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As the people in the suits carried us away inside of the limousine, I knew we were in trouble. It just wasn't my style to get in trouble. I grabbed Ricardo's hand, not knowing what to expect. We felt like we were a distant apart, almost as if we were two different worlds, resting side by side. We looked at each other. We wanted to embrace, but there was something filthy about him. I walked away, not raising a single eye back.

Drama / Adventure
Daniel Hur
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"Hello! We are here to give to the people that live on this household!" Pastor Mike said as we the volunteers gathered together. I could not help but smile as Pastor Mike made it seem like we were doing something that was really heroic and grand.

"Alright!" said the owner of the household in an enthusiastic fashion; however, something was wrong about this man. Looking around his yard, I could tell there were dead bushes that he could have easily chopped up himself. Vines that crawled up his picket fence that could have been broken apart by his own tools. I looked at the layout he had on the front porch.

"You know, I wanted to be super thankful for what you are doing!" he said, shaking my pastor's hand really hard.

All of the 8-9 year olds were scattered around the house cleaning out his yard. Pastor Mike had said that this was supposed to be like a "practice round." Personally I was not sure what he was supposed to mean by that. I thought about the family that I had seen by the bus stop the other day--the boy tapping the lamp-post with his hands, the mother in the shawl--and wondered how to approach him about this subject.

However, the chance never came. Most of the time he was busy moving around the field helping the other boys and girls clean up the yard. It was only when he was helping me cut the vine that was climbing up the picket fence did I get a chance to talk to him.
"Pastor Mike?"
"Have you ever felt like there was something that you really wanted to do--and you wanted to do it so bad that you couldn't ignore it--that it felt like you were, sort of, connecting with that calling?"
Mike paused in the middle of his cutting. I wondered if I had said something that was unholy or along those lines.
"Ummm...what do you mean by that?" I paused, not quite sure how to respond. He leaned in close to me.
"Look, if you think that it really is from God, then go after it. But if you think it was something else, then screw it."
Part of me was taken aback by the simple answer. Pastor Mike looked at me like he was reading my mind.
"If you want to have a deep conversation with me, then I am available later today, but now is not really the time."

"Thank you all! Thank you very much!" said the owner of the household, shaking the hand of my fellow pastor. The rest of us volunteers cheered. I tried joining in with the rest of the crowd; however, it took much energy for me to muster out the same amplitude that the others around me had. Usually I had the same power as some of the other kids.

This time, I was an iceberg sitting in a sea of cheering children, a goose in a herd of ducks.

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