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Chapter 10

With excuses of a study class I arrived at Jason’s place, or should I say our place? I passed my money to the cab driver and walked up the path to the main doors.

“Good Evening, Miss Grey” A man in a navy blue suit greeted with a smile. A name tag on his left breast indicated his name is, Jeffrey.

“Good evening” I smiled back.

“Mr. King and Mr. Morris are expecting you” he stood behind a desk and pulled open a drawer on his left. A manila envelope was removed and slid on top of the counter in my direction. “Inside are the building rules, your key card to the parking lot and to your new home” he smiled brightly “If there is anything you need, day or night, please don’t hesitate to call me. My name is Jeffrey and it is a pleasure to meet you”

“Please, call me Skye” I extended my hand and he wrapped his large one around it for a firm shake. “It’s a pleasure, Miss Skye” I chuckled under my breath at his formality. “I’ll see you around Mr. Jeffrey” I teased making him laugh. I walked toward the elevator and pushed the up arrow, I waited patiently while the elevator descended to the lobby for me to get on. Pressing our floor I waited while watching the floor numbers illuminate with a glow as I approached. With a ding the doors slid open and I walked out and toward the door. Do I knock or just let myself in? I ripped open the envelope and pulled out the key card, sliding it through the door it ejected open slightly for me to enter.

“Hello?” I hollered while slipping out of my shoes “Anyone home?” I began to walk further into the loft.

“Hey, baby” Jason smiled, closing his bedroom door behind him. Charcoal grey sweats hung loosely around his waist, bare chest proudly displayed and a towel wrapped around his neck.

“Hi” I smirked unashamedly running my eyes over his sculpted body.

“Like what you see?” he bit his lip. He was standing so close I could feel his body heat against my skin.

“Mmhmm” I bit my own lip, smirking and nodding. Jason chuckled, swung the towel from around his shoulders and around my waist, with a jerk he pulled me forward and planted a firm kiss to my lips.

“I love that you’re here” he whispered with a faint smile on his lips “I can’t wait for you to move in” I only smiled and let my fingertips dance along the contours of his stomach.

“Hey” Josh spoke behind me. He had a small smile on his face but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Hi” I took a step back from Jason and padded along the floor to where Josh stood. Wrapping my arms around his waist I pulled him in a for a hug. Pulling back I gave him a quick kiss and his eyes danced with emotion.

“Right,” Jason sighed, frustration clear in his voice “would anyone like a drink?” he asked walking over to the kitchen “I fucking do” he mumbled. If I could hear it, I knew Josh could too. It almost made me wonder if he meant to say it loud enough for us to hear.

“Just water for me please” I removed myself from Josh’s embrace and took a seat by the kitchen island. Jason poured me a tall glass of water and slide it across the counter for me with a smile, I thanked him and took a sip before placing it softly back down. “You could cut the tension with a knife” I sighed. “Let’s put aside the formalities and get to why I’m here” Both men looked at one another and then me, a silent agreement as they took their drinks in hand and ushered me to the living room. I made sure I sat away from either of them but able to see them both when I spoke. “Let’s start with the obvious,” I placed my drink on the coffee table “time with one another. There’s too many assumptions that I will be with one when the other expects me to be with them. We have to work some sort of schedule out, keep in mind I would like time alone”

“Why?” Jason asked.

“Study, friends, visit with my dad” I chuckled “I can’t be with the both of you twenty-four, seven” They seemed to think about my words and I rolled my eyes, of course they would want me to spend every waking moment with them. “And I think I should be sleeping in my own bed, alone, for the first few weeks here”

“Skye” Jason protested.

“Just the first few weeks, I don’t want hurt feelings or jealousy. With that, no sexual contact” I tried not to look at Josh when I spoke.

“You’re our girlfriend, that kind of comes with the title” Josh finally spoke up with his own protest.

“Until we have some sort of routine, I don’t want any issues between the three of us” I replied. “Think about it, how would you feel if you caught me making out with Jason?” Jason tried to hide his smirk, so to put him in his place I asked him a question “And you,” I caught his attention “how would you feel if you saw Josh and I cuddled in bed together. His smirk formed into a scowl instantly. “Exactly. No sexual contact. Consider me a roommate for the first few weeks until we sort things out” Neither of them looked impressed but I had to hold on to my resolve. “Questions?”

“This is bullshit and you know it!” Jason slammed the remainder of his drink down his throat. “You were meant to be here with us, to be with us. What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. Roommate” he spat the word in detest.

“Baby, I didn’t mean to upset you, that isn’t my intention” I tried to soothe him. He only huffed into a standing position and left to refill his drink at the kitchen.

“Josh? Do you feel the same?”

“She makes valid points, Jason” Josh turned to face him. Jason rolled his eyes and continued to make his drink. “But I also agree with Jason, we expected something different. Considering you a roommate for even a moment is not what we had in mind”

“Then give me suggestions?” I leaned back and crossed my legs.

“We’ll figure it out as we go” Jason returned to the living room.

“She’s right Jason, I don’t want to come home and find you two in a compromising position. I know you wouldn’t want to see us together. Let’s keep it simple,” Josh looked in my direction “is there a certain day of the week you would like to be your alone time?”

How thoughtful for him to ask, I thought smiling “Saturday’s would be nice”

“Ok,” he leaned back in his chair “How about Monday’s and Wednesday’s are for you and me, Jason will have Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Friday will be for all of us, we can go out to eat, catch a movie, hang out at home, whatever” he shrugged. “Saturday will be for you to catch up on things and see your Dad and friends”

“And Sunday?” Jason asked.

“We leave that up to Skye” Josh looked at me “That day she could use to catch up on what she couldn’t on Saturday and she can decide if she wants to spend it with us alone or together”

“Does that work for you Jason? I think it sounds fair” I smiled at Josh, he always was the rational one between the two.

“Only if the days we have alone, you spend the night in our rooms, and since you,” he looked at Josh “get her on Mondays, she spends the night with me on Friday and we’ll alternate”

“Why do I have a room?” I mumbled rolling my eyes.

“For weekends” Jason bit back.

“Fine,” I sighed “I agree. Josh?” he nodded and it seemed like all was settled. I was a little disappointed that my plan didn’t work out but I could use this to my advantage if I thought it out thoroughly.

“Alright, I should get home” I stood.

“You are home” Jason smirked, his mood turning in an instant.

“I meant my Dad’s” I shook my head smirking.

“You can’t stay longer?” Josh asked. I shook my head taking my glass from the table “No,” I began to walk to the kitchen “I need to tell my Dad I’m moving out” I washed the glass and put it on the rack to dry. “Speaking of,” I looked to Josh “I need you to come by after school tomorrow, properly ask my Dad if it’s alright for us to move in together. He’d like that”

“Of course” Josh smiled. Jason frowned I knew it was something he thought he would have the opportunity to do. Guess you shouldn’t have kidnapped me, huh? I internally rolled my eyes. “I’ll tell him I met up with you after my study class and you asked me” Josh nodded once again and walked over to a glass bowl by the door, picking up his keys he offered to drive me home. I accepted as it would make more sense that Josh would drive me home after seeing me than to send me away in a cab. “Can I have a moment with Jason?” I asked. Josh nodded and excused himself saying he would meet me at the elevators.

When the front door closed I walked up to a sad, puppy dog looking, Jason. “Baby,” I cooed wrapping my arms around his neck “this will work out, ok? If not, we’ll talk about it again and work something out so everyone is happy” He wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned in for a kiss but I moved back slightly and chuckled at the pout he had on display “Be good,” I scolded in a loving tone “play nice with Josh, it’s the both of you that wanted this. Now that it’s happening you don’t get to have temper tantrums, understood?”

“Yes ma’am” he smiled a beautiful smile.

“Good” I whispered and drew him in close. “I’ll call you before bed, ok?” he nodded and pulled me in the few inches between us to crash his lips to mine.

“I love you” he looked deeply into my eyes.

“I love you, too” I drowned in a pool of hazel.

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