You Belong To Us

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Chapter 27

“Your father” I bluntly stated,

“Yes” he sighed, his grip on my waist tightening a fraction.

“Your father and my mother. So what? You’re my step brother? So gross” I wrinkled my nose.

“Shut up” he chuckled. “I’m glad you’re finding this amusing” he rolled his eyes.

“I still have a million questions” I fidgeted with his tie.

“Ask me anything” he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Why did you give my Dad money for his project?”

“If I hadn’t, he wouldn’t have gotten the contract, which in turn means he wouldn’t be able to pay his loans” I nodded, made sense.

“And what made him change his mind about you? You already paid off his loans and gave him money for the contract, yet, he still wanted Josh and I to be together”

“Ok, so I may have exaggerated that he accepted me” he chuckled. “He was probably hoping Josh would take you away from me. With time, he’ll accept”

“And if he doesn’t?” I bit my lip.

“Then I will spend the rest of my life proving to him my worth. I think if he stops and really sees what I’ve done for you, what I will continue to do for you, he will change his mind”

“And what about my mother and your father? Will they give up trying to take me?

“No,” he sighed shaking his head. “your mother is adamant on getting you back.” He cupped my face and placed a gentle kiss upon my lips “I won’t let them have you, I promise”

“How are you going to accomplish that?” I mumbled against his lips.

“Leave that to me, love” he pressed his lips firmly against mine and we molded together as one.

“Where do we go from here?” I panted slightly while I rested my forehead on his.

“You live your life as you were. Go to school, hang out with your friends, be happy”

“And you?” I pushed back to search his eyes.

He smiled a brilliant smile “Me? I take care of you like I have. Like I always will”

“So, in other words, you take care of the shit storm while I, what? Live in the dark?” I crossed my arms and he sighed.

“I didn’t say that, love” his eyebrows met in the middle, a pained expression flittered across his face.

“Then let me help”

“No” his body went rigid and his face went hard.

“Why not?” I huffed.

“I wouldn’t be protecting you very well if I let you get involved, Skye” he spoke with a firm jaw. I bit my lip and looked away, he was such a bully sometimes. “Baby,” he whined and nuzzled into my neck “please don’t be upset. I just want to keep you safe. Please understand” he kissed my sensitive skin and I sighed, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“My mother put my Dad in a very shitty situation, I deserve to let her know I’m not a child anymore and she can’t just snap her fingers and have me when she wants, just to throw me away when she needs to find herself, again. Don’t you think I deserve to give her what she deserves?” I softly tried to reason.

“Yeah,” he mumbled “but, I don’t wanna” he whined, squeezing me tighter. Chuckling, I smoothed his hair back and kissed his cheek.

“I love you very much, Jason” he lifted his head and gave me a boyish grin “But,” his smile faltered “I need to do this” he shook his head and sighed deeply, before he could argue or deny me, I spoke once more. “Whatever I do, I’ll let you know. We can do this together. Please?”

“It’s hard to deny you when you make that face, baby” he dropped his head back dramatically and looked up at the ceiling. Groaning, he brought his head back down and grimaced “Fine” he huffed. I bit my lip from sqealing my excitement. “But,” he gave me a stern look “we do everything, together. No going off and doing what you want or doing anything out of pure emotion. Charles is a fucking lunatic and he has no understanding or patience. It doesn’t matter if you’re the daughter of the woman he’s with. If he sees you as a threat, he’ll kill you, then kill your mother to shut her up” I sobered up and nodded my understanding. “Promise me, Skye”

“I promise”

“Good girl” his eyes became dark with worry, his lips curving into a frown.

“Umm, what about Josh? People will notice he’s gone. What will we tell them?”

“It’s all taken care of,” he smiled, his fingers brushing over the zipper of my dress. “no one will question you about him” he leaned in and delicately captured my lips with his. I reacted instantly, my lips moving with his, my hands roaming his hard chest until I reached his shoulders. I pushed his suit jacket off, following the material down his sculpted arms until it pooled at his feet. Next, I worked on his tie, letting the silky material hang from his neck as I worked on the buttons on his shirt. His fingers skimmed my spine as he lowered my zipper teasingly, I could feel the goosebumps rise with every brush of his fingertips. “You’re all mine now” he whispered huskily against my neck. “I was always yours” I leaned in and nipped his shoulder and tugged his shirt down his arms. Bunching my dress around my waist, he dug his fingers into my hips and dragged me off the island roughly. Gasping, I dug my own nails into his shoulders to steady myself and then clawed my way to his back. ”Fuck" he whispered crashing his lips to mine. He moved us to living room, dropping me gently on the couch. Pushing my panties to the side he didn’t hesitate, he dove in between my legs and took what was his. Kissing and licking my core, I withered under his soft caresses, sighing intently as he stroked all the right spots. ”Oh Jason" his hands ran up my thighs holding me in place as my hips swayed for more.

I was beginning to feel hot, too hot. I needed this dress off now! I wiggled and tugged, arching my hips and then my back until I was free of the constricting barrier and could finally breath; sort of. I was so close to my release, my panting was making me slightly light headed. My hands massaged my breasts as Jason continued his onslaught between my thighs.

“Oh God...right there...oh baby...” I bit my lip and my entire body shuddered with agony. The want to release was great and Jason continued to dance around instead of putting me out of my pleasure induced anguish. “Oh fuck! Jason if you love me you’ll make me come – now!” I grit between my teeth.

His hazel eyes lifted in mischief “That’s cheating, love” he winked.

“Please” I whimpered. With a kiss to my clit, he sucked it into his mouth and brought me to a toe curling, body shaking, breath taking, orgasm. “Oh yeah, baby,” he crawled up my body and kissed my cheek “ride that” he whispered while he watched my body convulse. His fingers glided over my stomach and brushed my shivering core. I grasped his wrist and shook my head “No more” my voice trembled. His lips curved into a smirk “Just a little more” he teased and flicked my clit. My hips bucked and I moaned in protest “Baby, no..” I pouted. He chuckled and dipped to suck my nipple into his mouth, his hands roamed my stomach and hips and I sunk my fingers into his silky hair.

“I love you, Mrs King” he smiled against my bellybutton.

“I love you too, Mr King” I smiled while I watched him pepper kisses all over my tummy.

I watched him adore every inch of me in the form of kisses and I knew in that moment that my life with Jason would be chaotic and unruly, but I would never question his love for me, his loyalty to me. If I pushed away all the drama and bullshit from the past, I had to admit, he was always there for me. His love for me had never waivered.

“You would do anything for me, wouldn’t you?” He stopped and looked up at me, his eyebrows dipping in confusion.

“Of course” he answered with conviction.

“I want you to know I would do anything for you too, Jason” I smoothed his hair back.

“Anything?” He raised a brow.

“Anything” I cupped his face.

“All I need from you is your love” he kissed my hip.

“You always had that” I smiled. “But seriously, I would do anything. I wouldn’t think twice about getting blood on my hands for you; for us"

“Skye” he began to rise up and I sat up, cupping his face and straddling his waist.

“I love you” my eyes darted between his “There’s no limit to what I would do for you, just like you’ve done for me”

“You’ve gone through enough because of me, I can’t tarnish you more than I already have” he shook his head.

“You haven’t tarnished anything. You made me stronger, you made me less naïve to this world. I don’t need anything besides you in my life. So if someone tries to take you away from me, I’ll do what I have to, Jason. I just want you to know that”

“Ok, love” he nodded and pulled me in for a tight embrace.

We sat there quietly in each other’s arms, knowing there were no bounds to what we would do for each other. The only difference between Jason and I was, he’s fighting for us, while I’m fight for me.

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