You Belong To Us

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Chapter 24

Today was a great day, no, today was an amazing day. I woke up to two smiling faces, breakfast and kisses with well wishes for a good day. The drive with Jason to school was full of laughs and Josh had been sending me sweet text messages all day. Things were starting to get better and I couldn’t be happier.

I got out of class and noticed a text from Jason saying he would be a few minutes late. I decided to stop by Josh’s office and see him to kill some time. I kept my eye on my surrounding as usual, just because things were going well didn’t mean we still didn’t have to be careful. I knocked on the door before turning the knob. “Hey you” I whispered. “Hey, sweetheart” I closed and locked the door behind me. I tossed my things on the chair and sauntered over to a smirking Josh. “I thought Jason was picking you up?” he held my waist as I lowered on to his lap. “Are you complaining?” I raised a brow. “Nope,” he squeezed my hips, drawing me closer “I love that you’re here. Particularly in this very position” he whispered the last part as he rocked my hips, our bodies rubbing against each other. “Mmhh” I closed my eyes, my head rolling back while I continued to rock against him. Josh sighed, leaning forward he nuzzled in between my breasts, I held him there, my fingers sinking between his silky strands. “Oh, Josh” I sighed. “I want you here, right now” he growled lowly. Just then my phone began to ring, we both groaned and split apart. “It’s Jason” I looked over my shoulder after retrieving it from my bag. “Hey, Jason” I answered walking back to Josh.

“Hey, baby, where are you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I saw your text so I thought I would come and see Josh until you arrived. I’ll be out shortly”

“Alright, be quick” he sounded a bit off but I ignored it for the moment.

“I have to go” I pouted and he chuckled pulling me down for a hard kiss. “He’s got something planned for you tonight, so I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?” I nodded and gave him another kiss before sprinting out to the parking lot. I spotted the Rover right away and jogged toward it, I opened the passenger door and hopped in. “Hey, I’m sor-“his lips crashed with mine, his fingers tangled in my hair as he held me to him. When he finally pulled away I shuddered out a breath, I looked into those hazel eyes and lost myself. I leaned in and pressed my lips to his tenderly, he smiled into the kiss and pulled away “I missed you” he whispered tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “That wasn’t an, I miss you kiss, that was a, I’m jealous kiss” I raised a brow and bit my lip teasingly. He groaned and leaned in pecking my lips a few times until I began to chuckle. “I want you for myself tonight” he admitted shyly. I cupped his face and looked deep into those hypnotizing hazel eyes. “I’m all yours, baby”. He smiled his brilliant smile and took my hand before taking us home.

“Good day, Mr King, Miss Skye” Jeffrey nodded with a smile. “Hi Jeffrey, how are you?” I smiled back. “Very well, Miss Skye” he smiled wider. Jason’s hold around my waist tightened, rolling my eyes I waved goodbye while he ushered me towards the elevator. “You’re too much” I laughed. “Whatever do you mean, my love?” he led me inside the elevator and pressed the button to our floor. As the door closed, I caught a glimpse of Jeffrey smiling and he winked just before the door closed. I smiled and looked up to Jason who now had his hands against the wall, trapping me in between. “My jealous man” I teased playing with the end of his tie. “Very.” he whispered leaning in. I pulled him in closer by his tie, “No need Mr King, I’m only yours” I whispered against his plump lips. My hands traveled down his hard chest and my fingertips danced along the smooth leather of his belt.

“Who do you belong to?” he nipped my bottom lip.

“You” I gasped.

“Good girl”

The elevator doors opened to our floor and he took my hand firmly into his. When we reached our door he led me in first, closing it behind him. “I have a surprise for you, it’s in your room” I smiled and all but ran to my room. On my bed lay a beautiful black dress, red heels and a velvet box with the most stunning diamond necklace snuggled between satin. “Jason” I covered my mouth in shock. “Get ready love, we have reservations at seven” he kissed my temple and left. I couldn’t move, everything laid out on my bed was breathtaking. I wondered where he was taking me, I also wondered what I should do with my hair! Giggling like a silly girl, I scurried to the bathroom to take a nice long shower. After my shower, I moisturized my entire body, I wanted every inch of me to be smooth to the touch. I decided on curling my hair and putting it up so I could showcase the amazing necklace he bought me. A couple of hours later, my hair and makeup were perfect and I was ready to slip on the gorgeous dress laying on my bed.

Slipping one leg at a time, I shimmied my hips and lifted the dress up to my breasts, I reached for the zipper but could only get it halfway up.

“Need help?” Jason chuckled behind me.

“Stop laughing, you planned this” I stuck my tongue out. Chuckling, he walked toward me

“My baby knows me too well” he kissed my shoulder.

His fingers brushed against my spine before he grasped the zipper and pulled it up, very slowly. I shivered at his teasing and felt the warmth of his breath against my back as he let out a breathy laugh. “I love how responsive you are to me” his warm lips pressed against my shoulder blades. “I love how when I touch you here,” I inhaled sharply when he squeezed my hips “you do that” he chuckled. “Or when I do this,” he nipped my ear lobe and sucked the sting away, I moaned and melted into his touch “you make that sound that drives me fucking crazy” he groaned. “But the best is when I do this,” he gathered my dress until it rested on my hips, his fingers danced along my thighs until they dipped in between them and cupped my core. I shivered and moaned at his touch, I held his wrist tight wanting him, needing him, to touch me further. He tickled my core with his fingertips, his breath fanning along my ear “this always gets my heart pumping, makes my cock harden” he groans and slips his fingers between my folds “Aww, fuck. You never disappoint, baby. Always so fucking wet for me”

“Jason” I whined.

“And then comes the begging, right love? My girl loves to beg, even though she knows I’ll give her anything she wants”

“Anything?” I sighed when his fingers slide inside me.

“Anything” he gently sucked my neck while his finger moved between my thighs.

“Undress me” I requested in a whisper.

“So eager” he slipped his fingers out and placed them on my lips. I opened them slowly and he slipped them into my mouth. I moaned tasting my excitement and Jason spun me around crashing his lips to mine. “I’m so in love with you” his voice thick and raspy. He tugged down my dress gently, his hands smoothing the material over my curves before stepping around me and picking up the necklace. I turned around so he could clasp it around my neck. Next, he picked up one of my shoes and took a knee in front of me, running his hand down my calf he lifted my foot and slipped the shoe on, then the next. Standing to his full height his eyes took all of me in “Stunning” he smiled.

“You have me so on edge and instead of ravishing me, you dress me. Talk about mixed signals” I huff.

“Sorry love, but, we have reservations” he winked. I picked up my bag and took his offered hand.

“So, where are we going? I asked when we entered the elevator.

“Surprise” he smirked and I rolled my eyes. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his side. We walked out of the elevator and was greeted by a smiling Jeffrey.

“Mr King, Miss Skye,” he nodded “looking quite dashing this evening. I wish you a fine night”

“Thank you, Jeffrey” Jason smiled and kissed my temple.

“Thank you, Jeffrey. Have a nice night” I smiled and he smiled wider.

“You two have gotten quite close” Jason held the Rover door for me. I cupped his face and smiled “He’s nice to me, so I’m nice to him. Stop being so jealous, baby” I giggled and pinched his cheek. He grumbled something under his breath as I sat down and I chuckled at him. He squinted his eyes, pursed his lips only to stick his tongue out at me like a bratty child. I laughed and shook my head “C’mon, we’ll miss our reservation”

We drove in a comfortable silence, he played with my fingers while I looked out at the beautiful city lights. “Skye,”

“Hmm?” I looked his way.

“I need you to put this on” he placed my hand on his thigh while he pulled out a dark silk cloth from inside his suit jacket.

“What’s this? A blindfold?” I took it in my hands.

“Precisely. Make sure it’s secure, no peeking” he smiled boyishly. I did as I was told and he took my hand once I was done, kissing my palm and placing it back in his lap where he continued to play with my fingers. I felt the Rover come to a stop after what felt like ten minutes. “We’re here?” I asked squeezing his hand. “Yes, love. Sit tight, I’ll come to you in just a moment” I nodded and he gently placed my hand in my lap. As promised, in a moment, he was at my side helping me out of the Rover. With an arm around my waist and one holding my hand he led me to an unknown destination. I could hear the click of my heels on a tile floor, the sound of a bell to acknowledge an awaiting elevator and the flutter in my stomach when the lift began to ascend. When the elevator came to a halt, Jason led me out and down a hall. “Just a moment, love” he kissed my cheek and his touch disappeared. I heard shuffling and Jason’s warmth was once again around my waist. “Come” he encouraged. I continued to follow blindly, excitement bubbling inside me. I could hear my heels click beneath me until a few steps later, they sunk into something I could only guess was carpet. “Almost there” he sounded like an excited child and it made me smile.

Cool breeze is what I felt against my heated skin. I shivered and Jason wrapped his arms around me “Cold?” I shook my head “Excited and oddly, turned on” we both laughed and he began to untie the blindfold. My eyes fluttered open and I gasped, my hands covering my mouth. I took two steps forward, my eyes taking in the most exquisite site before me. “Just the reaction I was hoping for” Jason whispered into my ear kissing my shoulder. “Oh Jason, it’s so, perfect” We stood on a rooftop looking over the city lights I find so alluring and brilliant. Soft pink lights were strung all along the rooftop and in the center, a candle lit dinner. “You are too good to me” I faced him, his eyes sparkled in the light and I was lost in them. “I told you, Skye, I will give you anything, I’ll never deny you” With a sweet kiss he led me to the table, helping me into my seat and retired to his own. “I hope you like what’s on the menu” he smiled before two men appeared with a cart. They placed our dinner in front of us, a stunning display of roasted peppers and a rack of lamb. “Oh wow, thank you” I smiled up at the waiter. “You’re very welcome, ma’am. Sir,” he nodded “enjoy your evening” he nodded to Jason, then myself before both men bowed and left us.

“I hope you like it” Jason smiled while placing his napkin on his lap.

“It looks amazing. Thank you, Jason” I offered my hands over the table and he took them instantly. “I told you, love, I wanted to apologize for what I said, what I’ve done” he brushed the pad of his thumb over my fingers. “I understand Jason, I do, but,” I shook my head and slipped my hands from his “what you said about my father”

“I know,” he sighed “it was uncalled for and a dick move. I’m sorry. I promise I will never say or insinuate such things again”

“Thank you” I whispered. “Let’s not start the evening off like this,” I smiled “let’s enjoy this delicious meal and drink in this breathtaking view” Jason smiled back at me, a slight show of sorrow in his eyes. “I agree, but,” he stood “tonight wasn’t only about fixing my mistakes, it was also to tell you, show you, what you truly mean to me” he took my hand and kissed my palm as he lowered himself down to his knee. “Skye, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how you make me feel. You are the reason I wake up every morning, the reason my heart beats, the reason for my every breath. Yes, we both have made mistakes, hurt each other, did things to one another no one should do to the one they love. But our love story has always been different, hasn’t it?” I nodded, swiping a lone tear from my eye. “At the end of the day, baby, we always come back to one another. We belong to each other”

“Always” I whispered.

“Always” he smiled “Will you do me the honor and privilege and be my wife? Be, Mrs Skye King?”

“Oh Jason,” I sobbed “I’ve dreamt of being Mrs Skye King since the beginning”

“Is that a yes?” he chuckled wiping my tears.

“Of course it is!” He slipped a gorgeous diamond ring upon my finger and lifted me from my chair to embrace me.

“Are you truly happy, love?” he cupped my face.

“Yes” I nodded furiously. He chuckled and leaned in to plant a firm kiss on my lips. “Jason, what about Josh?”

“What about him?”

“Well, he knows about the proposal, right? How did you two ever agree on who would ask me?” I played with the hair on the nape of his neck.

“I’m sure if he knew he wouldn’t have agreed” he chuckled.

“Wait, Josh doesn’t know?”

“Who do you belong to, Skye?”

“Jason, I-”

“Answer me”

“You, I belong to you”

“Exactly,” he pressed his lips to mine. ”you belong to me"

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