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Chapter 18

My deep slumber is broken by a pulse that sounds so far away. My conscience wakes up and I instantly open my eyes when I recognize the sound; someone’s calling me. I reach for my phone on the night table and try to focus on the name displayed on the screen.


I clear my throat and bring the phone to my ear “Hello?”

“Is this, Miss Skye Grey?”

“Umm, yes” I sit up.

“Miss Grey, I’m Constable Tim Shultz. I regret to inform you that your boyfriend, Josh Morris, has been in an accident”

“What?! Is he alright? Where is he?” I’m on my feet now, sleep no longer lingers in my mind or body.

“He’s in critical condition, Miss Grey. You may see him at the Memorial Hospital if you like” Stuttering like a fool I finally spit out “Yes! I’m on my way!” I hang up the phone and frantically pull on pants and a sweater. Tucking my phone in my pocket I swipe a hair tie from my dresser and gather my hair up while I stumble towards Jason’s room.

“Jason! Jason! Something happened to Josh. We need to get to Memorial now” I flick on the light and fidget in my spot. Jason props himself up with his arm and quirks a brow “What?” he whispers. “It’s Josh, I don’t know the specifics but he’s been in an accident,” my bottom lip begins to tremble “he’s in critical condition” my voice shakes. “So?” he pinches the bridge of his nose. “What?” I take a step back as if he’s slapped me. Jason looks at me, confusion written all over his face, I shake my head and turn on my heel. “I’m taking the Rover!” I yell over my shoulder. “Skye!” he yells but I don’t stop my way to the dish with all our keys, swiping his into my palm. I turn the knob to the front door when Jason yells my name again. “You know, you can be really fucking insensitive, Jason” I speak in hiccups between my crying. I hold onto the open door for support as my body starts to shake with worry “If it were you, Josh wouldn’t be acting like you are now. He would have leaped out of bed, offered to drive and he would have held me and told me you would be ok. But you? You look at me like you could care less if he lived or died!”

Jason tilts his head to the side “But, I thought you wanted this?”

“What?” I wipe away the tears tricking down my cheeks angrily.

“What happened to just us, Skye? You wanted him gone, you wanted him out of the picture. Now that, that has become a reality, you cry? You yell at me for being insensitive? Did I not understand your request, baby?”

“He’s in there because of you?” I let the door go and walk toward Jason.

“Yes. You wanted me to get rid of him, did you not?” he raises his eyebrows.


I did say that, didn’t I? That was the plan all along, right? Have their jealousy take each other out. Now there was blood on my hands if Josh didn’t make it through. I stare at Jason, my heart beating so hard I feel nauseous. I swallow hard. Clearly Jason got to Josh first, and now, he’s in a hospital, critical condition because of me. My breathing is becoming ragged, my palms sweaty, the room starts to spin.

“Well?” Jason intrudes my spinning thoughts “Did you not say that?”

I nod, and finally croak a yes from my parched mouth. “What do we do? What if he makes it? Can he pin it on you?” I fire question after question in a whisper.

“No, I had an associate do what you asked. It can’t come back to me” he narrows his eyes.

“Oh” Is my only response.

What have I done? Is this really what I wanted?

“What’s with the tears, love? It’s as if you’re truly worried. There’s no going back now, no changing your mind. Josh will take his last breath tonight because of you”

A stabbing pain seared through my chest and I clutched my sweater. Oh God, what have I done?

Josh’s last breath, because of me? No matter what they put me through, was this worth it? Taking their lives? Playing God, or rather, the Devil with their lives? They may have mentally, physically and emotionally hurt me, but, I was still breathing, right? Everything they did was in the name of love, no matter how twisted that was. It was too late now, Josh will die because of me. I can’t take anything back, it’s too late now...

“Do you regret it?” I snap my eyes to Jason. A raised brow and arms folded “Do you regret asking me to get rid of him?”

He’s testing me? Seeing if I meant it. I did, right? Now? I’m not so sure. It hurts. My heart hurts. But it’s too late now, I need to keep going, I can’t change what’s already happened.

“No,” I whisper painfully. “I don’t regret it” I blink back the tears.

“Are you sure? You still look quite upset, my love” his jaw is tight, his body puffed out in arrogance.

“No,” I shake my head and clear my dry throat. “it had to be done, so we could be together, right?”

“Hmm” he hums narrowing his eyes.

“You break my heart, Skye”

My spine goes rigid and all the air from my lungs disappear. Like a ton of bricks, realization washes over me. I should have noticed, it should have been a red flag....when the door never closed, when the door didn’t lock behind me. Someone held the door open, someone was listening the entire time....

"Josh" I whispered.

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