You Belong To Us

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Chapter 8

When I stepped out of class I was greeted by Jason, a large smile on his face and looking just as good as he did earlier. “Hi” I greeted. “What’s wrong?” he pulled me against him by my hips. “I need to stop by Josh’s office” I played with the bottom of his tie. “See him after” he smirked leaning in and capturing my lips. I sunk my fingers in his hair and kissed him back. Pulling away with a smile, I kissed his chin and pulled back a little further “I think I hurt his feelings, I want to apologize if I did” Jason rolled his eyes “Fine,” he sighed and dropped his hands from my hips “I’ll wait for you here” I bit my lip and Jason’s eyes narrowed hungrily at them, “You know what that does to me” he straightened his spine and loomed over me “Down boy” I laughed. With a quick kiss he smirked and tapped my ass. “Go, the faster you go the faster you come back to me” he smiled. “I was thinking about spending the afternoon with him” I bit my lip again, waiting for him to have a temper tantrum. “What? Why?” he furrowed his brow, crossing his arms over his broad chest. “I think he was upset that I spent lunch with you. I think he expected me to see him” I sighed. “Fucking bullshit!” he hissed looking away. His head snapped back to me and I held my breath for what was about to come “So what, he gets you all afternoon when all I had was a couple of hours with you?” I placed my palms on his chest and sighed “Jason, baby, just give me this. We clearly have to work something out” I spoke softly. “Clearly” he clenched his jaw. I ran my fingertips along his jawline, searching his eyes “I’m sorry, I’m trying my best here” he nodded and placed his hands on my hips once again “I know you are. I love you so much, baby” I smiled and pulled him down for a kiss. “I’ll call you when I’m settled at home” with another kiss I watched him get into his Range Rover, wave goodbye and pull out of the parking lot.

I walked towards Josh’s office, keeping my surrounding in check. I didn’t want to make a habit of coming to his office, you never know whose watching. I knocked on the door and heard a muffled come in from the other side. Turning the knob I let myself in, there sat Josh, head bowed down, pen to paper scribbling away. “Hi, babe” I whispered, feeling bad for disturbing him. His head shot up, eyes widening a fraction before he stood abruptly “Hey” he smiled walking toward me. “Don’t let me interrupt you” he shook his head, wrapped his fingers behind my neck and pulled me forward. His lips crashed against mine, causing a small whimper to escape me. The kiss was intense, demanding and urgent. I gasped for air when our lips split for a fraction of a second. His hands roamed my body, the heat building rapidly between us. The moans started to spill from deep within me, I felt my feet move, Josh’s body pushing me gently back until I felt the door pressed against me. With a click the door was locked, I was jerked forward and Josh bent at the knee to cup my thighs and lift me up. My legs wound around his waist, arms around his neck, my things dropped on the floor in a heap. He walked us to his desk, placing me on it gently, pressing his body against me. We both groaned feeling his hardness rub against my core.

“Josh” I tilted my head back, allowing him to kiss, lick and suck the sensitive skin on my neck.

“I want you, I need you” he mumbled between kisses and his teeth grazing along my neck.

My only response was my legs wrapping around his hips and drawing him closer, my fingers tightening its grip on the collar of his shirt.

“I belong to you” I whispered.

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