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Chapter 35

I didn’t realize a gun packed such a punch, my wrists were killing me but I was impressed with my aim.

“Hungry, love?” I nodded and rubbed my wrist “Does it hurt?” he furrowed his brows.

“Yeah, but I’ll be fine” I smiled up at him. He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss before his hand was placed on the small of my back and directed me towards the exit. We drove to a restaurant not too far from the gun range, it was Italian and my stomach growled at the aroma surrounding the parking lot. “Oh my god, that smells so good” I nearly drooled.

“No kidding” Dad licked his lips with a smile.

“C’mon you two” Jason chuckled taking my hand.

“Ah! Mr King!” a short, chubby man smiled “How are you?” he took Jason’s hand, shaking it vigorously.

“Fine, fine, Gino, thank you” Jason chuckled. “Please, meet my wife, Skye and my Father-in-law, Mr. Grey”

“Oh!” he clapped his hands “Lina! Lina! Come here and meet Mr and Mrs King!” he hollered behind him. A beautiful woman entered the foyer, her smile made you want to smile.

“Mr King” she smiled and kissed both of Jason’s cheeks. “Mrs King,” she smiled at me as she took a step forward, her hands cupped my face and she gently kissed each of my cheeks “so beautiful” she smoothed back my hair. I couldn’t help the blush covering my cheeks, with a soft thank you, she moved on to my father, giving him a warm welcome as well.

“Come! Come!” Gino clapped “I’ll take you to your table, Mr King”

“Thank you, Gino” Jason smiled taking my hand “It was a pleasure to see you again, Lina” Lina had blushed and gave Jason a soft nod before bowing away. Jason squeezed my hand and I looked up at him, with a smile he led me and my father to his table.

“Please sit, my home is your home” Gino smiled pulling out my chair.

“Thank you” I smiled taking my seat.

“House red, Mr King?” Gino smiled broadly

“Yes, please, Gino” Jason settled in his seat.

“Come here often?” I smirked after Gino had left.

“I used to, yes. It’s been awhile since I have stopped by and met Gino and Lina”

“They’re delightful,” Dad smiled “especially that Lina” he wiggled his eyebrows. Jason tilted his head back letting out a hard laugh while I scrunched up my face. Gino arrived shortly after, pouring us a glass of red wine. He passed out menus and said he would be back shortly to take our orders. We all sat there quietly, enjoying the robust taste of the wine on our tongues. “This is good” Dad hummed.

“Lina makes it herself” Jason winked taking another sip.

“Stop being gross” I mumbled around the rim of my glass. They both chuckled and Gino once again returned to take our orders. Jason ordered for me, saying I would absolutely adore the parmesan fettuccini chicken. Gino praised Jason and my father for their choices and skipped back into the kitchen. It was quiet again, an odd tension was filling the air; unspoken questions lingered. “How’s, um, the place?” I looked over at Jason while fidgeting with my fingers in my lap.

“Secure” he gave me a small smile.

“Can we see it?” Dad asked placing his wine glass down on the table.

“If you like, yes”

“How was it compromised?” I looked around at my surroundings as I whispered my question.

“I’m still waiting for an answer on how they found the location before it was released to them, but they outfitted the place with guns, they have been found and removed, so they’ll be quite surprised when they don’t find what they’re looking for”

“Did we hide our own, umm, guns?” My face flushed and I was beginning to feel extremely nervous.

“No,” he shook his head “I don’t want them accidentally finding them, but, I don’t need to hide anything, it will be well known that I have the men to back us up”

“Oh” I reached for my wine glass and took a generous drink. I didn’t know how many men Jason actually had behind him. Was it a few dozen? A few hundred? The thought made me nervous.

“Pumpkin, if you’re not comfortable with this, we can-”

“No, no,” I waved off my father before he could finish “I’m in, all the way” I looked at them both so there was no room for discussion. They both pursed their lips and a look passed between them. “Excuse me, please,” I stood from my chair “I just need to use the ladies room” Jason pointed me in the direction I wanted to go and I took shaky steps in that direction. Pushing on the dark wooded door I was amazed by the luxury look it held. An ivory chaise was tucked in one corner, two large marble vases on each side. Floor to ceiling mirrors and chandelier style lighting. It was the nicest restaurant bathroom I had ever seen. I walked towards the sinks and turned on the taps, the water glided out of the waterfall style faucets and I cupped my hands underneath. Splashing my face with the cool water I turned off the tap and held the edge of the sink staring at my reflection. I looked flushed and tired. I squeezed my eyes shut and took a deep breath in, exhaling slowly between parted lips “Get it together, Skye” I whispered. I reached for the towels placed in a wicker basket and dried my face. Tossing it in the hamper, I turned and left the restroom.

“Are you alright, love?” Jason stood from his seat as I approached, his dark brows pinched in the middle.

“Yeah, just tired with everything that’s been going on” I sighed cupping his face for a moment before taking my seat.

“I think Jason and I should handle things from here” Dad reluctantly spoke.

“I’m fine, I promise. Besides, this is about me and her I need to be there” I rolled my eyes and picking up my wine glass again.

“Um, love, I think maybe you should slow down on the wine. It’s probably not helping with the way you’re feeling” I looked at Jason and then my wine glass.

“After this..” I mumbled and tossed the remaining dark liquid into my mouth. With a sigh, I placed the now empty wine glass down and gave Jason a smile, he returned it with a small one. Our food arrived a few moments later and we all ate in silence. I would sneak glances between the two but they were doing their damn best to avoid eye contact with me. “What is it?” I sat back in my chair and crossed my arms.

“Skye” My dad tried to scold but I gave him a look not to pull the dad tone on me and he sighed. “We’re just worried about you”

“Why?” I furrowed my brows “I’m perfectly fine”

“Baby, you’re far from it” Jason reached out for my hand but I didn’t offer it to him. His arm retracted back and he cleared his throat. “We just want you safe”

“And I don’t want the same for the two of you?” I raise my brows. “This isn’t up for discussion, I’m sorry” I picked up my fork and twirled it into the tender noodles. The rest of the time was spent in silence.

When it was time to leave, Gino and Lina refused for us to pay, so Jason made sure to leave them a generous tip. We piled into the Rover and headed back to my Dad’s place.

“Um, Dad, is it alright if we drop you off? I’d like to take Skye somewhere”

“Of course” Dad nodded.

When Dad jumped out I looked over at Jason “Where are we going?”

“I just want some alone time with you” he gave me a small smile.

“If it’s to talk me out of this, I swear to God, Jason” I shook my head.

“You know, ever since you became Mrs King you have become quite feisty” he chuckled merging back on to the road.

“I’ve always been feisty” I looked out the window. Jason’s hand caressed my thigh and squeezed as his fingers dipped between my thighs. “Yes, you are” he huskily whispered. “Stop” I sighed wrapping my fingers around his wrist. “Are you sure?” he was focused on the road, his fingers inching closer. “Yeah” I breath out, my legs parting ever so slightly. “Mmhh” he hummed. Pulling into an apartment complex parking lot, he parked in the far corner and killed the ignition. “I love you” he turned to me. His hand cupped the side of my face bringing me into a hard kiss while his other hand slipped further between my legs, cupping my core. I trembled and let him have his way with me. We kissed and touched until we both groaned out our releases. “My naughty, naughty wife” he grinned. “Shut up” I blushed and adjusted my clothing.

Leaning back in his seat he raked his fingers through his thick hair “What it is?” I watched him. “Are you really ready for this?” I closed my eyes and exhaled through my nose “Yes? No? I don’t know” I sighed. “I can do this on my own, I just want to protect the both of you. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to either of you” I cupped his face and peppered kisses on his lips “I love you” he smiled against my lips “I love you too” I sat back and took his hands in mine “We do this together or we don’t do it at all” with a deep sigh he nodded “C’mon, let’s go back and relax a little” Jason started the Rover up and we took off once again.

Today was the day.

Today I would see my mother after so many years.

We pulled up to the estate and parked in the garage, piling out, we followed the three men into the mansion. The inside was amazing and I couldn’t help appreciate the fine art on the walls. “Whose place is this?” I asked.

“An associate,” was Jason’s simple response as he took my hand “stay close, love” I snuggled up against his arm as he walked through the living room and into the kitchen. I looked out the window and noticed a swarm of men dressed in what I couldn’t only describe as SWAT uniforms. I stiffened and Jason instantly had me wrapped around his arm “What is it?” he followed my gaze and relaxed “They’re with me, love” he sighed kissing my forehead. I swallowed hard and nodded. Jason walked us toward the fridge and opened it up “Here, have some water” he handed me a bottle “Sit there, baby” he nodded toward the stools in front of the island. He offered my dad a bottle of water as well and came around to stand behind me, one hand perched on my hip while his chest caged me in.

“They should be here soon” Dad mumbled picking at the label on the bottle of water.

“We have the control here, don’t forget that” Jason’s tone was all business and I shivered as his chest vibrated off my back. He placed his hands on my arms and began to rub them soothingly, I melted against his chest.

“Boss?” We turned and I instantly recognized the voice belonging to Frank “They’re here”


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