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Chapter 34

It was nearing midnight when the body of Jeffrey was removed from our home and the blood was cleaned up, unfortunately, the smell lingered and it was a constant reminder that Charles McIntyre was a ruthless, soulless man, who didn’t take well to disobedience. Jason had informed me that Jeffrey was placed here to watch over us, but, Jeffrey showed his loyalty to Jason and Charles didn’t take too well with that. Charles was already bitter that most of his men left his side to stand behind Jason, Jeffrey was the last straw, I guess. I would miss Jeffrey greatly, in the short time we met, we became somewhat close. I felt responsible for his death.

“Love, are you alright?” Jason’s fingers wrapped around the back of my neck, his thumb gently stroking my skin. “I can’t believe this happened” I shook my head and pinched the bridge of my nose. Jason turned me to face him and I buried my face in his chest. His arms wrapped around me protectively and I felt safe for the moment. “I can’t stay here, Jason” I mumbled. “I know, baby” he whispered. Jason’s phone began to ring and he fished it from his pocket but he continued to hold me close. “Speak” his tone was cold. He was silent, too silent. I looked up at him with questioning eyes, he leaned down and placed a soft kiss against my lips but it didn’t shake the worry I felt deep inside. I pulled away from him, his furrowed brows showing me his unhappiness. I walked to our bedroom and laid down, I didn’t want to be here anymore, I wanted to be home, with my dad. I slipped my phone out of my pocket and dialed.

“Skye? Sweetheart, are you alright?” My father’s sleepy voice was mixed with panic.

“No, I want to come home, Dad” I bit my lip.

“Of course! What happened? Where’s Jason?” He was awake now, all sleep gone from his voice.

“We’ll explain when we arrive at home”

“Alright, sweetheart” he sighed.

“I guess we’re going to see Dad?” Jason leaned against the door frame, arms crossed with soft eyes. “Yes, is that alright?” I slide off the bed and made my way over to him. His arms instantly parted for me and he held me close once again. “Anything for you, love”

We arrived at my childhood home around one in the morning, Dad was waiting for us, and he looked absolutely exhausted. We settled quickly and Dad didn’t make a fuss when I told him Jason and I would be sharing my old room. Jason and I laid on my bed, my back pressed against his chest, his arm wrapped around my waist. Soft kisses peppered along my shoulder and I hummed in content, his fingers played with the hem of my shirt, slowly raising it up and tickling the skin of my hip with his fingertips. His fingers caressed along my rib cage and under my breast, cupping my breasts, he firmly squeezes as I wiggled my bottom into his hardening groin.

“Jason” I whispered in a moan. “I wish I could take you away from all of this. Give you the life you deserve, with peace, love and sleepless nights full of love making” he bit my shoulder and I arched my back causing my ass to push against him. He groaned and pushed into me harder, grinding against me. His fingers began a decent until they reached the band of my shorts, he slipped his hand inside and cupped my aching core. “Let me make you feel good, baby. Let me make you forget” I sighed heavily, nodding my head as I spread my legs further for him. His fingers danced along my slit, his middle finger dipping between my lips. Groaning, he nuzzled my ear “Always so wet for me, love” My chest rose and fell as heavy breaths left my lips. My hand slid down his arm, and slipped into my shorts to meet his hand between my thighs. My fingers laid on top of his and I matched his movements before I couldn’t take it anymore and guided his finger inside me. We both moaned as his finger slid deep inside, feeling my want for him, feeling my need for him. I tried so hard to stay quiet, but every so often, a deep moan would erupt and Jason would have to silence me with a deep kiss. I slipped my hand between us, needing to feel his hardened skin in my hand. I reached for him and wrapped my small, slender fingers around his manhood, and I began to slide my hand up and down, matching his fingers thrusting inside me. The room was getting hot, the blankets and pillows were now scattered along the floor. Jason removed his fingers, sliding one into his mouth. His eyes closed as he tasted me on his lips, he then fed me his other finger and eyed my lips as they wrapped around his digit. He lifted me up and had me straddle his waist, he guided the head of his cock at my entrance and laid back for me to do the rest. I eased him into me slow, biting my lip from moaning out. His hands ran up my thighs, squeezed my hips and sides, and he cupped each of my breasts as I rode him slow. My head fell back, my nails digging into his wrists as they massaged my breasts. I rode him harder, faster, and hearing his low groans was only turning me on more. I began to bounce in his lap, my hands now against his muscular chest. The feeling of him sliding in and out of me deep was bringing me to my undoing. “Oh, love” he moaned squeezing my hips. “Jason, I’m..” I sighed. “Yes, baby” he encouraged. I shivered and collapsed on his chest as I rode out my orgasm. He bit my shoulder as his seed spilled inside me. “I love you so much” he kissed my cheek and I smiled.

The next morning I woke up alone. Frowning, I got up, showered and dressed for the day. I stepped out into the hall and made my way down the stairs. Jason was on the phone pacing, while my Dad was staring out the window in deep thought.


“Hmm?” he turned around “Yes, pumpkin?”

“What’s going on?” I looked back at Jason.

“Looks like the location he worked out for us to meet at has been exposed to your mother and her boyfriend. Jason’s men went ahead to secure it before he and I went to check it out but they found that someone has already been there and outfitted the place with guns”


“Yeah” dad sighed. “Jason is speaking with someone named Frank, working out if the location is compromised or if we’re able to still utilize it and make your mother and her boyfriend think we are blind to their earlier visit”

“How the hell did they find out?”

“He’s trying to figure that out too” he dragged his fingers through his hair.

“Ok,” Jason spoke and we turned to face him “we can still use the location”

“How did they find out?” I asked.

“We’re still figuring that out. There isn’t a mole, I’m certain of that. They must be tracking either me or my men, I just have to figure out how”

“Jason,” my father took a step forward “I don’t want to be left unarmed when we do this”

“Dad” I held his arm.

“He’s right, Skye” I faced Jason and narrowed my eyes. “Have you ever shot a gun before, Sir?”

Dad sighed heavily through his nose, “I think we can stop with the sir business, Jason. If those wedding bands indicate anything, you have now become family, so call me Dad”

“Dad, I-“he lifted his hand to stop me.

“We can’t help who we love, Skye. I can’t say I’m thrilled with this but I will try to be civil about it” he turned to Jason “I expect you to always take care of my little girl, understood?”

“Yes, sir”

“Dad” he corrected.

“Dad” Jason smiled softly.

“And to answer your question, no, I have never used a gun before”

“I’ll take you to a shooting range, you can practice there”

“Good, let’s go”

I followed behind my father and Jason, they both eyed me when I slipped on my jacket. “Love?” I looked up at Jason and quirked a brow “I’m coming with you, don’t argue with me” I walked passed him and out the front door.

I faintly heard my dad chuckle and say “Welcome to married life, son”

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