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Chapter 2

The houses and trees blurred in my vision as Josh drove me home in silence. He seemed relaxed, today’s events didn’t seem to faze him one bit. I on the other hand, felt numb. It seemed that when it came to Jason – and now Josh – that was the only way to cope. As we reached closer to my, soon to be former, home, I began to panic. What would I tell my Dad? How would I tell him? Is Josh planning on coming in with me to ask himself? I needed some sort of control in this situation and the closer we reached my place, the more I felt it slipping away.

“Josh?” I called looking out my window. “Yes, sweetheart?” I cleared my throat, my eyes fluttering closed for a moment when I did “Can you give me some time before I move in? Just a week, to spend some time with my Dad?” I asked. He sighed and his fingers tapped the top of the steering wheel before he decided to answer “Perhaps,” I looked over, waiting for him to continue, maybe it was more like hoping he would continue “I’d have to run it by Jason first” I nodded at his predictable response, clearly I would need both of their blessings to breathe from here on out “Are you ok with it, though?” I asked “Maybe if you’re ok with it than so will Jason. At least if I know one of you would be willing to let me spend some time with my Dad, I have a shot at it” He cleared his throat and parked in front of my house. Turning to me he took my hands in his and displayed a small smile “Babe, we’re not trying to cage you, if you want to spend time with your Dad before you move in than we would be ok with it. I just don’t want to make a decision without talking to Jason first. When you’re in a relationship with someone, all parties have to agree on a decision, not just one. You understand?” he rubbed his thumbs over the back of my hands, my eyes watched his movements before I responded. “I understand” I whispered. Josh may not want to admit it, but Jason holds the power in this relationship, he’s delusional if he thinks otherwise. I slipped my hands out of his and reached for the door handle, Just as I turned to exit Josh called for me, looking over my shoulder I waited for him to speak. “It goes without saying,” his voice changing from soft to one of warning “but you can’t tell your Dad anything” Or his blood will be on your hands, was the thought I had instead of giving him a response. I turned back and exited the car, closing the door behind me. I didn’t even offer him a glance before stepping into my home, closing and locking the door behind me.

“Hey kiddo!” Dad smiled at me from the couch. Smiling I slipped off my coat and shoes and walked towards him “Hey dad, what are you up to?” Wrapping his arm around my shoulder he pulled me into a hug “Taking a break from work, I can’t think anymore” he sighed “How was your day?” I nodded and smiled “Good” was the only answer I could give. “What’s wrong?” Shrugging I leaned in to him more, enjoying the comfort and safety his presence gave me. “Skye?” he pressed. I sat up and shifted so I could face him “There’s something I wanted to ask you” I started. If Jason didn’t agree to the week, then it would be harder for me to explain why I would make such an irrational decision to move in with Josh. My Dad would know something was being kept from him and I didn’t want to worry him about it. “What is it?” his eyebrows met in the middle, worry already etched on his face. “Josh has, sort of, I don’t know,” I sighed “he’s kind of been hinting around us moving in together” I scrunched my face up after my pathetic attempt of explaining myself. Humor filled my Dad’s eyes and a smile stretched onto his face. “I was wondering when that would happen” I gave him a confused look which made him chuckle. “You two are very close and he was there for you during a tough time. It’s only natural for two people, at your age, to want to move forward with the relationship. I would hope you didn’t plan on living with me forever? Sure, I’m going to miss you like crazy, and I may get emotional when you leave, but I want you to be happy. I like Josh and I trust him to take care of my little girl” I was speechless and for a whole minute I just stared at him before I flung my arms around his neck and hugged the life out of him. “I love you, daddy” I whispered. He held me tight and stroked my hair tenderly “I love you too, pumpkin”. Dad and I spent the rest of the evening hanging out, work and schoolwork pushed to the side after such an emotional conversation. I told him that I was only assuming and maybe I was wrong in Josh wanting to move in but that I loved him so much for saying the things he did. I was truly blessed to have a father like him. We enjoyed dinner together and watched a movie, cuddled under a blanket. By midnight he was nudging my feet with his to wake up and tell me to head to bed. I groaned and stretched before giving him a kiss on the cheek and a mumbled goodnight.

Brushing my teeth and changing into my PJ’s I pulled the covers back on my bed, for whatever reason my movements stilled and I looked up at my window. “I wonder?” I whispered to myself. Padding along the carpet I pulled the curtain aside and chuckled. No mystery car waiting for me this time. I shuffled back to my bed and slid under the covers. My body was exhausted even though my mind ran with a thousand thoughts, just before sleep could pull me under, I reached up and turned off my bedroom light.

“She’s right, we deceived her, manipulated her. Give her the week with her Father, after that, she comes home to us” Jason looked over to Josh as he spoke. Both of their eyes flickered to the window that once had light “Goodnight, baby” he whispered.

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