You Belong To Us

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Chapter 29

The drive home was silent, but Jason held on to my hand tight, as if someone would snap their fingers and I would just disappear if he didn’t hold on tight. He parked the Rover in our designated spot and he didn’t have to tell me to wait for him to open my door before getting out. I could see him look around, trying to search for prying eyes. He opened my door and held his hand out for me. I held on tight and instantly curled into his side when my feet were planted on the ground. I was shook up. I knew my mother wanted me back in her life and that she was even willing to send Jason to forcibly take me to her, but that was all talk. Now she was reaching out, she was physically here, waiting for me, searching for me. For all I know, she was watching me while I waited with bated breath until Jason arrived to take me away in his protective arms. Jason held me tightly to his side, his fingers slightly under my shirt so that I could feel his fingertips against my skin.

“Mr King? Miss Skye, is everything alright?” Jeffrey rushed to our side.

“Jeffrey, have you recently noticed any vehicles around the property that just seem...” Jason hesitated to find the right word “out of place” I finished his thought.

“No,” Jeffrey shook his head, concern swirling in his eyes “is there something, or someone, I should keep my eye out for? He directed his question to Jason.

“Yes, I’ll send you down some info shortly, right now, I’d like to take Skye upstairs and safely inside”

“Of course, of course” Jeffrey ushered us to the elevator and pressed the button. The doors slid open instantly and Jeffrey saw us safely inside. “I await your instructions, Mr King” he nods towards Jason and he does the same. “Take care, Miss Skye” he gives me a small smile.

“Thank you, Jeffrey” I give him a small smile of my own and a slight nod before the elevator doors close.

When we entered the loft Jason’s hold on me didn’t slack. Holding me tight, he took me to the kitchen and placed me on the island. “Are you alright, love?” he searched my eyes for his answer.

“Yeah,” I sighed snaking my arms around his neck “I just need you close. Thank you for coming back so quickly” I pressed my lips to his.

“I should have never left your side, if I hadn’t this would have never happened” he scolded himself. I cupped his face and shook my head “Don’t do that,” I stroked his cheek with the pad of my thumb “don’t beat yourself up for something you can’t control. Besides, that letter was there before my class, which means I was with you when she, or someone else, dropped it off” He nodded but the words didn’t seem to sooth him. “Will you take a bath with me?” I played with his hair. “A bath?” he raised a brow. I nodded with a smile “Yeah, it’ll relax us and I get to cuddle with you naked” I wiggled my brows playfully. “Get the bath ready,” he chuckled “I need to make a few calls and then I’ll join you” he held my waist and helped me off the island. “Don’t be too long, ok?” I cupped his cheek. “Ok, love” he leaned in and gave me a soft kiss.

After getting the bath ready, I stripped down and slowly eased myself in the warm water and vanilla scented bubbles. A deep sigh left my parted lips as my back rested against the side of the tub. It was quiet in the bathroom, so quiet that my mind started to wander about what my mother was truly capable of to get me back. Would she try to hurt my dad? Hurt Jason? How far was I willing to go to rid her from all our lives? Then there was the matter of Charles McIntyre. If I got rid of my mother, would he intervene? Would he want revenge? I felt a headache come on with all the questions and consequences, massaging my temples to relive the tension, I sank deeper into the tub. “I thought the bath was supposed to be calming?” his voice bounced off the walls.

“You weren’t here to distract me”

“Well, I’m here now” he smiled. He stripped off his clothes slowly, never breaking eye contact. I watched him unashamedly, licking my lips when his bare chest was exposed and biting my lip while his boxers pooled around his ankles. Sliding in behind me, I nuzzled against his chest while his arms wound around my chest. “How are you doing?” he kissed my shoulder.

“Better now. I told you,” I turned to look at him “I just needed you” I kissed his lips then resumed my position.

“I’m glad to hear it, baby” he squeezed me close. We sat there silently for a moment before Jason’s fingers started to trail up and down along the tops of my thighs. I laid my head back against his shoulder and just allowed myself to think about nothing but his touch. “You know, this reminds me of a time” he speaks against my neck.

“Jason, if you bring up a time with some hoe, I’m going to kick your ass” I spoke calmly.

“Why does she have to be a hoe? Tiffany was a sweet girl” I elbow his stomach and he holds me down while laughing. “I was joking, I was joking” he tries to back pedal as I try to hit him to no avail.

“I hate you so much” I grumble while he has me pinned to his chest.

“You love me, as I love you” he kisses my temple. “What I was going to say was, this reminds me of the time we first shared a bath together”

“Oh” I blush.

“Yeah, oh" he pinches my side and I squirm. “I remember,” he starts to stroke his hands from my hips to the sides of my breasts “you, just like this” he nuzzles himself against my neck. His right hand leaves my side and takes my hand, bending my arm he places my hand behind his head and my fingers instantly sink into his thick hair. “Yes, just like this” he whispers while his right hand submerged into the water. Instead of being placed on my side like before, his fingertips danced along my inner thigh. He stroked the sensitive skin, purposely inching closer to my core but never indulging me in his touch.

“Jason” I sigh as I melt into his touch...his heat...

“I asked you what you wanted for the future”

“You” I moaned when his fingers brushed against my nipples.

“Yes” he smiled against my shoulder. “Then I asked you what else you wanted” he nipped my skin then licked the sting away.

“Kids” I smiled at the thought.

“Mmhmm, I’ll never forget the blush that covered your body. So sexy.” he sucked my lobe into his mouth. “What else? Do you remember, love?”

“Yeah,” I sighed nodding slightly “a home and a happy life together” I moaned as his fingers rolled my nipples gently.

“Does my baby still want three kids?” his hands began their decent toward my stomach. My only response was a shaky moan. “Conner,” he slid his fingers through my folds, “Blaine,” he flicked my clit, “and sweet little, Chloe” his thick fingers entered my aching pussy. I fist his hair and began to roll my hips to his thrusting fingers.

“Jason, I’m going to...”

“Com” his voice deep, raspy and oh so fucking sexy. I fell apart, just like I did the first time, coming hard around his fingers. “I still love watching you come undone” he whispered.

“Do you also still want seven kids?” I melt against his touch as I come down from my high.

“Was your orgasm as good as the first time? I’m pretty sure you offered to have a dozen of my children after that” he chuckled wrapping his arms around my chest again.

“Oh, a dozen is still on the table” I giggle and he smiles against my cheek.

“Glad to know I still got it”

“Oh, baby, you still got it” I assured him.

After a few more minutes soaking in the tub we decided to jump in the shower and rinse off the suds. Jason washed my body, massaging me along the way. Then it was my turn and I really wanted to repay him for the trip down memory lane in the tub. Getting on my knees I ran my tongue along his length, taking the head of his cock between my lips. Sucking on him gently, he tilted his head back and sighed his appreciation. I bobbed my head with a steady rhythm, his hips rocking along with me slightly. His fingers sunk into my heavy, wet strands as he began to rock his hips with an extra sway. I dug my fingers in to his firm ass and took him deeper with every thrust forward. Just when I thought he would explode against my tongue he pulled away and lifted me up. Gripping my waist he hoisted me up, my legs wrapped around his waist while my back flushed against the cool tile wall. Sinking me down on his cock, my head rolled back and I moaned his name. Quick, deep strides, he filled me and stretched me open. Our moans mingled against the water pelting against our skin. He buried his face into my neck, groaning my name while he spilled his seed inside me. Both of us panted with exhaustion. He let me down slowly but held on to me against the wall. Once we cleaned ourselves up, again, we exited the shower with sly, satisfied smiles.

Back in our room, I dressed in shorts and a loose, off the shoulder t-shirt. I combed out my wet hair and threw it up in a messy bun before moisturizing my body with mango body butter. Feeling refreshed and very relaxed, thanks to my wonderful fiancé, I dug out my books from my bag and sat in the living room to study.

“What are you up to, love?” Jason walked into the living room bare chested and a pair of dark sweats hung from his hips.

“Just getting some studying in, I have an exam coming up”

“You’re not going back there” he furrowed his brows.


“You can’t leave the house or be out of my sight, like, ever" he raised his brows.

“Jason” I sighed.

“Have you forgotten already what happened?”

“I’m not dropping out of school, Jason” I became defensive.

“I don’t want that either, but you can take a break until we sort all of this out”

“My exam is this Friday, I can’t miss it”

“You’re cute, thinking this is up for discussion” he smirks dryly.

“Jason, don’t patronize me. This is my future, I’m not going to throw it all away for, her"

“I’m not telling you to throw anything away, just take a break until I handle this. Jesus, Skye! Look how you reacted when you found that letter. What if it was your mother, or worse, Charles or one of his goons, come to do the job I couldn’t”

“Jason” I spoke softer.

“No,” he shook his head “this conversation is over” he turned to walk away and I jumped from my seat. Grabbing his hand, I stopped him and slowly turned him around. “I don’t want to talk about this any further, Skye” he gave me a warning tone.

“I know,” I wound his arms around my waist “and I’m sorry. You’re right, again” I closed my eyes and sighed. “A day or two away from school won’t hurt me”

“A few days away from school won’t hurt you. We can even talk to your Professors, tell them there was a family emergency, I’m sure they’ll work something out for you”

“Ok,” I nod “I don’t want to fight with you”

“Neither do I, love” he holds me tighter. “I knew you were stubborn, but, my wife is quite the scrapper when she’s passionate about something” he teases.

“And don’t you forget it, mister” I narrow my eyes playfully at him.

“Alright, Rhonda Rousey" he chuckles and I roll my eyes “How about you get back to studying. We’ll talk to your Prof’s tomorrow and work something out, ok?”

“Ok” I smile.

“I need to make a few calls so I’ll be in the office”

We parted ways and I turned on the television for some background noise while I worked. Every few minutes, my eyes would dart towards Josh’s old room, I hadn’t been inside since he, left. Curiosity was getting the better of me and I was itching to look inside. I wasn’t sure why, it’s not like I would open the door and find the answers on what happened to him. Knowing Jason, he probably had the room cleaned and wiped of any evidence that Josh even lived here. I shook my head, I can’t go down this road, not now anyway. I focused back on my work and put Josh and his room out of my mind; for now.

A couple of hours had gone by and I needed to get up and stretch, not to mention, feed myself; I was starving. I first padded along the floor towards Jason’s office, the door was ajar and as I got closer I could hear him quietly bark orders to whomever was on the other line.

“I have one simple question that no one seems to have the answer, to” he was eerily calm until...“how the fuck did she find her?!” he began pacing the room, his fingers running through his hair in frustration. “It’s been two fucking hours, Frank. I want a Goddamn answer in the next five minutes or so help me God” there was silence, clearly Frank trying his best to assure Jason that he would find him an answer “Do it, Frank, just get me what I need to end this shit” he hung up the phone and sighed heavily. “It’s not polite to eavesdrop, love”

Stumbling back a step, I took a breath and pushed the door open “Sorry”

“Did you need something?” he turned to face me with a raised brow.

“Yeah, I wanted to see if you were hungry” I spoke timidly. Sighing through is nose he took his long strides towards me, cupping my face he gave me a small smile and nod before ushering me out the office and towards the kitchen.

“What would like?”

“Something quick, I should get back to studying. You probably want to get back to yelling at Frank” I shrug, crossing my fingers he would find humor in my little joke.

“Don’t eavesdrop on my calls, my little minx” he narrows his eyes with a smirk “You could have just walked in, I won’t hide anything from you. You asked me not to and I will adhere to the promise I made you”

“Oh” I blushed and smiled sheepishly.

“Mmhmm” he nods. “How about I make you a quick sandwich to tie you over then make something for dinner?”

“I can make it” I start towards him but he shakes his head.

“Go relax for a bit and I’ll be right out” pursing his lips he makes a kissing sound. I head back to the living room and plop down on the couch, I start to surf the channels when I settle on a rerun of Friends. Jason came into the living room and sits next to me. Passing me a plate we tuck into our quick meals quietly. “There’s something I think we should discuss”

“Ok” I say slowly.

“We need to tell Dad what happened”

“What?” I nearly choke “Why?” Jason rubs my back for a second before he runs to the kitchen and pours me a glass of water. I take a sip and place it down while waiting for his response.

“Why not?” he grumbles knowing another argument is coming his way.

“I, I don’t, I don’t know“I look down at my lap.

“Are you afraid about what he may say about us?”

“I just don’t want him to overshadow the real problem with his disapproval of us being together”

“Would it be better if I talk to him?” he offers.

“I’ve yet to speak with my Dad since all of this and he hasn’t reached out to me either. Now is a good time as any” I sigh.

“I’m here, ok? You’re not doing this alone” I smile and take his hand. “Thank you” I smile. “I’m going to go start dinner, how about you take this time to call him?” Biting my lip, I nod reluctantly. I sat at the edge of the couch, my eyes focused on the all too familiar number displayed and my thumb hovering over the send button. “Skye, if you want me to-”

“No, No,” I shake my head cutting him off “I should do this” I can hear Jason sigh and then continues to chop the vegetables in the kitchen. I squeeze my eyes shut, count to five and press the button. It rings once, then twice before...

“King? What do you want?” my father’s gruff voice fills the speaker and I bite my lip from crying. I missed him so much.

“Daddy, it’s me” my voice small.

“Skye? Pumpkin? Are you ok? Where are you?” he begins to stutter with questions.

“I’m fine, I’m safe” I try to reassure him.

“Is he there? Is he listening?”

Sighing, I pinch the bridge of my nose “He’s not a threat, Dad. Currently, he’s making a healthy, well-balanced meal for your daughter” I grumble. “I don’t think that deserves red flags and alarms to go off”

“Have you forgotten what he did to you?” I could hear his shock of me defending Jason and his disapproval of us being together, seep through the phone.

“No, I haven’t, but I also know more about him and I can now understand why he did those things”

“He’s brainwashed you, you know that, right?”

“To my understanding he’s helped you out, doesn’t that count for something? And why didn’t you tell me that wretched woman contacted you?”

“Skye, she’s still your mother” he spoke sternly.

“Well, my mother is trying to take me away from you. What kind of mother takes off when her daughter needs her the most, only to force her way back in and try to take her away from the only parent that gave enough shit about her to stick around?”

“I’ll take care of it, sweetheart” he sighs heavily. The stress evident in his tone.

“How daddy?” I become a small child all over again. “These people are savages, you don’t know their true nature” I try to reason with him.

“And you do?” he counters. “Has he exposed you to his kind?” he seethes.

“Dad, please?” I beg. “Don’t make this about Jason and I. She knows where I am, she left me a letter in class today. Precisely, the exact seat I’ve been occupying since the beginning of school, how would she know that if she wasn’t watching me?”

“What? What did she say?”

“Pretty much that she misses me and wants me back in her life. That you’ve been keeping me away from her and all she wants is to have the relationship we missed out on because of her leaving. She wants to explain herself”

“He said he was going to protect you” he mumbles “He’s doing a shit job if you ask me” he grumbles but I catch every word.

“Stay focused, Dad. This isn’t about Jason and I, we need to decide what we’re going to do about her. After that, we can discuss my relationship with Jason”

“Fine” he huffs


“Yeah?” he sighs.

“I miss you”

“I miss you too, pumpkin” for the first time in our conversation did I hear my father’s smile through the phone.


“Yeah?” he chuckles and my heart warms at the sound.

“Jason and I are engaged”


“Don’t be mad, I love you, byeee!” I hung up and tossed the phone across the living room to the opposite couch. Dad’s have super powers and I’m pretty sure if I held on to the phone, he would have reached through and throttled me.

“Smooth babe” Jason chuckles coming to sit next to me.

“Shut up” I grumble and snuggle into him.

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