You Belong To Us

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Chapter 36

She looked just like me...

Her eyes, her hair, even her smile, it was like looking in a mirror...

“Hi, sweetheart” her voice so soft, so tender and sweet. The edges of my lips twitched into a smile before my vision of her was blocked by my father.

“Scarlett” My dad spoke firmly.

“John” her voice still tender.

“Son” Charles McIntyre’s voice was deep and dominating, much like his son’s. I shivered and Jason’s arm wrapped around me protectively.

“Charles” he countered. “Let’s take this to the living room” he nodded his head in the direction. My mother looked around my father, giving me another smile before tugging at Charles’ arm, she leaned into the shell of his ear and whispered, but we all heard it.

She’s so beautiful.

Anger surged inside me. If she was around she would have been able to see me grow into the beauty she claims me to be. Instead, she chose Charles over my father and I. I began to walk behind my father but Jason held me back “Stay close to me, love” it wasn’t a tender request and I nodded, assuring him I wouldn’t leave his side.

“Will you sit with me?” my mother extended a hand.

“No” My father and Jason spoke in unison.

My mother scowled but nodded, taking a seat next to her boyfriend. Charles didn’t seem too impressed with his little girlfriend not getting her way, he instantly stiffened next to her, taking her hand in his, his thumb caressing her skin as a sign of support.

“I think we’ll start,” Jason spoke “Dad, would you like to take a seat?” he gestured to an arm chair and my father took a seat, instantly, six of Jason’s men surrounded him. My father’s chest puffed out and I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes. He looked like the Don in all those mafia movies.

“Dad?” Charles quirked a brow, a smirk forming on his lips.

“Yes, that’s what you call a man who treats you like a son and you respect”

“Jason!” Charles stood and men on both our and Charles’ side stood with guns ready.

“Stop it!” My mother stood. She eyed Charles’ men and they slowly lowered their guns. Jason nodded his head to the side and our men lowered their weapons as well. “I came here to see my little girl, not to start a war” She rubbed Charles’ arm soothingly and her eyes traveled to Jason, with softness in her tone and her eyes she spoke “Jason, darling, have I not treated you well?” I couldn’t help it, I looked up at Jason, waiting for his response.

“Yes, you have, Scarlett, but, I’m angered that the motherly love you showed me, should have been given to my bride”

“Bride?” her eyebrows furrowed.

Nice Jason, this is exactly how I wanted her to know...

“Yes, Skye and I are married”

“When? How? Why didn’t anyone tell me? I would have come, I would have given you my blessing”

“I don’t need your blessing” I spoke for the first time.

“My sweet, Skye,” she sighed. Before she could continue, I put up my hand stopping her.

“I’m not your anything. You threw me away, remember?” I narrowed my eyes and tried to calm my beating heart.

“I didn’t throw you away” she shook her head softly. My father scoffed in the corner but she ignored him. “I was in a difficult place, I needed to be selfish, I needed to take care of me. I’m so sorry I hurt you, both of you” she looked between my father and I.

“I don’t need your apologizes” my father grunted.

“Well, I’m still sorry” she whispered.

“This is bullshit!” Charles stood once more “You ungrateful little twat! Can’t you see your mother is trying!”

“Charles!” My mother scolded.

“Fuck you” I spat at him. “You’re the reason she left me you self-centered prick! Not to mention the shit you put my husband through” I took a step forward but Jason held me back “Go fucking die” I seethed.

“Control your woman, Jason, or I will” he sneered.

I was instantly behind Jason, and my father stood next to him “Threaten my wife one more time, old man” Jason challenged.

“We tried it your way, Scar, now, we do it my way” In a blink of an eye he pulled out two guns, one pointing at Jason the other my father.

“No!” My mother and I both screamed. I latched on to both Jason and my father’s arms trying to get between them, to shield them in some way. My mother fought with Charles, trying to force his guns away. “Don’t you dare hurt my children, Charles!” she bellowed, moving her body to shield both Jason and I.

“God dammit, Scarlett! Get out of the way!” Charles screamed waving his guns around.

It was absolute chaos in a matter of seconds.

Our men had drawn their guns, pointing them at Charles’ men, Charles was waiving his guns around trying to get my mother out of the way, Jason and my father were forcing me back and the whole time I felt, I knew, something bad was about to happen.


I froze.

What the fuck was that?



No, no, no, no...

My father stood, gun in hand, a pale face, breathing hard. Frank tackled him to the ground while Jason forced me down to the ground as well. His men surrounded us while we army crawled to the kitchen. Shots were being fired everywhere, men were dropping to the ground all around us.

What the actual fuck just happened??

Once secure outside, we were all taken into a blacked out SUV. I was shoved inside by Jason but he didn’t follow me inside. “I love you, be good” he gave me a hard kiss before slamming the door shut. I tried the handle, it wouldn’t budge, I banged on the window screaming for Jason, he glanced at me with a sad expression but didn’t open the door. Hot tears fell from my eyes, sobs wracked through my body. What happened? I saw my dad walk towards Jason, he put his hands on my dad’s shoulders and his lips moved but I couldn’t hear him or make out what he was saying. My dad nodded and soon seemed to see clear from the fog that once clouded him. A look of determination crossed his face, he stood a little taller, his shoulders squared and his stance became more rigid. With an ear piercing scream I called for them, just as their backs turned and they went back into the house.

“No! Please!! Someone get me out of here!!”

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