You Belong To Us

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Chapter 5

I opened the door to the black Range Rover and got inside, I noticed Jason was still in a bit of a foul mood, he must have been replaying the events in his head while I was with Josh.

“Hey,” I reached out for his hand, “it’s been settled. He promised he would never do it again and apologized profusely. Let’s forget and move on, ok?” I squeezed his hand reassuringly.

“It never should have happened, Skye” his eyes looked sad, almost as if his hand was the one to strike me. Maybe it reminded him of when he did put his hands on me.

“I shouldn’t have given him a reason, everyone has their breaking point. Can we move past it?” I placed his hand on my lap and reached for my seat belt, after the click I turned to him with a smile “Can I have my surprise now?” I attempted to change the mood. A smile split across his face and he nodded.

“I really think you’ll love it” He took his hand off my lap long enough to put the car in drive and then placed it back between my thighs, giving it a little squeeze.

We drove for about twenty minutes, until we reached the heart of downtown. I looked out the window, the buildings looked beautiful with the sun gleaming off of them. Jason pulled up to a building, removed a card from his coat and swiped it through a device which allowed us access to the underground parking. Driving down the ramp we made a few turns before Jason settled into a spot, turning off the ignition he looked my way “Ready?” he was like a kid on Christmas. “Ready” I chuckled and let myself out. When we met he took my hand immediately and ushered me to the nearest entrance, which was a few steps away. Once inside we were faced with shiny, chrome elevator doors. Jason reached over and pressed the up arrow, while we waited he wrapped his arms around my waist, his chest flush against my back “I missed you in my arms” he whispered huskily, his lips pressing against the skin under my ear. “Please be patient with me” I whispered back just as the elevator doors slid open. We walked in, Jason’s arms still around me, turning, he pushed the button for floor Twenty-Five and the doors closed us in. “I will” his arms held me tighter for a moment before slacking a bit. “I know this is a lot for you. I have to admit though, I nearly fainted when you called me baby” I could feel his smile stretch against my neck. “It felt natural to say that, in the moment” I confessed. “I felt that, it didn’t feel forced. I know you’re trying to open your heart again and I just want to say thank you for giving me another chance”. I leaned into him “You’re welcome” I whispered. The doors opened once again and Jason took my hand. “Twenty-fifth floor, couldn’t find anything higher?” I joked. Jason chuckled deeply “I knew you would love and appreciate the view”. We walked down the hallway until we reached the end. Jason pulled out the same card from earlier and swiped it along the door, with a click, the door popped open.

“Oh my god” I gasped. Dropping Jason’s hand and kicking off my shoes, I went straight ahead to the view in front of me. The view was of the city and it was breathtaking. “I knew you would love it” he wound his arms around me once again. “Love doesn’t even describe it” I shook my head slightly, I was absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the city below me. “This will look so stunning at night” I commented. “It’s pretty amazing during a sunset and sunrise, too” Jason added. “Wow, Jason. Just, wow” I angled my head slightly to look up at him, his eyes shined with happiness. Reaching back I sunk my fingers into his hair and brought his lips down to mine. “This must cost you a fortune” I spoke a little breathy after pulling away. “Nothing but the best for my baby” he winked. “C’mon, there’s more” he offered me his hand and I took it. We walked through the living room, it was decorated with dark furniture to compliment the crème marble coffee table and end tables. A large flat screen television was displayed on the wall, below it a stunning fireplace and crème marble mantle. “This is Josh’s room” he opened the door and lead me inside.

The furniture was dark as well, his bed draped in crimson. A flat screen television also was displayed on the wall, below it a small, horizontal book shelf and a very comfortable looking love seat in front. “This is really nice” I smiled. We exited the room and Jason closed the door behind him. He took me to the room next to Josh’s “This was meant to be another bedroom but I turned it into a study” A large desk filled most of the room, a laptop sat in the middle with a small lamp off to the side. Off to the side was a mahogany chest but it worked as a filing cabinet. The other side of the room was a floor to ceiling book case. My feet padded toward it and I looked at all the titles, smiling I pulled one out and showed it to Jason “A wise man once told me this was the best piece of literature ever written”

“I agree, he is a wise man” Jason smiled.

“I guess so, “I shrugged “he was really hot so I would have agreed with anything he said” I teased putting The Great Gatsby back on the shelf.

“Was?” he pinched my side and I jumped laughing. “Is! Is really hot” I corrected laughing.

Laughing he took my hand once again, exiting and closing the door behind him “This is the kitchen, yes, I’ll be making very healthy meals for us here” he joked and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m going to find your weakness and use it to my full advantage” I played along.

“You’re my weakness, so feel free to lay naked on the island anytime” he winked and I playfully pushed him away.

My fingers skimmed over the crème marble counter tops and my eyes roamed over the stainless steel appliances. “Come” he nodded me over to him. We walked on the other side of the loft and he opened another door “This is my room, I hope you’ll be spending most of your time here” His room was similar to Josh’s, only difference was the larger bookcase and his room was decorated in a midnight blue and black. “We’ll need to work that out, I guess” he seemed confused by my response so I explained further “This is a three person relationship, isn’t it? I couldn’t spend all my time with you only, it wouldn’t be fair to Josh” Jason looked displeased by my answer. “How do you and Josh know each other?” Jason moved from one foot to another, his hand stuffed in his pockets “Since college. We lost touch after but met up again when we bumped into each other at the high school” I nodded for him to continue “He actually caught us together and questioned me. I told him the truth, I felt like I could trust him. All of a sudden he was spending an awful lot of time with you, bringing you up in conversation and asking how we were doing. It didn’t take long for me to realize he had feelings for you” I placed my hands on his chest, I found being near him calmed him down, his hands instantly were placed on my hips. “Then?” I prodded. “I asked him point blank if he had feelings for you, he didn’t even flinch, admitted to it right away. I threatened him , told him you were mine and mine alone. We started to have problems and you seemed to run into his arms every time. I felt like I was losing you to him. I gave Josh the idea about, well, that night and he went for it. We were supposed to share that week with you but I didn’t give him the opportunity. When he found you at the cabin, he got his revenge. He had you to himself for a year before I cut him another deal. Get me out and we’ll all be together”

“But you don’t want that, do you?” I tested the waters.

“Of course not! You’re mine, you belong to me” he pulled me in closer. “It was the only way I wouldn’t lose you to him” I couldn’t help it, I gave him a sympathetic look and placed a small kiss to his lips. “You were my first love, a girl never forgets her first love” Jason smiled against my lips. “Enough of that, there’s more to show you”. Like a light switch, his mood changed. He took me to the room next to his “This is your room. Josh and I argued about who you would be next to” he chuckled. “Clearly you won” I laughed. “Clearly” he wiggled his eyebrows.

My room was amazing. A bookshelf in the corner, a love seat with a deep purple throw draped on the side. The bed was a king and it was draped in a deep purple with silver accents. A television was mounted in the corner and a beautiful vanity sat off to the side. “Oh wow” my jaw hit the floor.

“You like it?” he asked.

“This is amazing, Jason. Thank you” I smiled. “Like I said, only the best for my baby” before I could respond my phone rang and I pulled it from my pocket. “It’s Josh” I informed him, his smiled dropped a fraction. “Hello?”

“Hey Sweetheart, like the new place?”

“It’s amazing” I smiled.

“We’re going to be happy there, I promise you that”

“Yeah” I sighed. It didn’t matter how much they showered me with pretty new things or a stunning view, it didn’t change the fact that moving in with them, or being with them, wasn’t my decision.

“I’m on my way to get you, it’s getting late and your Dad will start to worry” I looked at my watch and nodded “You’re right. I’ll see you soon” we said our goodbye’s and hung up.

“I would have liked more time alone with you” Jason pouted. I shook my head smiling “My Dad would worry” I explained and he nodded in agreement. “Soon enough, you’ll be here every day for me to hold, kiss, love” he kissed the side of my mouth. “Thank you for the week with my Dad, I really do appreciate it” I looked into his hazel eyes. “You’re welcome. Just behave ok?” I nodded. “I will if you and Josh don’t stalk my house” I raised a brow. “You saw us?” he questioned. “Nope, but you just admitted it. Also, my Dad saw Josh’s car out there and wondered why he hadn’t come in yet” Jason nodded “Ok. But then you text me every night, a call would be nicer though”.

“Deal” I smiled.

When Josh arrived, I gave Jason a good night kiss and promises to call before I went to bed. I left with Josh, my hand tucked in his.

The frown on Jason’s lips didn’t go unnoticed.

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