You Belong To Us

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Chapter 9

“Swear it?” he looked down at me, cupping my face in his large hands. “Yes” my eyes darted between his blue orbs, something was hidden in them, I wasn’t sure what it was. “What’s wrong?” I turn my head to the right and kissed the inside of his palm. “Us” he whispered resting his forehead on mine. “What do you mean?” I pulled away. Josh stepped back, running his fingers through his hair.

“I love you and I know I can trust you,” he turned to look at me, my only response was a nod of agreement. “I want you to myself, like we were before”

I slid off his desk and adjusted my clothing “No Jason?”

“No Jason” he looked at me “That’s bad isn’t it?” he shook his head. He looked as if he was fighting some sort of internal battle.

“What about the agreement you both have?” I tilted my head to the side in curiosity to his answer.

Sighing, he closed his eyes shut. When they fluttered open they looked sad “I know. I just – I don’t know” he walked back around his desk and sat down. “Talk to me, babe” I sat on his lap, my fingertips massaging the back of his neck softly. “It’s harder than I thought it would be, sharing you I mean” he rested his head on my chest, his fingers sneaking under my shirt and rubbing softly against my lower back. “It’s,” I thought about the right word to describe it “different” I chuckled not finding the right way to describe it. “I’ve become open to the idea now, the both of you have made that easy for me. Thank you for being so patient by the way” I kissed the top of his head. He looked up to me and gave me a small smile “You’re welcome, and you’ve been amazing lately, I really see you trying. You have no idea how much that means to me, I was so scared I’d lose you”

“Like I told Jason, we need to work something out between the three of us. I don’t want to neglect either of you, make you feel like I’m favoring one over the other. I never want to hurt either of your feelings” I leaned down and kissed his lips. He closed his eyes and nuzzled into my chest making me laugh airily. “When should we talk?” he asked. “Tonight. I’ll come over later in the evening?” he only nodded for his agreement. “I should get going,” I whispered against the top of his head “I’ll call you later, let you know when I’m coming by” I began to move but he held me down. I smiled and squeezed him tight, lifting his head I showered kisses all over his face. “See you later, babe” I smiled against his lips.

I left with a small smile dancing on my face, it faltered just a touch when I noticed Jason’s Range Rover across the street. I walked toward it slowly, our eyes met when I was across the street waiting for the traffic to thin out and cross. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Thought I could give you a ride home?”

“Really?” I asked sarcastically “How long have you been out here?”

“I turned around before I even hit the end of the block” he sighed in defeat.

“You’re such a nerd” I walked around the front of the car and opened up the passenger door. Sliding in, I tossed my bag in the back and reached for the seat belt. “I love you” he spoke sweetly with a goofy grin. Laughing, I shook my head, leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. He started the car and merged into traffic “Why is your hair all wild?”

“Huh?” I instinctively began to smooth out my hair “No, it’s not” my heart began to beat a little hard and I flushed with heat all over. What would he do if he found out Josh and I fooled around in his office?

“Just seems a little messy from before” his brows dipped in the middle and I could almost hear the accusing wheels turning.

“I have a headache, Josh just gave me a massage” I shrugged.

“Hmm” he hummed accepting my response, or at least that was what I was hoping. Needing to change the subject I parted my lips to speak.

“I’ll be over later tonight, we all need to talk about how this relationship is going to work” he said nothing, but his fingers tightening around the steering wheel spoke volumes. “What is it?” I placed my hand on his thigh.

“I hate putting you in this position, I hate having to share you”

“I don’t know what to say” I had plenty to say but I couldn’t.

“What time are you coming over?” he snuck a quick glance in my direction.

“Eight?” I offered.

He nodded and wrapped his large hand around mine which still lay on top of his thigh. “Will you stay the night?”

“I only have two more days with my dad, then I’m all yours” I smiled.

“Ours” he corrected with a slightly bitter tone. It was quiet for the rest of the ride home. When he pulled up he angled his body towards me, reaching for both my hands he held them gently in his and kissed each fingertip. “Tell me you’re mine. Tell me you belong to me, only me”

“I’m yours, Jason, I belong to you,” I leaned in and gently pressed my lips to his “only you” I whispered.

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