You Belong To Us

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Chapter 4

I knocked on the door quietly, a part of me hoping he wouldn’t answer it and I could go home without having to see him. To my dismay he opened it, a broad smile stretching on, I still had to admit, his handsome face. “Hi sweetheart, come in” he moved to the side and I entered his office. “How was your day?” he placed his hands on my hips and pulled me in.

“Josh, please,” I pushed him away softly “I don’t know what you and Jason expect of me. I can’t pretend what you two did to me never happened. This is all unrealistic and ridiculous and you know it” I challenged.

“Skye,” he spoke sternly, his eyes darkening and I knew I had crossed a line. “you need to try, you need to give us a chance to show you we only want the best for you”

“And if I don’t? You’ll take me to another cabin, beat me, hold me against my will?” I rolled my eyes. I felt a searing pain in my upper left arm as I was yanked forward, hot pain burned through my cheek when Josh’s hand made contact.

“Enough” he growled lowly “You will respect us, you will be with us, you will obey us. End of fucking discussion” he spoke between his teeth just inches away from my face. I swallowed hard and begged myself not to cry. “Jason is waiting for you outside, you will spend time with him before I take you home” He released my arm and I stumbled back a step. “Go” he whispered with his back toward me, I didn’t hesitate and took off, leaving the door open behind me.

Swiping the tears from my cheek I walked into the nearest restroom to see the possible damage left behind. “Please don’t bruise, please don’t bruise” I mumbled to myself before standing in front of the mirror. I tentatively touched my reddened cheek, it was sensitive, sore and it burned. Taking some paper towel from the dispenser I ran it under cold water before gently applying it to my cheek, the cool against the angered heat felt soothing. I ran the towel under the cold water and applied it to my cheek a few more times before I realized I was causing more redness. Throwing the paper away I pulled my hair to the side, put my head down and quickly made my escape before anyone saw me and questioned me. I reached the parking lot but realized I didn’t know what Jason was driving, I looked around trying to spot him until a shadow to my left caught my eye. A black Range Rover pulled up in front of me, the passenger window slowly sliding down to reveal the driver. My eyes opened wider by a fraction. Fuck me he looked good.

“Hey baby, jump in” he smiled pulling off his aviators. I mentally scolded myself and opened the passenger door to allow myself in “Hey” I gave him a small smile and reached for the seat belt. “What happened?” he cupped my face and scrutinized my reddened cheek. “It’s fine” I sighed and pulled out of his gentle hold. “No, it’s not fine. What happened?” I looked out the passenger window and closed my eyes “I pissed off Josh and he slapped me”

“I’ll kill him” the slam of the door had me jumping in my seat. I reached over and turned the car off, opened my door and locked the car behind me.

“Jason!” I hollered while doing a slow jog to catch up to him. I grabbed his arm to stop him and he spun around abruptly.

“You’re not his to touch. You said it yourself, we’ve put you through hell, I’ll admit that and I’m so sorry for everything I’ve put you through. We’re supposed to show you how much we love you not put our hands on you. You belong to me Skye and I will kill him for touching you!” With a turn of his heel, he stomped towards Josh’s office. I, on the other hand, speechless.

Slamming the door open, he had his fingers wrapped around Josh’s throat and up against a wall within a blink of an eye. “Jesus” I hissed, turning to close the door behind us.

“Who are you to touch what’s mine?” Jason growled.

“Yours or Ours?” Josh chocked out. Jason let go and Josh slumped to the floor.

“We’ve put her through enough and you thought it was a good idea to hit her? You fucking hit her?!” Jason began to advance on Josh. I needed this to stop before someone heard the yelling. If the school found out I was involved with the both of them, they’d kick me out for sure.

“It was me, I was antagonizing him” I placed a hand on Jason’s arm. Josh slowly slid back up the wall and on to his feet. “I wasn’t saying such nice things” I sighed.

“That’s no excuse” Jason wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into his side. “Never again, Josh. I mean it or I swear I’ll kill you without a second thought” Jason warned.

“Oh please!” Josh scoffed “You may be quick to give out the order to kill, but let’s not forget, it’s my hands that are covered in blood”

“Enough!” I squeezed my eyes shut “I don’t need the reminder” I hissed, my eyes darting between the two. “Jason,” I turned to him. His eyes were burning into Josh and I could just imagine the challenge Josh’s eyes had for Jason. “Baby,” I whispered. Jason’s eyes snapped to mine, his body going rigid. I cupped his face and held his gaze “it is my fault. I shouldn’t have said what I did” his lips parted to speak but I hushed him and placed the pad of my thumb on his bottom lip. “We’ve caused so much noise, we need to go before someone shows up, I can get kicked out if they find me here with the both of you” Jason’s eyes closed and his body relaxed “I’ll meet you at the car, ok? Just give me a minute” Lifting up on my toes, I pressed my lips to his. It took him just a second before pressing his lips to mine.

“Be quick, ok? I have a surprise for you” He whispered. I gave him a small smile and nod. With a quick kiss he left with bright eyes and a smile.

“I’m sorry,” I turned to face Josh “I was poking the bear, we all know what happens when you poke the bear” I took a step toward him.

“No, I’m sorry, I should have never hit you. I’m so sorry, sweetheart” his eyes glistened with tears and his whole demeanor showed nothing but remorse.

“It’s not for you to apologize” I sighed and wrapped my arms behind his neck, my fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“I’ll never do that again, I swear it” he rubbed my lower back.

“I believe you” I smiled, leaned in and placed a soft kiss to his lips. “You’re not him” I whispered against his lips.

“What?” He pulled back slightly.

“You’re not Jason. He’s the iron fist, you’re not. I want my old Josh back, my old Mr Morris” I chuckled lightly. “I miss my old Josh’s sarcastic wit, his silliness, his soft side. I want him back”

“I want my old Skye back. She used to have a naughty spark in her eyes, she was funny and laid back. I miss her. I want her back” he kissed my forehead.

“Be patient, ok? You’ll get her back; slowly” I looked deep into his eyes. He smiled and gave me a lingering kiss.

“You’ll have your old Josh back too, I promise” I smiled and kissed him, deeply. When I pulled away he was smiling.

“I’ll see you later?” I asked.

“Yeah” he breathed. I walked back slowly, our fingers skimming over the others palms before we broke contact. “Bye, babe”. I closed the door behind me.

I walked down the hall towards the parking lot, only one thought stuck out in my mind. For the first time, I was in control. Opening the door I could see Jason’s car in the distance. I slowly made my way over, a smirk sliding on to my face, the one thought echoing in my head.

I’m in control.

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