You Belong To Us

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Chapter 21

The next day I woke up and expect to be alone once again. My expectations came out correct. The loft was eerily quiet without Jason and Josh running around getting ready, making breakfast and of course, whispering the naughtiest things in my ear when the other wasn’t listening. Frowning, I made myself a small breakfast and got ready for my day. Pulling up to the school, a grinning Laura was waiting for me.

“So? How did it go?”

“Fail” I sighed.

“What? Why?”

“He must have worked late to avoid me or something. He didn’t get home until, well, I don’t even know when he got home” I rubbed my eyes to push away the tears.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry” Laura pulled me into a hug.

“It’s ok, I’m not giving up. I love him, he’s my world. I’ll make things right again” I gave her a small smile.

“I’m so proud of you; be strong” she linked arms with me and we walked into class together. Instead of paying attention in class, I wondered what else I could do to fix things. I came up empty handed. Nothing I could do could fix the fact I tried to have both of them kill each other! I grit through the rest of my day. It was exceptionally hard not to run to Josh’s office, begging him to forgive me for what I did to him, what I said about him. I would scold myself every time my eyes roamed towards his office building or when I wasn’t paying attention and my feet moved on its on accord towards his office building.

When I reached home I was exhausted; emotionally. I knew they needed time but it was a complete flip to what I had been accustomed to for so long.

“Hello, Miss Skye, how was your day?” Jeffrey smiled.

“Long” I sighed “I think I just need to take a nap before I hit the books” I gave him a weak smile.

“I’m sorry to hear that” he frowned. “Well, I’m sure your spirits will brighten once you get upstairs” he winked with a secretive smirk.

“Is that so?” I raised a brow.

“Yes, Miss Skye” he cleared his throat to cover a laugh.

I chuckled and shook my head “Thanks, Jeffrey. See you in the morning”

“Goodnight, Miss Skye”


I rode up the elevator and my curiosity spiked as the numbers changed. What could Jeffrey be talking about? Were they home? A smile split my lips and I ran to the door and swung it open nearly toppling inside.

No Jason.

No Josh.

But there was a beautiful arrangement of roses and lilies displayed on the kitchen island. I put my things down and slipped off my shoes, making sure the door was securely locked behind me. Raising on my toes, I leaned in and smelled the flowers, closing my eyes and having a moment with something so sweet. I reached for the card and it felt thick between my fingers.

Two cards.

I read the first...

Sweetheart, I’m so sorry about last night. The dinner you made was delicious, I appreciate your efforts. Thank you for making my favorite, I love you.


I placed the card down and flipped open the second card...

My love,

Please forgive me, I didn’t know. I know these flowers don’t make up for last night but I hope you like them. Know that my intention was to never hurt you, I’m so very sorry.

I love you with all my heart, baby.

I put the card down next to Josh’s and smiled. I’m so silly, they didn’t do it on purpose, and it wasn’t some sort of punishment. Jason even said they needed space and here I go making a romantic dinner expecting them to be home and pretend like nothing happened. The gesture with the roses was sweet and I know they meant no harm. I decide to take a quick shower and make them dinner, but this time, no expectations. Just a girlfriend making dinner for her boyfriends. I smile, swipe the cards and head to my room to wash up.

Once I finished dinner, I plated them and placed them in the oven to keep warm. I took my own plate and settled in the living room. Flipping through the channels I found an old movie I adored as a child; The Little Mermaid. I settled in my seat and dug into my dinner. When the movie was over, I cleaned my dishes and put them away, no sign of the boys but I was ok with that. They weren’t doing it on purpose they just needed time. Time that I would give them willingly. I grabbed my bag from the front and set up a fort of books with me in the middle, my laptop perched on a pillow. I focused on my work, I have been falling behind once again and I needed to stop jeopardizing my future all the time.

It was around ten when I heard the front door open and some shuffling before the click of it locking closed. I stayed put in my bed, looking back at my notes and trying to go over them carefully.

“Hey” I looked up and there stood Jason. He looked so good in his perfectly tailored black suit, complete with a crisp white shirt and satin black tie.

“Hi” I smiled.

“Have you eaten?”

I nodded “Yes. Have you? There’s food in the oven if you’re hungry. I can warm it up if you like?” I move my laptop to the side and begin moving the books to get off my bed.

“No, no, study, I can get it”

“I don’t mind, plus, I need a break” I slip by him. I move quickly, scared he might change his mind and tell me to leave. I warm up his plate and place it on the kitchen island. “What would you like to drink?”

“Beer, please” I smile and pull one from the fridge. Popping the top, I place it in front of him. “Can I get you anything else?”

Jason watched me for a moment, opened his mouth and closed it again, He shook his head and looked down at his dinner “Looks good, thanks” he smiled.

“You’re welcome” I smiled. I felt the tension so I excused myself and went back into my bedroom.

Ten minutes later, the door opened again.


“Hey” Jason greeted him.

“Hey, that smells good”

“Skye” Jason sighed.

“Where is she?” I didn’t hear Jason respond so I could only assume he nodded his answer. I heard Josh walk closer to my open door.

“Hey you” he gave me a small smile.

“Hi, can I warm up your food?” I slip off my bed.

“That would be nice, thanks”

I head back to the kitchen and noticed Jason’s plate was almost licked clean. “Would you like more?” I ask.

“There’s more?” he raised his brows. I smiled and pull the leftovers from the fridge. I warm up fresh plates for the both of them.

“Have you eaten?” Josh asks taking a seat next to Jason.

“Yes,” I nod. “when you’re done, just put the dishes in the sink, I’ll wash them before bed” I turn to leave, smiling that it went so well.

By midnight my eyes were burning and I knew I had to call it a night. I put all my books away and turn off my laptop. I walked to the kitchen to do the dishes but I was surprised they were already done.

“You’re not our maid or servant, Skye”

Startled, I turn and face Jason. “You scared me”

“Sorry.” He took a few steps to reach me, he cupped my face and kissed my forehead “You are still very much our girlfriend, the woman we love. If you want to cook for us, do it because you want to, not because you feel obligated to; and we can clean up after ourselves, understood?”

“Yes” I whisper.

“Good girl. Now, go to bed, it’s late” I step away from him, aching for a goodnight kiss but not feeling strong enough to ask and be rejected.

“Goodnight, Jason”

“Goodnight, Skye” Just as my right foot crossed the threshold to my bedroom, he calls me.

“Yes?” I look back at him.

“I love you, baby”

I smiled and bit my lip “I love you too”

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