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Chapter 15

“Jason,” I sighed spreading my legs a little further apart “don’t stop” I whimpered.

“I can’t wait to get you home and ravish this body” he huskily whispered in my ear. His fingers rubbed me over my white, lace panties, my wetness felt cool to the exposed air around us. “I want you, need you” my head lay back against the seat, eyes closed and hands trembling with his touch. He growled deep in his throat and I shivered, his chest vibrated against my arm. The town car stopped abruptly and Jason adjusted my dress before the driver made it around to open my door. My fingers trembled when I reached out for his hand, I took a step out and stepped to the side so Jason could exit the vehicle himself. We thanked the driver and Jason tipped him well before we entered our building.

“Good evening, Mr King, Miss Skye”

“Good evening, Jeffrey” Jason smiled as his hand massaged my hip. I smiled, looking up at Jason before I greeted Jeffrey as well. We strolled over to the elevator and waited while it descended, when the doors slid open Jason allowed me in first before entering and pressing our floor. The moment the doors closed he had me pinned against the wall and his mouth covered mine. My fingers sunk into his thick hair and kept him close as we kissed ferociously. His hands were everywhere, my hips, my chest, my back, my ass, feeling every inch of me before the elevator stopped and opened the doors to our floor. I took his hand and we practically jogged to our door.


I shook my head “You” he chuckled and swatted my ass while biting his bottom lip.

“Get us a couple of glasses while I get something ready in our room” I sighed and begrudgingly let him go so I could pour us a couple of glasses. After pouring the wine I took off my shoes and tossed them by the front door before padding along to Jason’s room, or rather our room as he put it. He left the door open by a sliver, not wanting to ruin his plan I knocked on it softly. The door opened a second later, a smiling Jason on the other side of the threshold.

“Come in” I passed him his glass of wine of wine and my eyes fluttered around the room.

Candles lit the large room beautifully.

“Jason” I smiled turning in my spot to see him. He placed his glass down and took two strides to meet me. Taking my glass, he stretched to place it down and took his position in front of me, hands resting comfortably on my bottom.

“If there was one thing you wanted me to do for you, what would it be?”

“I don’t know, you do so much for me already” I rested my hands on his chest and ran it gently up and down, my fingertips feeling every contour of his sculpted chest beneath his shirt and vest. “At this very moment however, I would really like for you to make love to me”

“I want to give you the world” he tipped his head to the right and began nibbling my neck.

“You are my world, Jason. I just want you” The words came out in a moan towards the end when he sucked the skin into his mouth. I pushed his suit jacket off his shoulders and he shrugged it off, letting it drop to the floor. I unbuttoned his vest next as he peppered kisses along my collarbone and up, behind my ear. Pushing his vest off, it joined his jacket on the floor. “You have too many clothes on” I huffed as I worked on the buttons on his shirt, he chuckled and pulled away. Gripping his shirt he ripped it apart, the buttons flying every which way. He yanked the shirt off and tossed it behind him.

“Better?” he smirked.

“Much” I whispered turning and giving him my back. I gathered my hair and brought it over my right shoulder, my chin resting against my left shoulder I watched him from my peripheral vision. I could feel his eyes burning my exposed back. I reach for the delicate ribbon around my neck and gave them a little tug. The ribbon came undone and I pulled the ribbons down, the top of the dress tumbled to my waist. With a twist to my hips, the satin pooled around my feet, exposing me in an instant. I could hear him sigh deeply, his eyes left a trail of heat as I could feel them trail along every inch of my skin. His hands started at my thighs, they danced up along my hips and sides. Gathering my hair in my hands I held it in a heap above my head. His fingertips brushed against the sides of my breasts and I shivered dropping my head on to his shoulder and letting my hair tumble down his back and arm. He cupped my breasts in his large, strong hands. He massaged them slowly, firmly, my budding nipples pressed against his palm.

“You are the most precious, most cherished and most honored person in my life” I turn in his arms and press my chest to his. His hands begin to caress my back and I wrapped my arms around his neck. “I want to make you my wife one day, make you the mother of my children and I want to grow old with you”

“We’ll have all of that, baby” I stroked his hair and rose on my toes to press a firm kiss against his lips. “You are my world, my everything and I can’t wait to be Mrs Skye King, but-”

“But what?” he stiffened.

“But right now I need less talking and more love making” I giggled.

“Yes, ma’am” he lifted me up and tossed me on to the bed. He tugged my panties down and tossed them over his shoulder as his eyes raked over my body. I lifted myself up on my elbows and locked eyes with him, with a sly smirk, I spread my legs open slowly. “Fuck” he eyed my bare pussy and licked his lips before lowering himself. He wrapped his arms around my thighs while dipped his tongue in between my folds. Dropping my head back, I closed my eyes and just felt him please me. Spreading me open he tasted my most intimate parts, he licked and sucked, tasted and savored. I wiggled beneath his touch and groaned as he pushed me further along a path of pure bliss. “Yes, oh god, yes” I arched my back as his lips sucked my clit into his mouth and his fingers slid deep inside my pussy. The deeper the thrust, the harder he would suck and I was losing all sense of control. My mind was spinning and my toes curled as a hard orgasm ripped through me. My fingers fist the sheets below us and my entire body convulsed. He held me down as he lapped at my excitement. His darkened with lust eyes met my half lidded ones. He crawled up my body, his lips peppering kisses along the way.

I fumbled with his belt until he took over. He slipped off the bed and stood by the edge “I want to see you play with yourself” he tugged off his belt and my eyes watched as he began on the button of his pants. I spread my legs apart, biting my lip I teased my core with my fingers, I felt a deep tug in my belly as I touched my sensitive parts. Watching him undress, watching his body stretch under his movements was magnetizing, alluring and downright hot as fuck!

“Oh, my baby is so wet” he replaced his fingers with mine and rubbed me softly.

“I want you, please” I begged lifting my hips to search for him. He lay on top of me, his hand brushing my hair back as I felt his hips move to adjust himself.

“Do you love me?” he kissed my forehead.

“Yes, I love you”

“Do you need me?” he kissed my right cheek.

“Yes, I need you”

“Do want only me?” he kissed my left cheek.

“Only you. I’ll always want only you”

“Will you run away with me then?” he thrust deeply inside me and I gasped at the sensation. “Will you let me take you away from everything you know and start fresh somewhere else?” he began to rock back and forth. “Hmmm? Would you?”

“Jason, why would you – oh god, fuck!” I dug my nails into his back when his pace became everything Jason is.




My entire body swayed with his movements. He gripped my hair tight in a fist and filled me deeper with every unrelenting thrust. “Mine. You’re mine” his breath came out sharp with every word.

“Yours” I moaned “Always yours” I shivered and dug my nails deep into the flesh of his muscular shoulders before I curled into him “I’m coming!” I bit into his shoulder and shuddered. Growling, he spilled his seed inside me.

Panting he fell on top of me but still held most of his weight on his forearms. “I love you” his breath warmed the tops of my breasts. “I love you more” I brushed his hair back and kissed his forehead. “You should rest, you have school in the morning” I groaned and pouted which he captured in a kiss. “Come, I’ll wash your back if you’ll wash mine” he winked. I laughed and kissed his cheek “Deal”. A hot shower and some fooling around, we lay in bed in each other’s arms.


“Hmm?” I nuzzled into him.

“Why did you agree to this arrangement?”

“What?” I turned to face him. “What’s with these questions?”

“You said,” he swallowed hard “you said that if it were your choice you would choose us. So why didn’t you say something sooner? Why did you agree to be shared between me and him?”

“Neither of you didn’t leave me much of a choice, now did you?” I sat up and propped myself against the headboard. “You both lied to me, manipulated me, let’s not get started on all the other mentally damaging situations you both put me through”


“No,” I shook my head “you started this. You want an answer, I’ll give you one. I didn’t want either of you, I didn’t want to be around you two but you guys didn’t leave me a choice. You were patient like I asked and, I don’t know,” I sighed “I started to remember all the good times we had. And we did have good times, Jason.” I smiled. “You were the man I first fell in love with and I fell into our old routine, God I loved our old routine” I gushed and made him chuckle. “I never felt more myself, more comfortable, loved and cared for then when I was with you. I always felt something missing with Josh”

“What? What felt missing?”

“Home” I cupped his cheek “He never felt like home”

“What if we tell him? Tell him we only want to be with each other?” his eyes begged me to agree but I knew better.

“We can’t, baby. He has too much against you, as you have against him” he nodded in agreement and sighed.

“So how do we get rid of him?” he huffed.

Silence stretched in the room before I cleared my throat.

“Maybe someone from your, unique clientele, could assist us”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying I choose you, Jason. You asked me if there was one thing I wanted you to do for me, what would it be? I want you to make us happen. I want us”

“Us” he smiled.

“Us” I smirked.

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