You Belong To Us

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Chapter 13

“Let us know if you change your mind, we should be there around eight” Laura gave me a quick hug. “Sounds good” I smiled pulling away. I waved and began walking in the opposite direction, my eyes scanning for Jason as I did so. I couldn’t see him anywhere and my eyebrows furrowed and met in the middle with confusion, he’s never late. I stood on the sidewalk, looking down the street, left then right, still nothing. I pulled my phone out and began to dial Jason’s number when I heard a honk and looked up and across the street.

There he was in all his God like glory. His smile shined and almost hypnotized you, a trance you tried to fight but was so strong it pulled you in with an unimaginable force only to plunge you into darkness. A darkness I was no longer going to be drowned in, I would be my own light. I squared my shoulders and straightened my spine, giving him my own dazzling smile, I walked toward him.

“Sorry I’m late, baby” were his first words when I opened the door to allow myself entrance. “It’s alright” I reached for my seat belt and secured myself in “Where are we going for lunch?” I smiled toward him. “I thought we could do something laid back, relaxed and maybe a little romantic” he winked and leaned in to place a soft kiss on my lips. We began to drive and ten minutes in I knew exactly where we were going, I couldn’t help but smile. We pulled into the designated parking areas and Jason jumped out, opened the back door and pulled out a couple of bags. I hopped out of my side and met him half way. Taking his hand, he directed us toward a bench by the water, we took a seat and he offered me a bottle of water and a sandwich from a deli by the campus. “I thought you would like coming to the park for a nice, quiet lunch” he took off his sunglasses and tucked them in his pocket. “It’s perfect, thank you” I unscrewed the cap of my water and took a sip while I took in my surroundings. It really was peaceful out here.

We ate quietly for a few minutes, just the scenery and each other’s company. When we were done our sandwiches, Jason passed me a container filled with all my favorite fruit. He sat closer and we munched on the yummy goodness together. “Can I ask you a question?” he popped a strawberry in his mouth and nodded. “What do you do all day?” he chuckled and I shook my head laughing lightly “I meant, for work” He leaned back, his right foot propped on his left knee. He placed his arm behind me, resting it along the bench, his fingers playing with my hair. “Consulting” was his simple response. “Care to elaborate” I chuckled. His fingers pushed a path through my hair, his finger firmly massaging the back of my neck. “I don’t want to lie to you Skye, but, I won’t put you in danger either” he wasn’t looking at me, he was looking out to the water, mesmerized by the way the sun reflected off of it majestically. “I made some friends while I was away. People you will never meet. I consult on anything from business decisions, security, finances, etcetera, etcetera...” he rolled his wrist around with boredom. “That’s dangerous, Jason” I tried looking in his direction but his fingers dug into the back of my neck holding me in place. It wasn’t painful but it quickly doused me with his power and dominance.

“It allows me to give you the lifestyle you deserve. The life I want to give you. I want you to never want something and not have it. You want it, you ask for it, and it’s yours”

“We have a life together. If we want something, we work hard to get it; together. That’s what couples do. I don’t want you to risk you, me or us for the sake of material things” I spoke in a quiet, even tone. I could feel the tension rolling off of him.

“No more, my love. This conversation ends here. Just know, I will always give you the best, nothing but the best” His word was final, his tone left no room for argument or discussion. “I trust you,” I whispered “I know whatever you decide will be best for us” his fingers slacked around my neck and I tentatively turned to look at him. I leaned in and placed a soft kiss upon his cheek, my lips brushing against his skin as I spoke “I love you”.

“I love you too” he smiled. Turning his head he quickly captured my lips. They molded into a soft, sweet kiss which only lasted a moment before he pulled away. “I should get you back, don’t want you to be late for your class” he stood and offered me his hand. I took it without breaking eye contact “You sure are romantic, Mr King” I smirked, lightening up the mood. “I aim to please, Miss Grey” he winked and patted my ass. “Thank you for an amazing lunch. The park was stunning and so peaceful, it was perfect”

“I thought you would enjoy that” he smiled against my knuckles, placing a soft kiss against them before settling our hands into his lap. “I have something planned for dinner tonight, I hope you enjoy it just as much” he glanced over at me, my reflection mirrored back to me in his aviators. “I look forward to it”.

When he dropped me off, we kept our goodbye brief. A quick kiss and confirmation that he would be here when I was let out. I hopped out and tossed a seductive look over my shoulder as I overly, sashayed my hips from side to side. I was calling my inner Jessica Rabbit out and Jason both howled in laughter and lust. I giggled and blew him a kiss before picking up my pace to make it to the lecture hall on time.

“Seriously, who is the hottie?” Laura bumped hips with me.

“What?” I laughed awkwardly, slipping the strap of my bag back on my shoulder.

“I saw you making out with him, friends, my fine ass” she wiggled her eyebrows. What was I to say? I let my guard down and didn’t keep an eye on my surroundings, wasn’t aware of the eyes that may be on us. I couldn’t deny it, I couldn’t think of excuses, so I had no choice but to admit it.

“My boyfriend,” I blushed. “we’ve been friends for a long time.” I chuckled and looked towards the lecture hall “I should get going”

“Ok,” She nodded “but I want to meet him” she bumped shoulders with me “Soon!” she hollered over her shoulder with a laugh.

I took my seat and pulled my books out of my bag. I couldn’t concentrate when the Professor began to speak and engaged the class, I couldn’t focus when he called on me for an answer, I didn’t feel embarrassed when I couldn’t answer him and he shook his head in disappointment. All I could think about was how I had to keep Laura and Jason apart, how I had to keep Jason away. If I didn’t someone would figure out who he was, someone would try to save me.

I didn’t need saving.

I needed to get my revenge.

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