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Chapter 28

“Good Morning, Mr and Mrs King” Jeffrey beams from his desk. I blush and giggle a good morning, while Jason chuckles and greets Jeffrey; while pulling me closer to his side. We walk into the parkade towards the Rover, Jason unlocks it and opens up the passenger door for me.

“Mrs King” he teases with a slight bow. I bite my lip smiling, lean in to kiss his cheek before sliding into my seat. He closes the door, his eyes shining and strides to the driver’s side. Once settled, he takes my hand and we head to school. When Jason pulled into the parking lot, he put the car in park and leaned over cupping my cheek. “Have a good day, ok? I love you” I smile leaning in to press my lips to his. “I love you too” I mumble against his plump lips. He gives me a few quick kisses before sending me off.

“Skye!” I turn to my right and see a smiling Laura waving me down. Giving her a grin and a small wave I head in her direction. “How have you been?” she gives me a hug.

“Great, you?” I link arms with hers and we stroll together towards our lecture hall.

“I went on a date with Chad, finally” she chuckles and rolls her eyes.

“Finally caved, I see?” I teased.

“He’s been asking me out for the last three weeks, the least I could do is give him a chance, right?” she eyes me for approval.

“Of course. How was it?” Laura goes into detail about where they went and how their conversation was effortless and calm. She seemed happy but also like she was wanting something more. “You’re not into him, huh?” I gave her a sad smile.

“No,” she whined “he’s a great guy but there was something lacking all night. I just don’t know what it is”

“I’m sorry” I lean my head against hers.

“Actually, that’s a lie,” she stops us in our tracks and faces me, she slings her arms over my shoulders and looks me in the eye with a mischievous glint. “I know what was missing”

“And what’s that?” I entertain with a smirk.

“I need mystery and intrigue. Someone who keeps me on my toes, sorta like,” she trails off.

“Sorta like, what?” I quirk a brow.

“Like that delicious man you call your boyfriend,” she laughs “or shall I say fiancé? That ring is blinding!”

“Oh.” I shy away and she pulls me in for a hug.

“Congrats” she pulls away and smiles at me.

“Thanks” I smile back.

“Shit, we’re gonna be late!” she grabs my hand and drags me into the lecture hall. Once seated she angles her body towards me. “I totally forgot to tell you, did you hear about Professor Morris?” I only shook my head while I began pulling out my books. “Rumor has it, that he was caught having an affair with a student and he got fired” she raised her eyebrows. “I heard there’s a video floating around with Professor Morris knocking out another Professor, that’s why he was kicked out” a guy sitting in front of us piped in. “You both have it wrong,” says the girl next to him “they say Professor Morris had pending felony’s against him that he failed to divulge before getting the job. The Dean found out and that’s why he’s gone” A clearing of a throat had all of our heads snapping to the front and mumbling apologize to our Professor before he began his lesson.

I sat in stunned silence for a moment, all the noises around me felt distant and muffled. The rumor mill was doing a number on Josh’s reputation, but, I had to act as any impartial student would. Soak in the rumor, give out typical responses like you’re kidding and that’s crazy, and look genuinely shocked by what my fellow students have conjured up for Professor Morris’ abrupt departure. There was a little tugging in the back of my mind that wondered what happened to Josh, the truth on his disappearance. There was no way I could ask Jason and I wasn’t about to dig for the truth. I had no idea if he was, I swallowed hard, dead or alive. I shook my head and tried to focus on my Professor’s words. I had to figure out my first hurdle, then I could possibly find out the truth on Josh.

Laura hooked her arm with mine as we left the lecture hall, she continued her suspicions on the real reason Professor Morris left. I zoned her out while my eyes scanned the street for the Rover. When we reached the curb we were met by Marc, he gave us both a hug and kiss on the cheek before Laura dragged him into the phenomenon on why Professor Morris left. Marc dove in and began animatedly retelling all the stories he had heard this morning. How did they even notice Josh was missing so soon? The rumor mill was getting out of control quick and I wasn’t sure how I should be reacting anymore. Indifferent, because I didn’t have Josh as a professor? Shocked and intrigued because it simply was a juicy rumor? I needed Jason to take me away from this before my perceptive new friend, Laura, started to question my lack of or over dramatic reactions.

I scanned the street once more before I pinned the Rover across the street. Jason’s smoldering smile had me biting my lip and blushing at the thoughts swirling my mind. Of course, Laura noticed. Her eyes travel with mine and sees the cause of the flush adorning my cheeks. “Introduce me, please?” she begged. I furrowed my brows and gave her an odd look “Why?” the question came out sharper than I expected and I looked away. “You are so adorable!” she laughed hugging me “So he can introduce me to his hot friends, duh?!” she rolls her eyes and begins poking my side while teasing me about my jealousy. Pushing back the urge to face palm myself for being such a jealous moron, I give her an airy laugh. Then, dread and paranoia kicks in, what if she recognized Jason from the news? What if Jason gets upset for introducing him to her? “Hello? Earth to Skye” Laura waves her hand over my face and I blink rapidly. “Sorry” I mumble. “What’s up with you?” she tilts her head to the side slightly, her eyes show concern and I wave her off with a smile.

A deep, masculine voice breaks her stare and we all look forward at a smiling Jason. “Hey, baby”.

“Hi” my voice comes out in a sigh.

“Hi, I’m Jason, Skye’s fiancé” he extends his hand to Laura. She takes it and I notice the blush blooming on her cheeks.

“Hi, I’m Laura. It’s nice to finally meet you”

“Pleasure is all mine” Jason smirks and winks in my direction. I roll my eyes and look away. Jerk, flirting with my friend right in front of me! He looks over to Marc and extends his hand for him to shake.

“Marc, nice to meet you” he introduces himself awkwardly. The raw dominance Jason exudes is not lost on either Laura and I, not to mention poor Marc.

“Marc, it’s a pleasure” Jason’s tone becomes business like, unlike his previous playful tone with Laura.

Laura nudges me and giggles behind her hand and Jason’s signature smirk is back on. “Dear Laura, may I have my fiancé back?” he slides his aviators off and motions to our linked arms. “Oh,” she laughs shyly “of course” she slides her arm out of mine. I take a step forward and I’m brought the rest of the way with a tug of my waist. With his arm securely around me and my chest firmly pressed against his side, I’m gifted with a heart melting smile and a tender kiss on my forehead. Laura gushes while hanging off Marc’s arm. I blush and shake my head while Jason chuckles and soaks in the attention of another woman. “We should get going” I break Laura’s ogling of my man and she pouts slightly.

“Fine, but, Dear Jason,” oh great, they have a thing now...“please consider me a friend and feel free to hook me up with one of your hot friends” she winks and laughs. Poor Marc blush’s and shakes his head while tugging her away.

“Will do, Dear Laura" Jason hollers egging her on. Turning us around, but keeping a firm grip around me, we walk towards the Rover. When we get around to the passenger side I break from his hold only to be spun and pinned against the car. “Can I have a proper hello kiss?” he leans in with a smirk. I give him my own smirk while I run my finger down his azure, silk tie. “Mmm, baby,” I slightly moan and his brows dip while he tugs his bottom lip between his teeth “why don’t you ask, Dear Laura" I cross my arms and raise a brow. “No way,” he backs away “is my love, really jealous?” he smiles smugly. “I hate you” my voice monotone, I turn around, open the door and slide in my seat without another word or glance in his direction. I could hear his chuckling as he walked around to his side but he sobered up, as best he could, before he settled inside.

“You are the love of my life and I only have eyes for you. I love you, baby” he takes my hand, kissing each fingertip. “Forgive me for teasing you?” he pouts.

“Yeah, yeah” I roll my eyes and look out the window.

With a light chuckle he places his finger under my chin and has me face him once again. “Can I have my hello kiss now?”

“Will you stop flirting with my friends?” I raise a brow.

“I wasn’t flirting, love” he chuckles. “But if you think I was and that hurt your feelings, then I’m sorry with all my heart” he bites his bottom lip.

“You’re lucky I love you” I lean in and press my forehead to his.

“I will agree to that statement until my last breath” he whispered.

“You’re such a fucking charmer” I whine before crashing my lips to his. He smiles into the kiss before we both get lost in the passion and the kiss becomes more heated.

“I love you” his breath comes out short when we pull away.

“I love you too, now feed me, I’m hungry”

“Yes, love” he chuckles taking my hand and pulling on to the street. It was a short drive to where Jason was taking me “The café, ok?” I smile and nod when he pulls into a free space.

Hopping out, I meet him at the front and take his awaiting hand. Like a gentleman, he opens the door for me and I give him a thank you. With his arm around my waist, he pulls me close while we join the line of patrons. When it was finally our turn Jason kisses my temple and asks what I would like. “Iced coffee and a turkey sandwich, please” I smile up at him. Jason places our order and we move off to the side for the next person to order. “Where would you like to sit, love?” he looks around the café for free seats. I notice a couple leaving a booth towards the back and by the window. I nod towards it and tell him I was going to go claim it before someone else did. With a quick kiss he sent me on my way. I dusted off the table with a clean napkin and slid in, it was only a minute later that Jason joined me. Handing me my lunch I gave him a thank you and took my first bite. “Good?” he smiled. I hummed and nodded making him chuckle.

After I finished my bite and washed it down with a sip of my iced coffee, I cleared my throat “So the campus was buzzing this morning” I began. Jason furrowed his brows as he took a bite of his own sandwich. “Lots of, umm, rumors going around about Professor Morris” I grab my drink and took a sip. Jason quirks a brow and quickly scans the café with his dominating eyes. “Hmm” he hums. I begin to pick at the crust on my sandwich “People are saying the wildest things. Anywhere from getting caught drinking on the job to having an affair with a student” I look up at him intently. Jason stares out the window, his fingers hovering over his iced coffee. “Is that so?” he sighs. “Yeah,” I reach out for his hand and take it in mine “are you alright?” our eyes connect and he gives me a reassuring smile “Yeah, love, I’m fine, but, don’t fall into the rumors, ok? If this Professor Morris is no longer apart of the faculty, then just leave it at that. Don’t fuel the rumor mill” I only nodded, I knew that was Jason’s way of saying stay out of it and don’t ask questions. “You’re right” I smile and lean back with my iced coffee cradled in my hands and the straw resting on my bottom lip. “What are you up to today?” I try to lighten the mood. Jason sighs and cocks his head to the side “I wish it was spent with you, but I have to wait a couple more hours for that to happen” I blush and shake my head ”Insatiable" I mumble staring out the window, the amusement dancing in my eyes were reflected back at me through my reflection in the window. “I’ll never get enough of you, love” I look at him from the corner of my eye and feel the heat of my blush creeping up my neck to warm my cheeks. “Ok stop” I chuckle putting down my drink and letting the cold from my hands extinguish the heat on my face. Jason booms with laughter catching the stares of the fellow patrons in the café, some smile looking at the loving couple while others rear their ugly head of jealousy since they don’t have what we do. “I should get you back now” he takes a sip of his drink and begins gathering the garbage from the table. He gets up and tosses the waste away and offers his hand to me as I slide out of my seat. Taking his hand, we both sip on our cool drinks while we walk out the café.

When we pulled up across the street of the campus, Jason put the car in park and took my hand “I will be here when you get out and then I plan to take you home and ravish every inch of your body” he spoke his mind with a low, husky tone while playing with my fingers. “Oh,” I sighed breathlessly “okay.” I bit my lip. Jason turned his head slowly and gave me that smirk I loved so much. “Am I turning you on, Mrs King?” he teased. Exhaling deeply through my nose I gave him my own flirtatious smirk “Just you near turns me on, Mr King” my voice dipped low and I watched Jason’s pupils dilate with lust. “Go before you get kicked out of school for riding your fiancé in the driver’s seat of your car on school grounds” I giggled and leaned in for a toe curling kiss. We reluctantly said goodbye and I slid out of the Rover. With a wave over my shoulder and a kiss blown my way, I watched him drive down the street and out of view.

With a goofy grin I all but glided to my next class. Walking in I noticed something on the desk I had been occupying since the beginning of school. Shrugging it off as something the last student left behind, I took my seat and placed my bag on the floor. I grabbed the envelope in my hand, noticing right away that it was sealed. Flipping it over, my blood went cold. Scrawled on the front, with handwriting I would never forget, was my name. I look behind me, around me, every inch of the lecture hall to see the familiar pair of eyes that would have left this letter. My breath was beginning to get caught in my chest and I was panicking. I stumbled out of my seat and spilled outside the lecture hall. My eyes darted in every direction but no one stood out of the soon sparse crowd. With shaky hands I did the only logical thing.

“Miss me already, love?” he teases

“Come get me!” I whisper into the phone

“What’s wrong? What is it?” I hear tires squealing through the phone and know he’s on his way back to me.

“There was an envelope on my desk, my name written on the front. I know that writing, Jason. Please come get me?” I begin to cry, my blurry eyes keeping tabs on my surroundings.

“I’m on my way, baby. Stay calm and talk to me, you’ll be ok, I promise”

“Ok” respond with a shaky voice.

“Baby!” I spot the Rover and see Jason slam the car in park and running toward me, I nearly whimper at the sight of him. “It’s ok, love” he held me close, his warmth wrapped around me tight, putting my body and mind at ease. “Whose writing was on the envelope?” he pulls back a fraction so he can see my flushed face.

"My mother’s"

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