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Chapter 11

I slid the last box into the moving truck, turned around and gave my Dad the biggest pouty face imaginable.

“Come here, my little girl” he chuckled waving his hands. I ran into my Dad's arms, tears pooled in my eyes and he rubbed my back soothingly while little shivers ran through me as I tried to hold in the sobs. “Shhh, it’ll all be alright” he whispered into my hair. “If you need anything, I’m only a call away” he held my shoulders and pulled me back to look at my face “This will always be your home, Skye. You can come back here anytime, do understand?” I nodded and collapsed on to his chest once again, this time, letting the tears stream down my face. “Come on, be my big girl” he kissed the top of my head and rubbed my back. “I’m such a baby” I mumbled into his chest. “Yes you are, my baby, always and forever” my Dad kissed my forehead and wiped the tears from my cheeks. “Go clean up,” he nodded to the house “I need to have a few words with Josh” I looked over my shoulder, Josh’s eyes were glistening with tears and he had a slight blush on his cheeks. He gave me a small, sad smile and I returned it with one of my own. I looked back at my Dad, asked him to be nice and took my time going back into my old home to clean myself up. Walking into the bathroom, I washed my face. letting the cool water sooth my burning eyes. I pulled at a towel and dabbed it gently against my face, then stepped out. My eyes scanned the wonderful home I had for many years, good and bad memories filled this home and it made a smile dance on my lips.

“If for any reason this doesn’t work out, you bring her back to me, understood?” I heard my Dad scold Josh. I tiptoed to the window and quietly listened.

“Yes sir, I understand”

“Keep her happy, yeah?” Dad’s voice broke a little and tears sprang into my eyes instantly. “She’s all I have, she’s my world, my little girl, my heart and soul”

“I swear it, Mr. Grey. I will take care of her, I will keep her happy, honor her and love her. You can come by anytime, we even have a spare room just for you” Josh smiled and my Dad chuckled. Dad thanked Josh and they hugged, that was my cue to make my appearance.

“Well look at you two” I smiled. Dad opened up one of his arms and I tucked myself into the hug. “Be happy, the both of you. I’ll miss you, kid” Dad kissed my forehead and I burst into tears again. “Go on, take her or I’ll change my mind” Dad joked but deep down inside we all knew there was truth behind his words. “I’d be ok with that” I gave him a watery smile. “Go, be happy, pumpkin” he blew me a kiss. Josh wrapped his arm around my waist and I leaned into his chest as he walked me toward the passenger door, he opened it, helped me in and gave my hand a little squeeze of support before closing the door.

I waved good bye to my Dad as we drove away from what will always be my real home. My heart broke into a million pieces as I saw my Dad break down into tears just as we rounded the corner and out of his sight. “I hate the both of you for making me do this” my lip trembled as I spoke.

“I know,” Josh whispered “we’re sorry” I looked out my window and watched as we drove further and further away from my Dad and my home.

When we reached the loft I was in no mood to move my things and arrange them, I literally pouted getting out of the truck and practically stomped my feet to the back to retrieve my belongings. “Come here, sweetheart” Josh nodded towards himself, arms slightly open for me to walk into.

“No” I answered like a child on the verge of a temper tantrum.

“Come on” he coaxed with slight smile and humor in his voice. He took a step towards me, lifted my arms by my wrists and placed them on his hips while his arms wrapped me in his warmth. “I truly am sorry, it broke my heart to see you so sad” my loose arms around his waist tightened and I held him close to me “I’m sorry for being a big baby and being mean to you in the truck. I don’t hate you”

He kissed the top of my head “It’s ok if you do, but only for a little while ok? I don’t want you to hate me forever” I smiled and rubbed his back. Pulling away I rested my chin on his chest and looked up at him “Kiss me” I whispered. “Gladly” he smiled and leaned down to capture my lips.

“Let’s go up, Jason and I will bring your things while you set them up as you wish” I nodded and took his hand.

Josh held me close while we waited for the elevator to stop on our floor, he took my hand once again and opened the door for me to enter “We’re home” he hollered. I could hear feet padding along the floor, the sound increasing as it came closer “Welcome home, baby” Jason grinned.

“Thanks” I forced a smile. Jason’s grin faltered and he looked at Josh for answers.

“She’s a little heartbroken to leave her Dad, it was quite emotional. Let’s give her a few minutes alone while we go down to the truck and bring her things” Jason nodded sadly, I knew both of them thought when this finally happened it would be a joyous occasion. Jason gave me a kiss on the cheek before walking out with Josh.

I walked into the loft, my eyes scanning every detail “My new home” I whispered with a hint of distaste. Sighing I went to my room, opened the door and stepped inside. There was a beautiful bouquet of red and white roses on the side table, a teddy bear in the middle of the bed with a card in its lap. I reached for it and sat at the edge of the bed.

Welcome home, baby.
I hope we can make great memories together, share our lives together and be happier than we could dream possible.
I’m sorry I couldn’t receive you myself, you know how much I wanted to be a part of that. But I hope you’ll allow me to make your first night here special.
I can’t wait to have you sleep in my arms, wake up to your beautiful smile and shower you with love and kisses every chance available.

I love you, Skye.

Yours always,

The note was sweet but it brought up too many memories and false promises from the past. I tucked the card back in the envelope and put it on the side table along with the roses. I leaned over and inhaled the soft scent of the flowers, my eyes closed for a moment until I heard the front door close. I began walking towards the door when Jason stood in front of me, two boxes on top of each other in his hands. I moved to the side and he stepped in and rested the boxes in the corner on the floor, Josh followed behind only a moment later.

“I see you read my card” he looked in the direction of the side table and then back at me. I nodded with a slight smile “It was sweet, thank you” he cupped my face in his hands and began leaning toward me “I meant every word” he whispered and placed a soft kiss to my lips. My fingers wrapped around his wrists and I held his hands where they were, I leaned into him and gave him a firm kiss back. Josh cleared his throat behind us “Sorry, but there’s a lot of stuff and I have to return the truck tonight” we both nodded, neither of us upset about the intrusion to our moment together. I decided to put on my big girl panties and stop pouting. I helped the guys bring my stuff in and stack everything in a corner of my room. I decided I would work on it slowly throughout the week, or on the weekend when I had my alone time, as discussed.

By seven in the evening we were all done and sitting in the living room in silence. The question of what to have for dinner came up and we all thought about what we wanted. “Chinese? Josh offered. I hummed, I could do Chinese. “Maybe Italian?” Jason suggested. I bit my lip, Italian sounded really good. “Skye?” I looked to Josh “Anything you’re in the mood for?” I felt indecisive at the moment, I didn’t know what I wanted but I knew I was starving. “How about an international buffet? They have a little bit of everything and we can get our food a lot quicker, I’m starving and don’t want to wait for the food to arrive” Both of them nodded and we stood to get our coats.

When we arrived at the buffet we chose a booth in the corner which was secluded from the rest of the restaurant, this worked well as no one could really see us without approaching us directly. I decided that we should take turns getting our food, I didn’t want anyone to see me with Professor Morris and I really didn’t want anyone to recognize Jason. They let me get my food first as my stomach was yelling angrily every few minutes, I nibbled on some fries while I waited for them to come back so we could eat properly together. For the first few bites we were quiet, clearly all of us hungry. Jason was the first to break the silence “How would you feel if I grew a beard?” he rubbed his chin. I scrunched my nose and made a face “Why on earth would you grow a beard?” Josh only chuckled from where he was seated. “You’re always worried someone would recognize me, with a beard my appearance would change somewhat so it would be harder for people to know it’s me” he explained. “No” I shook my head and took a bite of a spring roll. Josh began to laugh a little loudly so he coughed to cover it up, his eyes danced with mischief and humor causing Jason to huff and pout a little. “How about a little stubble than? I’ll keep it clean, I promise. I just hate that you’re always looking over your shoulder when you’re with me” I felt a little bad and understood why he offered to grow a beard. “We’ll try it, but don’t be looking like a damn mountain man and expect me to be in public with you anyway. I don’t want to date a hobo” Josh nearly fell out of his seat laughing and I chuckled under my breath. Jason looked at Josh and a smile split on his face. Josh’s laugh was so contagious that he too began to laugh, I smiled at the two of them. I think this would be the only time when I would probably see them both get along, I snorted in laughter. That just made them both erupt into a laughing fit, I smiled and shook my head. “You’re both nuts” I dipped my spring roll into a sweet sauce and took a bite.

When we arrived at the loft, I was beat. I excused myself for a much needed shower. I let the hot water sooth my muscles and just relished the quiet moment to myself. When I stepped out I dried and wrapped myself in a thick, white towel. I opened the bathroom door and the cold air bit into my skin. With a shiver and goosebumps all over me I walked quickly to my room. Applying a new lotion, which smelt of vanilla, I slipped into a comfy pair of pj’s. Just as I went to comb my hair a soft knock came at the door, “Come in” the door opened slowly and Josh’s blue eyes peaked at me “Hi” he smiled. “Hi” I chuckled. I picked up my comb and ran it through my hair gently “May I?” he asked. My eyes locked with his in the mirror “You want to brush my hair?” I asked, humor and intrigue in my voice. He hummed in response and slipped the comb out of my hand, he began slowly and gently running the comb through my damp hair. “I love your long hair, never cut it, ok?” I watched him and smiled “Ok” I agreed.

“How was your first day so far?” he asked. “Emotional” he smiled and nodded in agreement with me. “What’s wrong?” I held his hand and turned to face him. “Tomorrow is Monday” was all he said. “Yeah, and?” I tilted my head to the slide. “If you’re not ready to share a bed with me, I’ll understand” he blurted. “We’ve cuddled before, right?” I placed my hands on his chest. “Yeah” he sighed looking into my eyes. “I’ve fallen asleep in your arms before, right?” he nodded, his hands rubbing my hips softly. “Then you have nothing to worry yourself with. I appreciate and love that you’re worried about me feeling uncomfortable with the idea but, well, we’ve already done it” I laughed lightly and he smiled. “But,” I wound my arms around his neck “no hanky-panky” I winked and he chuckled. “No hanky-panky” he promised. “I love you, sweetheart” he whispered leaning in and pressing his lips to mine. “I love you too, babe” I smiled.

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