You Belong To Us

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She was manipulated, lied and abused by him. She was free, or so she thought.... When Josh becomes her savior, holding her close and telling her she was safe, she thought maybe she could get passed the life altering ordeal with him by her side. But Skye's life turns upside down all over again when the truth is exposed and her savior, Josh, turns out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Jason's back and he wants what belongs to him. Will Skye escape her captors once again? Or will she fall into a dark and dangerous path with no escape? Book 2 of The Belong Series

Drama / Thriller
S.K. Mishra
4.9 20 reviews
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Chapter 1

“Hello Skye”

That voice....

Josh’s arms tightened around me, stopping me from looking at what, or rather whom, was lurking behind us. I forced myself out of his hold and spun around only to have those same arms catch me when my legs failed to hold me up.

“H-how are you here?”

“Good behavior?” his signature smirk plastered on his smug face and a thick brow raised in mock question.

“This isn’t possible” I shook my head pressing myself closer to Josh, who seemed to be mute with shock.

“It hurts to see you’ve replaced me, my love” he pouted. “I hoped you would have waited for me”

“This isn’t real. How did you get out?” My bottom lip began to tremble and my eyes drowned with tears.

“Why don’t you ask the one you’re holding onto for dear life?” he chuckled darkly.

“What?” I froze.

“That friend I was always talking to....” he left the statement hanging but he didn’t have to finish for me to figure it out.

“Oh Dear God...”

“Shhh, my love. It’s all going to be fine. I’m here now,” he smiled “and we can be together again” he spoke softly.

I was losing breath and I began to see spots from the lack of oxygen “Breathe, sweetheart” Josh whispered against my ear.

“We’re free to love each other again. We can do all things we talked about” Jason smiled.

“No” I sobbed.

“Skye,” he tisked my name “baby, have you forgotten in such little time apart, that you’re mine?”

“Please don’t do this” I begged.

“You belong to me, Skye” he stepped closer, his hand delicately cupping my cheek.

“Us,” Josh spoke “She belongs to us”

The emotions running through me was making me ill, I felt nausea and vile threatened to spill as it burned in my throat. My breathing became heavy and spots were seen before me. Not now I thought, I had to figure out a way to get out of this, but if I was having a panic attack, there would be no escape. Swallowing hard, I tried to calm my erratic heartbeat, I needed to calm down and think of a way out of this, there was no way I was going to allow Jason, or Josh, to hold me captive; again.

“It’s always about you, Jason.” Anger started to boil within me “What about me? Did you ever think how this is affecting me? Let go!” I stomped on Josh’s foot allowing his hold to loosen. I thrashed my arms and removed myself from his unwanted embrace. “Neither of you care about me, you never did!” my tears were welling in my eyes and I fought to keep them from falling, I didn’t want to waste them on such vile monsters. “Skye,” Jason’s eyes softened as he reached out for me. “Don’t,” I shook my head, as I took a step back “you didn’t have the right to treat me the way you have, to lie, cheat and manipulate me. Both of you have played with my feelings, my trust and my heart. Why on earth would you think I would just run back into your arms? Why would you think I would keep my heart open to either of you after you have torn it to pieces?” I angrily swiped at me cheek as I felt the tears tickle down. “Just leave me alone” I whispered.

“I can’t,” Jason spoke just above a whisper. “I love you too much to let you go. I’m sorry for hurting you –mentally and physically. I’m sorry to have made you feel the way you do now, but you have to understand, you didn’t make it easy on me. I had to show you tough love, I had to be rougher with you to show you how much I love you, to show you what I’m capable of doing for us to be together”

“No, you didn’t,” I shook my head “you didn’t have to do any of that. Murder, Jason? Committing a murder, nonetheless to my best friends uncle, to show me how much you love me? To show me what you would do for us to spend a few nights together? It’s ridiculous, it’s insane, it’s downright stupid! Did you not think of the consequences? What would Skye do if she found out? How would Skye feel when I get dragged to jail if I’m caught? No,” I shook my head “you didn’t think of any of that, because all you think about is yourself” Jason didn’t speak a word, not a muscle flinched at my harsh words, he just stood there, emotionless. “And you,” I looked to Josh “playing the hero? Holding me close and telling me sweet words when I would wake up in a cold sweat from the nightmares he gave me.” I nodded toward Jason. “Telling me you would never hurt me, lie to me, treat me like a possession. Telling me I can always count on you, I could trust you. Those were all lies, manipulations, for what?” I asked “For all of us to be together? What part of doing what you’ve done made you think, yup! This is a good idea. Skye will fall for our games and we’ll all live happily ever after?” I huffed rolling my eyes. “Sweetheart, we’re sorry, just give us a chance to explain, to show you we can make you happy” Josh replied. “You can make me happy by leaving me alone” I turned on my heel but before I could make it two steps, Josh’s arms were around me, my back flush to his chest. “Don’t walk away from us” he nearly growled.

Jason began to walk down the top aisle, Josh urged me forward and we followed. Jason took a seat and looked up at me, his hazel eyes I once adored begged me not to fight this. With a slight tug Josh had me in the seat next to Jason, he settled himself on my other side. “Class will begin, dry your eyes and compose yourself, sweetheart. We don’t want to cause a scene” just as his last words slipped from his lips he nodded towards Jason. Hesitantly, he nudged the fabric of his jacket to the side, exposing the silver gun tucked inside. He covered the gun up as the door flung open and my fellow classmates flooded the aisles for their seats “Do or say anything and their blood will be on your hands” Josh whispered as he settled in his seat. I bit my lip and pushed my back against my chair, my heart hammering against my chest once again “Good girl” Jason cooed next to me as he placed his hand on my knee.

The Professor walked into the room and introduced himself, I took out my books and tried to concentrate, it was difficult when Jason began to draw random shapes on my knee and thigh. Josh’s arm was pressed up against me, their constant need to touch me was becoming unbearable but I pushed through and took notes as the Professor spoke, I also tried to keep any attention away from us, hoping and praying the Professor wouldn’t ask a question and look to me for the answer. Two hours later and the class ended, the three of us stayed in our seats as the students filed out, heavy chatter in the air. Silence consumed the room once again but my thoughts were so loud I felt a headache building to the surface. I slowly began to move, gathering my things and standing up, the two brutes stood with me and we silently walked towards the exit. “We need to talk, in private” Neither I or Jason acknowledged Josh’s statement, we just followed him silently. The campus was consumed with people, enough people for me to make a scene and make an escape, but I wouldn’t dare make a scene; they were just too unpredictable. Jason must have heard my thoughts or maybe he saw the change in my body language, he placed his large hand on my lower back and steered me in the direction he wanted me to go, I silently obeyed, knowing I didn’t have any other option.

We reached the parking lot, Josh opened the back door and I slid in knowing any other option would be painful and humiliating. Jason followed behind me, taking my hand in his and kissing my knuckles “I missed you, my love” he mumbled against them. I said nothing, I didn’t miss him. How could I miss someone who haunted my dreams? Josh brought the car to life and drove away from the campus, the route he was taking us was familiar, the destination was his condo. When we arrived, Jason held his hand out for me and I took it obediently, he smiled and placed a kiss on my forehead before ushering me inside. “Would you like something to eat, sweetheart? Maybe drink?” Josh offered. I didn’t want anything from either of them, but I really needed something for my parched throat “Water please”. Josh smiled and passed me a water bottle from the fridge and a glass from the cupboard. “Jason?” he looked toward him, he shook his head and took a seat next to me, his hand once again slipping on to my knee. When they were settled with their drinks they looked towards me, serious expressions on their faces but excitement gleamed in their eyes. “Jason and I have worked out a plan for all of us to be together,” Josh began. I looked up at him, a piece of me dying inside “tonight, you’ll tell your Dad you’re moving in with me. I’m sure he won’t object, we get along quite well” he smiled. “We’ll have everything set up here, it’ll look lived in just in case he decides to stop by”

“But?” I asked.

“But, the both of you will stay with me” Jason tucked a stray hair behind my ear “I promise, you’ll love it”

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