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Chapter 16

My mind woke up but my body refused to wake with it. I nuzzled into the warm embrace that had me pinned under its weight. “Mmh” I pulled Jason’s arm around me tighter and buried my face into the pillow under my head. “What’s wrong, love?” his voice gruff with sleep. “You sound so sexy in the morning” I hummed. Jason chuckled behind me and I felt his lips press against my bare shoulder. “You’ll be late for school” he began to shuffle and I whined in protest holding him to me tighter. “No.” I pouted with my eyes closed. “C’mon, my little one” he cooed kissing in between my shoulder blades. “Those lips are so addicting” I groaned. I felt his lips pull into a smile against my skin and wiggled myself to turn over and face him.

“Good morning” I smiled when I met with shining hazel eyes.

“Good morning, my love” he kissed the tip of my nose.

An hour later Jason and I were dressed and ready to grab a quick breakfast before he had to drop me off. “What’s planned for your day today?” I asked curiously.

“Meeting with a few clients, checking out some property, why? Are you going to miss me?” he teased.

“You know I will” I lifted his hand to kiss his knuckles “You mentioned property, we aren’t moving are we? I love our place” I pouted.

“I’m glad you do.” He smiled “But no, not a new home for us. I’m trying my hand at real estate”

“Like a legit job?” I gasped in a teasing manner “Where has my bad boy gone?” I nipped his fingers. He boomed with laughter

“So teasing this morning” he twisted his wrist to cup my cheek. “I do need something legit to account for the money I make” I hummed in agreement.

“Be safe, ok?” I stroked his cheek with the back of my fingers.

“Always, my love” he leaned into my touch. “Have a good day, I’ll see you at home later” he pulled me in for a kiss and we passionately said our goodbyes.

I walked up the campus and flashed smiles along the way to people I have made friends here. I liked it here and I wasn’t totally hating my situation with Jason and Josh. Speaking of, I pulled out my phone and pressed on Josh’s name.

“Good morning, sweetheart”

“Good morning, babe” I smiled and stood under the shade of a large tree. “I missed you this morning” I pouted.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed “I just had so much work to do, thought I would come in early and tackle some of it”

“You aren’t working late again are you? I hate to be the needy girlfriend but I want some much needed time with you”

“Oh, babe, I know. This is why I came in early, I won’t be working late, I promise”

“Good,” I chuckled “I need my Josh” I dipped my voice low into a sultry husk.

“Mmh, yeah?” I could picture him running his fingers through his golden hair, biting that plump bottom lip.

“Yeah,” I breathed out “I need you...want you”

“Shit.” He cursed, his breath became ragged and I smirked “I wish you could come see me before your class, babe”

“I could make that work” I looked around and picked up my pace towards his office. “What? Seriously?” I chuckled keeping an eye on the possible leering eyes on me until I reached the hall to his office. “Yes, now open your office and get ready for me” His door swung open just as I arrived. I took a quick glance behind me to make sure the coast was clear, when satisfied, I pushed him into his office and closed his door, locking it with a flick of my wrist. “Take me” I whispered as I dropped my things on the floor and took him into my arms.

Our lips crashed together and we kissed heatedly. Hands were everywhere, touching, groping and tugging off each other’s offending clothing in the way we wanted each other. “I need my Josh” I moaned as he sucked and nipped the tops of my breasts. His palms flush against my bare ass, squeezed each globe, his fingers digging in and lifting me up long enough to put me on top of his desk roughly. “No foreplay, I need to feel you inside me” I groaned as his fingers skimmed over my core. “Fuck” he nipped my bottom lip “Fuck” he growled deeper when I palmed him and began to stroke him in my small hand. Legs spread, my wetness bringing goosebumps to my flesh as the cold air brushed against me, I watched him with begging and needy eyes while he ran the head of his cock between my folds, making his skin glisten with my juices. “Please” I begged moving forward. My movements cause his cock to press against my swollen clit and I shivered just as a deep moan left both our lips. “Shit! Fuck!” Josh cursed as he slammed into me hard. My fingers dug into his arms while he rocked his hips, each thrust pushing me further up the desk. Hooking his arms behind my knees he pulled me down the desk, his cock buried deep inside me lodged even further inside me and I screamed with delight.

“Shit! Shh sweetheart” Josh laughed within a heavy breath.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop, make me come, Josh!” With long hard strokes he did just that. I shattered all around him and he grunted out his own release, all over my stomach.

“Fuck, I love you!” He panted against my chest.

I played with his hair while I caught my own breath. “I love you more,” I smiled. “but now I have to go. I have jelly legs so I’ll need all the time I can to get to class” I chuckled. Josh chuckled with me and pulled a few pieces of kleenex to clean me up.

With a few kisses goodbye, I jogged to my class, giggling inside the whole time at the weak sensation in my legs with every stomp of the ground beneath me. I made it to class with a second to spare and huffed in my seat.

“Why so sweaty?” Laura smirked and wiggled her brows.

“Just had a quickie” I winked and laughed under my breath.

“That’s my girl!” Laura put out her hand for a high five which I accepted. I’m sure she thought I was joking, even if she didn’t, who cares! That was great sex!

I paid close attention in my classes today, I needed to see the bigger picture in all of this and that was to finish school and have a bright future once the shit show I call my life is where I want it to be.

Jason had to pick me up after school since Josh had a meeting with the Dean and some of other Prof’s. We talked of our day but didn’t bring up our conversation from last night. We both had work to do, so Jason worked in the office and I decided to work in the living room. When Josh arrived he was remorseful and showered me with kisses all over my face for an apology. I giggled like a child and told him it was okay. We made supper together; an amazing chicken curry with vanilla bean ice cream for desert. Jason had left the loft on Josh’s request for us to have the privacy. He seemed civil about it when he left but I could see the underlying anger behind those beautiful eyes.

“How about a movie, some cuddling and a night of love making?”

“Sounds perfect” I smiled from ear to ear.

We threw in a random movie, couldn’t tell you what it was as we did more fooling around then watching. Josh’s hands roamed over my hip bone and I pushed into him with a groan. His fingers danced, teasingly, up my sides and massaged the sides of my breasts before cupping them in his large hands. “Ugh! Bedroom” I groaned jumping off the coach and running to his room. I squealed when his arms wrapped around my waist and we both tumbled to the bed. He peppered kisses all over my face and I closed my eyes humming at the sweetness of each one. “I’m so in love with you” he whispered against my lips. My eyes fluttered open and I cupped his face “I want to ask you something, it will most likely ruin the moment, but, I just need to know” I spoke softly. His brows furrowed and he tried to lift himself up but I wrapped my legs around his waist to keep him in place. “What is it?” he tried to relax but I could feel his spine go rigid. I ran my fingertips up and down his back in a soothing manner as I tried to find the right way to word what I wanted to know.

“Kimberly’s Uncle” he pulled from my embrace and was on his feet in a second.

“You’re right, it did ruin the moment. Why are you asking me about this now?” I sat up and played with my fingers in my lap.

“I just need to know why you did it? Did you want to? Did he force you?” I bit my lip nervously.

“Jesus Skye,” he raked his fingers through his hair. “I did it to be with you but he didn’t follow through with the plan” he spoke between clenched teeth.

“You love me so much to stain your hands with blood?”

“Yes” he answered simply.

“Will you do it again?” I stood on my feet.

“What?” he furrowed his brow.

“Will you do it again, Josh? If something or someone threatened to take me away from you, will you spill more blood for your love?

“Why are you asking me this?” he narrowed his eyes.

“Because,” I swallowed hard and licked my dry lips “I want you and only you. I can’t do this shared relationship anymore. I think of you when he touches me so that I don’t cringe away, I pretend it’s your lips on my body so that I don’t gag. I can’t take his touch anymore. I just can’t” I began to tremble with tears.

“Babe, come here” he gathered me in his arms. “What are you asking me? Say it clearly so there is no misunderstandings” he cupped my face in his large hands.

“I want you and only you, Josh. We belong together, I belong to you. I want to have a future with you, build a home together, have beautiful kids with you, a happy life”

“Skye,” he whispered “do you want me to..” He lingered.

“Make him go away, Josh. Please? Make him go away” I let the tears fall freely.

“Ok,” he nodded “ok, sweetheart” he held me close and I placed my cheek against his chest, my arms wound tightly around his waist as he cooed his love for me. “Give me time and he’ll be gone” he whispered. “I’ll do anything for you, I love you.”

A sly smile stretched from my lips “I love you, too” I whispered.

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