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Chapter 32

“This is the place, boss”

I hummed looking out of the tinted windows of my escalade “Secluded, quite a bit of land, lots of hiding spots. This is a good location” I nodded. “I want to see inside the house” the escalade bobbed and swayed with the uneven road beneath us. Pulling up to the front of the stone mansion, a few of my men scurried out of the SUV’s behind me to secure the house and land, ensuring I was protected. The door was swung open and I slide out, sliding my aviators over my eyes. “Really, very impressive” I took in my surroundings, almost contemplating that once this was all over, I should make an offer on the property.

“It’s quite lovely” I felt slender arms wrap around my waist.

“Sweetheart!” I scold in a low voice “If I don’t come to get you, you don’t leave the security of the car” a small smile tugs at her painted pink lips. “If it’s safe enough for you, it’s safe enough for me” she reached up on her toes and placed a delicate kiss on the edge of my lips. Sighing, I shook my head and kissed her forehead “Why must you always challenge me?” she only chuckled softly as a response. Holding her close, we ascended the waterfall staircase to the front door. One of my men gave me a single nod indicating I was safe to go inside. Walking over the threshold, we let our eyes take in the beauty of the home.

“This is beautiful, I wonder who lives here?” she mumbles to herself as her touch leaves my arms. She practically skips around the house, looking at all the exquisite paintings hung on the wall, to the delicate statutes adorning the corners of the rooms.

“Stay close, sweetheart” I watch as her brown eyes twinkle. She hums and nods, tip toeing back to my side. I wrap my arm around her waist and look around for myself. “Set up over there, there and there” I point, barking out my orders. My men move quickly, preparing each area with reinforcements.

“Is this all really necessary?” her soft eyes looking up at me with concern and question.

“Yes.” I kiss her forehead and pull her closer to my side “I’ll make sure we’re protected at all times. I can’t express to you enough on who we are actually dealing with” she only nods, biting her plump bottom lip. “I’m just going to look out the window in the living room” she whispers, I nod and let her go, but not without a firm kiss to her lips. She smiles and runs her hands down my chest as she walks away. I watch her leave and a sense of protection washes over me. I’ve never felt, what I feel for her, with any woman before. She was different, she made me feel fearless and powerless, all at the same time.

“Boss?” I shake my head and get back into the situation at hand. “Yes” I turn to face one of my men “All areas of your choosing have been equipped accordingly. But, there is a clearing out to the west of the property I think you should see. It would be a great exit strategy” I nod and he turns, silently leading the way. The location he suggested made sense, it was covered heavily with trees and you could easily place a vehicle or two and it wouldn’t be visible. “This is good,” I praise “work out the exit strategy and get back to me for approval” he nods and does what was asked. I stroll back to the mansion with one thing on my mind; my girl.

“Where did you go?” her brown eyes looked panicked and scared. Her body comes barreling towards me and her arms instinctively wrap around my neck. “Not far, sweetheart” I hold her tight “I would never stray too far away from you. I just needed to check out a location outside. I’m sorry I frightened you” I smile softly. “It’s alright,” she nuzzles into my neck “I was just worried is all” I smiled and pull away, cupping her cheeks I placed a soft kiss upon her lips “When you’re with me, there is no need to be worried” I smile and claim her lips once more. She moans into the kiss and my manhood springs to attention; I loved when she did that. I placed my hands on her hips and lift her up easily, her legs wrap around my hips and I press her back against the wall. I kiss along her jawline, to her neck where I suck and leave my mark. I head south to the tops of her breasts where there too, I leave my mark. “Stop, you’ll riddle me with marks all over my body, again” I look up at her and give her a smirk, I pull the neckline of her shirt and pepper my mark all over her chest, her strings of moans echoing off the walls. “You’re mine, I always mark what’s mine” I whisper huskily against her nipple before sucking it into my mouth. Her back arches off the wall and I wrap my arm around her back, pushing her even closer to my lips. Curses are whispered between her lips as I take her roughly with my mouth. Her fingers tighten in my hair as I continue to taste her skin. “I want you” she whimpers when my teeth grazes her neck. “You have me, sweetheart” A clearing of a throat had a growl emit deep within my chest. I pressed my body against hers, covering her exposed flesh. With trembling hands she fixes her disheveled clothing and I lower her to the ground. “What is it?” I bark.

“Someone is coming, boss”

My jaw clenches as I grind my teeth, deep down I knew it was my son. “Take her and keep her safe. If one strand of hair is out of place, your life ends here”

“Yes, boss”

“What? No, I want to stay with you” she protests.

“You can’t sweetheart, it’s not safe” I brush her cheek with the back of my fingers.

“Then you’re not safe here either!” her eyes brim with tears. Sighing, I pull her close and kiss the top of her head.

“It’s different for me. If I get hurt, I’ll heal. If you get hurt, I’d die”

“Don’t say such things!” she scolds with a trembling voice. I smile and place a kiss on her lips.

“No more arguing, my sweet. Go now, I’ll be right behind you”

“You promise?”

“I promise” I smile and delicately push on her lower back. “I love you, sweetheart”

“I love you too, Charlie”

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