Defining Moment

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Open your eyes. Look around you. What do you see? Something to draw? Something to write down? These things you have just read were once the ordinary surroundings and events of someone's life. Do they not make an interesting history? Think about it – all the defining moments in the lives of these people: Mortimer Cadogan's first step outside of his wealthy life, meeting Flora, the death of his mother and father, the death of Maggie's mother, Maggie's coming to the dark manor, meeting Eustace for the first time, poor Phillip's misdemeanors, Eustace's death, meeting Orion Burns, publishing Eustace's work, marrying and selling the old mansion in town and moving to a spacious country estate, and telling subsequent generations this tale so it could be passed down as a legacy... to me.

Get out a sheet of paper. Write at the top: Defining Moment – Chapter 1One1. Begin a list. And someday, your list will be a history. Who knows but that one of your posterity in going through a dusty attic in a hundred years, one day may discover it? It would certainly be a defining moment in their life.

I hope you enjoyed this book. May the ideas and spirit of Eustace Reid live on.

~ Gene Burns, February, 2013

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