You Belong To Me

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Young and naive, Skye Grey has met a dark and dangerous man. He's possessive, dominating and ruthless. She has no idea that her world is about to turn upside down. Nothing is off limits for Jason King when it comes to convincing Skye that they belong together. Lies, deceit and manipulation are words most definitely in his vocabulary. What dark secrets does Jason hold? What is he capable of in the name of love? Who is the real Jason King? Book 1 of the Belong Series

Drama / Thriller
S.K. Mishra
4.5 28 reviews
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Chapter 1

Today we can anticipate clear skies for most of the day, but we do see a twenty percent chance of rain on your drive home. How’s the traffic looking, Marcie?

Nothing to report, Jim! Roads are clear, but if there is anything to report, please text 9797 or give us a call at 555-K197. Let’s start your drive with something upbeat!

I turned down the volume when I pulled up to Kimberly’s place, I sent her a quick text that I was outside and pulled the visor down to check my reflection. Swiping my finger under my lower lid, I cleaned up my eyeliner that had slightly smudged.

“Good morning, ready to rock senior year?” I looked over at my best friend and smiled. “Hmm” she sunk into the seat and put on her sunglasses. I chuckled and put the car in reverse. My little Kimmy was never a morning person. “Coffee?” I asked giving her a side glance. She perked up instantly and I laughed making her blush and she pinch my side. “Hey, no pinching the driver” I teased. I pulled into our favorite cafe, Jitters, and jumped out to get our drinks. Two Venti low fat caramel macchiatos and blueberry muffins later we were back on route to school.

Pulling into the first available stall in the senior’s parking lot, we grabbed our breakfast and bags. “This year is going to be so stressful “Kimberly grumbled. “It’ll be fine, just pace yourself ok?” I bumped her hip with mine. Kimberly was her own worst enemy. She spent the first two years of high school chasing guys and going to parties. Now that this was our final year she realized she had two years to make up for to get into a good college.

I pulled open the door and stepped to the side letting Kimberly in first. With a mouth full of blueberry muffin she mumbled a thank you and giggled when chunks of muffin flew out of her mouth. “Gross” I laughed following behind her. “Sorry” she laughed and took a sip from her coffee. We walked to the office silently to retrieve our schedules. I hoped to get Mrs. Martine again for English, she was an amazing teacher and she supported my passion for reading and writing.

“Good morning, Ms Garrett” I smiled at the school secretary. “Good morning, ladies” she smiled and wheeled herself to the cabinet which held our schedules. She passed them over and wished us a great senior year. We stepped out of the office to look through our schedules and mentally crossed our fingers that we shared at least one class together. With a quick scan of my schedule I was happy with the classes I was given and the teachers I was assigned to. The one that stood out was Mr. King for English Lit, the name was new and there were no rumors of a new teacher over the summer break. “Switch?” I handed my schedule to Kimberly and looked over hers; I smiled when I noticed we shared English Lit and Chemistry together. “Thank God we have classes together!“Kimberly spoke excitedly. “It’s going to be a good year” I looped my arm with hers and steered her into the direction of our lockers. We placed our things inside and strolled to the library to pick up our text books for the semester. We stood in line and chatted about random things while we waited.

“Skye! Kimberly!” Rose skipped down the hall with a big, toothy smile.

“Hey” I laughed while she pulled Kimberly and me into a very tight group hug. “How was your summer?”

Kimberly and Rose started an animated conversation about their amazing summers; there wasn’t much I could say since my summer consisted of me working at the shoe store near my place and staying in and watching movies or curling up with a good book. It’s not that I wasn’t invited to the summer parties, trips abroad or weekend camping getaways, I was, but I just didn’t feel right leaving my dad all alone. My mom left us two years ago to find herself, whatever that means. She didn’t even bother taking out the time to sit us down and explain how she felt, instead she left us a note that simply said...

I need to find myself. I’m sorry, forgive me’

There was no forgiving from myself or my father, we were both angry, really angry and for a while we even avoided each other. We came together one night and cried for a good while before we made a pact to be honest with each other and be there for each other. My dad and I were always close but I think my mother leaving made our bond so much stronger. Within those two years, we fell into a comfortable routine and I didn’t want to mess that up by leaving him for the summer.


I was yanked out of my thoughts and realized I was holding up the line. With a blush and a mumbled sorry I power walked towards a laughing Kimberly.

“Skye Grey” I smiled at the librarian. She gave me a stiff nod and typed my name into the computer, the printer spit out a piece of paper and she handed it to me while screaming “next!” I walked further into the library and took a look at the paper in front of me with shelf numbers for all the books I’d need for the first semester. Pulling off the books I walked to the assistant librarian and handed her the books so she could scan them into the system under my student code.

“Oh God these are so heavy” Kimberly groaned.

“You’re so weak” I laughed. She groaned all the way to our lockers and I teased her the whole way there.

“Alright, now that’s all taken care of we have another,” I looked at my watch “fifteen minutes before our first class. What would you like to do?” I asked. “Sit under the tree and make fun of the freshman?” she winked. Laughing we walked toward the north doors and toward the large tree that was dubbed the senior tree many years ago. No freshman, sophomores or juniors allowed. No exceptions. We took a seat and leaned against the trunk of the tree as we watched the nervous freshman walk slowly toward the fairly large and intimidating building. “Oh the new queen bee” she jabbed me in the side with her elbow. A platinum blonde stick walked, not so gracefully, in high heels toward the school. She flipped her hair and snapped her gum while she walked with over confidence. I had no doubt she felt her high school reputation would be one of popularity because she had an older sibling who just graduated and felt she owned the school because of it. By first period she would be knocked down a peg or two.

“Aww he’s adorable” I pouted my lips looking at what I knew right away would be the future school pretty boy. His preppy clothes, styled chocolate brown hair, dimples and deep blue eyes were a dead giveaway. Our little game didn’t last too long since our friends would stop by and chit chat before running inside and gathering their things before first bell.

“Wow! Who is that?” Kimberly whistled lowly.

It didn’t take me long to notice the drool worthy hunk making long strides towards the school. Wearing a black suit that fit like a glove over his thick, muscular build had my mouth watering with thoughts of what was underneath. His hair was slicked back, the dark, silky strands shining under the sun. His sharp jaw line was covered in stubble and the thoughts swirling in my mind were enough to break my skin out in goose bumps. His full lips were set in a strict line which matched the don’t fuck with me look he had plastered on his drool worthy face. His eyes were trapped behind a pair of sunglasses and I was dying inside to know what color they were.

“Holy shit!” Kimberly mumbled and ran her fingers through her hair.

“He’s too old to be a student” I breathed out.

“Teacher or Parent?” Kimberly pondered. I shrugged as we watched tonight’s wet dream walk through the doors and out of sight. The bell rung and we gathered our things “See you in English” Kimberly gave me a quick hug and walked down the east hall while I went up the stairs to my Math class. I took my seat and pulled my books from my bag. I knew a few people in my class and made small talk while we waited for Mr. Morris. I enjoyed Mr Morris, he was silly and fun, he really enjoyed his job and it made learning Math a whole lot more fun.

“Goooood moooorrriinnnning!” Mr Morris sung while he did a little jig into the room. I smiled at his craziness but sung good morning just like everyone else. We did the typical ‘what did you do this summer’ questions but after fooling around for the first ten minutes we got right into it. An hour and a half later we were packing our bags and saying goodbye to Mr Morris. I skipped down the stairs and picked up my pace to grab my English Lit book.

“How was class?” Kimberly leaned against my locker looking bored. “Mr Morris is a riot” I laughed “You’re so lucky to start your day off with such a chill teacher, I on the other hand had Ms Horbay” she put a finger in her mouth and gagged “It’s painful hearing her screechy voice! She’s sooo boring!” I threw my arm around her shoulder and walked her toward the English wing. “I’m sorry, Kimmy” I pouted and squeezed her close to me. Placing her head on my shoulder, we awkwardly walked to our class together. I took the seat at the very back next to the window and Kimberly sat in front of me. She turned around with a mischievous smirk on her lips; it was funny how quickly her mood changed. “What?” I wiggled my eyebrows while I put my books on my desk. “Did you see Mr Tall, dark and handsome on your way to class?” I shook my head “You?” I asked. She bit her lip and looked out the window dreamily “No,” she sighed “but I’m sure I’ll see him tonight, in my dreams” she fluttered her lashes and I pinched her cheeks. “So naughty” I scolded playfully.

“Good morning, everyone” The deepest voice boomed through the small room catching everyone’s attention.

“Holy shit” Kimberly and I whispered at the same time.

“I’m sure you’re all curious about who I am, my name is Mr King and I’ve accepted the position while Mrs Martine is off on maternity leave.” He smiled and I swooned.

Jeez this man was attractive!

“Since I don’t know anything about you guys, let’s take a few minutes to get to know one another?” He leaned against his desk with his hands tucked in his pockets, looking like a bloody GQ model! “So, who would like to start first?” he looked around the room until his eyes met mine. The corner of his lips tugged up into a smirk and his light, hazel like eyes looked deep into my dark pair. “You,” he jutted out his chin towards me. “Let’s start with you”

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