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Chapter 33

“You may now kiss the bride” Jason smiled broadly while I chuckled under my breath, we leaned into each other and our lips met in a tender kiss.

“I love you” he whispered and I smiled into the kiss pressing my lips to his again before I confessed my own love for him. We turned around and met the smiling face of Frank, who happened to be Jason’s right hand man.

“Congrats boss, ma’am” he nodded in my direction.

“Ew,” I scrunched my nose “Please, call me Skye” I chuckled and he smiled.

“Mrs King” Jason firmly corrected squeezing my hip.

“Of course, boss. Mrs King” he nodded. The priest called us to the side to a nearby table where we were to sign the marriage certificate. Jason and I didn’t have friends or family that could witness the marriage, so Jason suggested Frank, which I agreed to. Jason and I signed first, then Frank, and it was finalized by the priest. After all the documents were taken care of we agreed to get something to eat and head back to our place to relax a little.

“I can’t believe we’re married!” I giggled while admiring my rings.

“Thank you, love” he took my hand and kissed my rings.

“For what?” I smiled, lacing my fingers with his and placing them on my lap.

“Loving me, being by side after all that I put you through, trusting me and now marrying me. I always knew you were the one for me, I always knew I would spend the rest of my life loving you, taking care of and supporting you. I knew you would be my wife one day, the mother of my kids one day. I’m just the happiest man on the planet right now and for that, I thank you”

“You are the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend. You know how much I fantasized about being your wife, my dreams of our children” I blushed. “There is no need to thank me because you give me what I give you and that’s everlasting love and commitment” I kissed his palm and cradled it between my hands against my chest. “Now,” I smiled “take me home so we can consummate our marriage” I bit my lip. Jason’s eyes held mischief when he looked over at me and winked. In that moment, he revved the engine and floored the gas making me squeal and giggle like a child.

Jason pulled into our parking stall and turned the ignition off. Slipping off his seat belt, he leaned over and grabbed the side of my face, slamming his lips to mine. I moaned deeply into the kiss and sunk my fingers in his hair. Our lips molded together in perfect rhythm as our tongues massaged one another. The kiss was urgent, heated, and passionate and it was taking my breath away. Pulling away didn’t deter him from continuing, he kissed along my neck, sucking the skin into his mouth. His hand cupped my breast and massaged it while he continued lavishing sweet kisses along my neck and collarbone. His hand began to travel down my stomach and to my thigh, where he gave it a little squeeze before coaxing my thighs apart and cupping my core. He massaged me slowly while his lips fluttered over my skin. My breaths were coming out in pants with soft moans filling the car.

“Jason” I whimpered.

“I want you” he rasped against the shell of my ear as his fingers pressed firmer against my core.

“I’m yours” I shivered as my body was building with desire.

He pulled away abruptly and cupped my face, kissing me hard. “Upstairs. Now.” He all but growled and I laughed giving him a peck on the lips before hopping out. He took my hand and kissed my knuckles before walking me inside the building. Jeffrey was nowhere to be seen and that concerned me. Maybe he’s helping another tenant? It wasn’t like we were the only ones that lived here.

My thoughts were interrupted when I hear a grunt of disapproval from my new husband. He wasn’t too happy that we had to share the elevator with an elderly couple. We said our polite hellos and Jason pressed the button to our floor. He held my waist firmly while we rode the elevator up in silence. When we reached the tenth floor the elderly couple wished us a good evening and waved goodbye, in which we returned.

“That was amusing” I pressed against him with a smile.

“I had plans for you in this elevator” he grumbled.

“Hmm, we could always ride the elevator back down and start all over if you like?” I winked.

“Tease” he chuckled.

The elevator doors opened and Jason placed his hand on my lower back, directing me out first. I purposely walked with leisure and Jason was visibly fidgeting next to me while he match my slow pace. “You’re asking for it, love” he mumbled and tried pushing me gently to a faster pace. “What?” I looked up at him and blinked my eyes slowly, innocently. He growled and then, he smack my ass; hard. “Oww” I rubbed my butt and pouted. “Let me help” he grinned and began massaging my cheeks and I swatted his arm with laughter. I jogged the rest of the short distance to our door and let us both in. One foot in the door and I took a step back, my back now flushed with Jason’s chest. His arm instantly wound around my waist in a protective manner, spinning me around and pressing me into his chest, shielding me from the sight in our kitchen.


The smell crawled up my nose and made a home there, I couldn’t shake the rancid smell and I was beginning to taste it in the back of my throat. I gagged and Jason rubbed my back as he cautiously backed out of the entrance. He dug in his pocket and pulled out his phone “Get here, now” he growled lowly.

“Are you alright, love?” he pulled away slightly to look at me.

“Where did all that blood come from?” I whispered.

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out soon”

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