You Belong To Us

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Chapter 17

It was my weekend to myself and I was glad, I had so much work to do for school. I sat in the middle of my bed, laptop on a pillow while a mountain of books and scribblers surrounded it. I was in a good mental space when Jason peered his head through my open door “Hey, baby” he smiled.

“Hey, handsome” I smiled back.

“You haven’t eaten properly since the morning, yes, I noticed” his smile turned into a scowl as he walked into my room with a plate of spaghetti.

“You cooked?” I raised my brow and accepted the plate and a kiss on the lips.

“Yup, hope you like it” he bit his lip nervously. I spun the fork around a generous amount and lifted it to my lips.

“Oh my god,” I groaned closing my eyes as the taste exploded on my tongue “so good” I mumbled spinning my fork around the tender noodles for another bite.

“Good” Jason beamed. Leaning forward he placed a kiss on my forehead and excused himself to get me a drink. When he left I devoured the yummy plate of food, all my work forgotten in that moment. “Here, before you choke” he handed me a tall glass of water and I smiled with a mouth full of food. Swallowing, I took a big gulp of the water and felt it trickle down my throat.

“You need to cook more often” I grinned.

“Noted” he laughed. “What’s on the agenda?” he looked at the mountain of work in front of me. I sighed and my shoulders slumped “Too much,” I groaned “I don’t even know anymore, I have a to do list as long as my arm!” I whined, pouting.

“Oh, my poor, baby” he cupped my face and placed butterfly kisses all over my cheeks, forehead and lips. “Can I help at all?” he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

“No, I should really do this on my own. But, if I get stuck I know where to find you” Jason only nodded and smoothed down my hair gently.

“Alight, love. I’ll let you be so you can get back to it, love you” he leaned in for another kiss, I held him down to deepen it for a moment and he smiled into the kiss. “I love you, too” I whispered pulling away slightly. “Mine” he growled deeply in his chest. “Yours baby, always yours” with one firm kiss he left with a wink and a smile.

An hour later, a full belly and two out of what felt like a hundred assignments done, I decided to take a break and stretch my legs. Spikes instantly claimed my feet as blood flowed through them “Ughh” I tried walking off the sensation of my sleeping feet.

“Love?” Jason came in with a concerned look “What’s wrong?”

“Pins and needles, pins and needles” I walked like a duck back and forth.

Chuckling he stopped me by placing his hands on my waist and gently pushing me down on the bed. “Let me help” he offered with an amused tone. He massaged my feet, calves and thighs. The sensation slowly dissipated until all I felt was his firm, sensual massage. “Better?” he asked when I stopped squirming.

“Uhh, no. Keep going, they’re still asleep” I smirked. Smiling, he continued until he inched his way up my thighs, spreading them to nuzzle between, leaning over he took my wrists and placed them over my head “I want you” he peppered kisses along my jaw.

“Mmm, I still have so much work to do, baby” my voice breathy and slightly ragged.

“Tonight then?” he tugged my shirt down to expose the tops of my chest, sucking and licking the exposed skin.

“Sneaky, Mr King” I chuckled.

Looking up he smiled a brilliant smile “Can you blame me?”

“Not one bit” I shook my head. He pushed my shirt up and kissed along my sides and stomach “Let me ravish you here, you could use the distraction and I’m sure the release from stress”

I bit my lip contemplating for a second. What time was it? Almost one in the afternoon? Josh had to go into work for a meeting, he should be home soon. “If I get my work done during the day, then I’ll see you tonight, deal?”

Breathing though his nose he grunted “Deal” We sat up and I fixed my shirt before standing on my feet.

“I was thinking of going for a run, wanna join me?”

“I would but I have to meet with a client” he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Ok, be safe?” His eyes looked between my own, as if searching for something.

“Did you mean what you said?” he asked.

“Mean what I said?” I furrowed my brows and tilted my head in question.

“Just us” was his simple response. I perked up instantly, lips slightly apart. It’s been a few days since we talked about it, I was wondering if he took me seriously or not.

“Yes” I answered in a whisper.

“Then it will be just us, my love”

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