and I knew that hadn’t changed now.

“That’s going to stop this time around.”

“You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it, Alex.”

“Maybe this time, she’ll listen to reason.”

The doctor saw us in the lobby and approached us. “She was raped and assaulted by this supposed boyfriend.”

“What did she say?” asked Brandon.

“Nothing. She said he tore out the piercing and beat her with his belt when she broke up with him.”

“His belt?” I asked, very agitated and ready to take care of Davenport myself.

“We’ll make certain that she gets some help so it won’t happen again,” replied Brandon for me.

“Good, that’s the least I ask,” said the doctor. When he noticed Megan exit the automatic doors of the emergency room, he excused himself from us. Brandon grabbed my elbow and turned me so our backs were to her.

“Do you want me to take her home with me since you got Angela and Janice to attend to?”

“No, I don’t think so. She’ll want her work to keep her distracted. All the same, I don’t want her out of my sight for a while. I’m canceling anything in California for the next week. I should have taken her with me today.”

“It’s no one’s fault but Randy Davenport’s. This couldn’t have been helped by you or me.” I turned so Megan couldn’t see or hear what I was saying to Brandon.

“We’ve got to get her to start making good choices for herself,” I whispered as Megan walked to us with her arm across her sutured stomach.

“Ready to go?” I asked as I pulled her close to me, careful not to touch her lower back, and kissed her forehead. Brandon went to get his Blazer while we stood outside under the canopy in the fresh air as the rain pelted down to the pavement. She bit her lower lip.

“I won’t let him hurt you again.”

“Okay, but you don’t have to,” she replied, not looking at me but down at the pavement.

I took her by the shoulders and abruptly turned her to face me, making her look me in the eye. “Megan, I won’t let him hurt you again.”

“Don’t think you can protect me. No one can.”

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