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Finally, after 500 years the truth behind the Shameful Times of the Catholic Church can now be revealed true my Spiritual Psyche Paranormal Dreams. You'll travel in time to a mystical and magic world When he was alone father Dominguez raised his arms in the air, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and hugged the air. What satisfaction he felt – Yes! Isa would pay for loving Gutler and having never even looked at him. Because of her, he had spent sleepless nights, burning with desire for that lovely body. How he wished he could touch that illuminated skin, feel the softness of that black hair, bite those pink lips and those eyes, my God, that blue glow, how they drew him in! He had to use all of his self-control not to stare at them indefinitely and admire the body he so desired. Thinking of Isa fanned the flames of his passion. Dominguez felt his blood boil and strong waves of heat made his belly throb in real torment. When he was near Isa, he feared that others would perceive his excitement. Therefore, he avoided being near her. Oh, that woman - a witch! That was what she was! Besides not paying attention to Dominguez, Isa had the gifts of healing and Prophecy. How could a mere woman have all of these gifts that he wanted for himself? Without question, he was outraged. Now it was his turn. He would have what he desired. Dominguez would make Isa burn at the stake in Cordoba.

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Vera Lúcia Lima
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Gutler had been finally able to free himself from Maria Amalia’s evil spell that had imprisoned him. Having awoken from the long nightmare, Isa’s beloved said goodbye to Shulamith and Ruan. Gutler thanked her for all the love and affection she had shown him during the time he had lived in the camp. He then left the village as quickly as possible and returned to his father’s house, the only thing that he still had on Earth. Gutler remembered the last time his father had visited the gypsy village and realized that it had been a long time since Rodolph had sent any news.

After Gutler left, Shulamith and Ruan asked Maria Amalia and her mother Zaira to gather their belongings. Both were banned from the gypsy camp, but Maria Amalia after all she had seen and heard, wouldn’t give up and joined other evil gypsies hoping to continue to take advantage of the young noble Spaniard.

After traveling for some time, and as he was finally approaching his father’s house, Gutler noticed a crowd outside. He felt his heart tighten, sensing the worst. Rodriguez, his father’s trusted Servant, ran to meet Gutler.

“Sir, you came too late. Unfortunately, your father died yesterday. We are all in mourning,” the servant said. “For the second time, your father had a heart attack. I came to help him in time, but your father was very sad. He asked for you all the time. He told me where you were living and the whole story about the gypsy.”

Gutler could barely hear; his pain was too overwhelming.

“Sorry Sir, but to tell you the truth, your father felt ashamed. He told me with his head down, that after Christopher Columbus, you are one of the most important nobles in Spain and Portugal. You succeeded and returned alive from overseas, but were living in captivity with an evil gypsy. He said it all with great sadness. I remember his exact words, ’My son is a prisoner of gypsy magic and can’t do anything. If I die without seeing him, bury me and go to the camp to give this document to him.’ Then he asked me to leave him alone because he wanted to be alone with his pain. In the morning when I awoke, I ran to see if he was well. I was suspicious, and when I opened the door, he was dead, with tears in his eyes.”

“Why my God?” Gutler was crying. “On the exact day that I am returning home, for the second time, a loved one is dead. But I deserve what I’m going through, because I traded the Heaven of God and Light for the Illusion and Lust of Amalia.”

The young man was crying with all of his pain and embraced his father

in his coffin until Rodriguez took him away.

“Gutler, it’s time to bury your father. His time has come to an end. There is nothing else you can do.”

After a sad farewell, the son kissed and hugged his beloved father for the last time. Gutler and Rodriguez walked together with all the servants to the grave. Rodolph was buried in thickets near the olive groves and wild flowers away from home. In life, he had really enjoyed this special place, where he took refuge to talk to God and pray in his most difficult moments.

After the funeral, Rodriguez got some papers and gave them to Gutler.

“Sir, I give you your father’s Will and this letter, describing all the pain he felt from the day you went to live with Amalia. He also asked me to deliver this key to you, it belongs to the right drawer of his desk.”

Gutler went to his father’s office. It took him back to when he was a boy. To his surprise, when he opened the drawer, he found a small, rustic wooden box on which was written: A gift for Rodriguez. Gutler was amazed at the loyalty and love his father devoted to his servant.

Rodolph thought of everything. He knew he would die. Gutler admired his father, and with tears in his eyes, he opened the box. Inside was a letter that should be opened only after his death and a deed to a property. Rodolph had bought a house for his faithful servant with olive trees around it. Immediately Gutler called Rodriguez and his wife.

Rodriguez was so full of emotion that he could not even feel his legs. He held the letter in his hands and couldn’t open it. His wife Antoinette got his attention.

“Are you just going to stand there like a child? Open the letter! My heart is already in my mouth. Let’s see what Rodolph wants from us.”

Rodriguez then began to read the letter:

Dear Rodriguez,

Thank you so much for your loyalty and love for all of these years that you have worked with me. For some years you, your wife and your beloved children were my only family and my support in sad times.

When I felt, loneliness knock on my door, longing for my son, having to forgive and overcome my wife Sophia’s betrayal - you comforted me. Take this gift as proof of my eternal friendship and love. Thanks for taking care of me when I was so sick. I know that you did everything you could for me as if I were your father. Only a pure and true soul like yours could help me at these times when my son was not by my side. This land does not pay for all of your affection and devotion, but it is the only way I could think of to try to pay you back.

As soon as I returned from the gypsy camp, after everything I had seen, I didn’t think I would survive for long. Shulamith, the kind wise gypsy assured me that she would help my son to come home. I had always hated all the gypsies, but I stopped judging. Rodriguez, the woman had Light in her eyes and was good. Through the hope that she gave me, I waited for my son every day. And you always supported me with your love and friendship in my darkest hours. I remember that one day you told me that your dream was to have a house with olive trees in the backyard. When I had my last heart attack, and Dr. Villalobos prescribed the same medicine, I realized that it would not work. My time was coming to an end, and I no longer wanted to live.

I feel that my daughter-in-law Isa will bring my son home. Unfortunately, it may not be in time for me to see him, because I feel I will not see the gypsy village again. I will wait for Gutler and Isa, for us to meet again one day in Heaven. Now, take your new home with the olive trees that you have dreamed of and be happy, my friend. When Gutler returns from the gypsy village, remember our commitment. Take care of him as you have taken care of me and tell him that I love him very much. In God’s time, I will wait for him in Heaven.


When Rodriguez had finished reading the letter, he wept a great deal. The faithful servant opened the box with the document that attested that he was the owner of the home and land. Rodriguez went to Gutler and hugged him and then his wife. Antoinette was crying and did not stop to thank Gutler, for his father having given them their long-awaited family home. Now she would no longer miss her parents, who lived in Portugal. She hoped she would be able to bring them to their new home.

On the Invisible Path, Rodolph was happy to see his son return home. He knew that only a miracle from Isa could have set him free from the evil chains he had been bound by. Rodolph was at peace. He looked at his lifeless body and thanked God that he was there to live in Another Dimension and a reality that he did not know. God had heard his prayers for Isa, and she had succeeded.

Rodolph walked toward his son, kissed and gave him a long hug and finally said goodbye. At that moment, a large ball of White Light opened and an Angel of Liberation emerged, emitting a beautiful violet light. Rodolph was delighted with the appearance of the miracle and his Angel. The Angel took his hand and spoke.

“Your mission is over because you lead a dignified life and were Loyal to God. It’s time for you to go to your new home in Heaven, in the Dimension

of the Light. You don’t need to watch the end. It is only for those who stay on Earth.”

Rodolph was happy for his new journey and left with his Guardian Angel, enjoying that place filled with peace and happiness that he did not find in his earthly life. It was worth living a decent Christian life and trying to live according to God’s Will.

On Earth, several months had passed since Rodolph’s death, and Gutler had taken refuge in his father’s home. He asked Rodriguez not to let Maria Amalia in if she by any chance came looking for him, which he thought that she would do with other gypsies with evil intentions. The guard dogs were out all day and night too. Rodriguez doubled the Guards for Gutler. There he remembered his beloved wife and father.

On a sunny afternoon, he was walking in the gardens and was struck with awe. He found tulips planted with a plaque that said ’To Isa and Gutler’, forming a beautiful heart in the center of the trees. The young man wept tears of happiness and longing. His father had thought of everything. He knew and had faith that one day Gutler would return to the home and that this present would remind him of his wedding in the Queen’s Gardens.

For a moment, he began to ask: “Why, my God, did this evil force become so strong in me that it made me forget my happy past and neglect my family?” He remained there the rest of the day until Rodriguez called him to review some issues that were left pending by his father. Gutler did not understand that God always arrives on time to liberate each of His children.

Isa’s mother, Carmelita, had sent Gutler his lute and personal family treasures. After the death of his father, Gutler gave the house in Madrigal and all his wealth to Isa’s parents. The two had painful memories of the loss of the greatest Light of their Lives, their daughter.

Three years had passed, and Gutler was no longer the same man. Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand’s attempts to visit him were all in vain. He lived in his father’s house, isolated from other people, except for the employees. The social circles of Castile, Madrid, and Andalusia did not accept Gutler’s reclusion, and everyone talked about the widower. Having been the great adventurer together with Christopher Columbus in the discovery of the New World, he was the target of biting gossip from the Court.

They spread the rumour that Gutler returned from overseas with a mental disorder because his beautiful young wife was not alive. No one knew how she had died and they asked each other why there was no witness to her burial.

Gutler wasstill the most coveted and wealthy nobleman in Spain and Portugal, but nobody knew the price he had paid for being the Political Negotiator of the Catholic King and Queen. He fulfilled his word, and went with Christopher Columbus, leaving his wife Isa. The only happiness Gutler had now was playing his lute and asking for forgiveness from God for his weakness for having fallen into such an evil plot. Pain and sorrow consumed him to the point of not wanting to eat, and consequently not wanting to live. Here on Earth, he had lost all of those he loved, and he had nothing else to make him happy. One day, Rodriguez went into his office and asked him a question.

“Sir, what is going on with you? It’s been so long that your father passed away and you are still not living your life. Why not take a trip to Portugal for a while and get away from this place that is so full of memories of your father and your wife?”

“I appreciate your concern, Rodriguez. The only trip I’d like take is to leave this life and return to the arms of my wife. I should never have left her.”

“If you go on like this, Sir, you will get what you want.”

Rodriguez was a strong Spaniard, cheerful and fun loving. He had enough enthusiasm for life flowing through his veins to infect others. For the first time, he was very sad because he knew that his Master was not well. The Doctor had warned Rodriguez that Gutler had a severe case of pneumonia. Rodolph’s faithful servant did not know what to do. The young man was a good Master and his father, Rodolph, helped bring his wife and four children from Portugal, giving them everything they needed. Rodolph was the father he had never had. He always told Rodriguez, “My son Gutler will return from the gypsy village and if I’m not here to welcome and care for him. Please take care of him for me as you would your own family.”

There was a friendship of complicity and love between Rodolph and Rodriguez. He knew all the Evil and Black Magic that Maria Amalia had used against Gutler. The mansion was guarded day and night, and Rodriguez set up traps so that the gypsy could not get in. Maria Amalia tried everything. She sent gypsies to get money and take advantage of the young man.

Amalia knew he was ill and had become a recluse. Everyone watched him, and he only went out when he was escorted by Rodriguez to resolve family business.

Autumn arrived in Spain. The stars sparkled and glittered in the dark blue sky. Gutler liked to play his lute every evening as he enjoyed the beauty of the sky and stars. That day, he was much weaker than usual. He began to cough very hard, and blood came from his throat.

Rodriguez and his wife, Antoinette, were desperate and did not know what to do about Gutler’s deplorable situation. The servants put him in his bed and went to find Dr. Villalobos, who had taken care of him for a long time. Gutler could not resist the blood his lungs expelled and gave in, like an eagle that flies to Heaven. He went to the Invisible Path and was spiritually out of his body. Suddenly he heard a sweet, soft voice and there was a familiar smell of jasmine and roses. A luminous ball of pink light came down from Heaven, and his beloved Isa materialized before him, extending her hand.

“Gutler, my beloved, you came back to me.”

The two embraced with great intensity, soul mates finally united in one heart. After a long time of suffering on Earth, Gutler wept tears of happiness. His greatest wish had come true, he had crossed over and returned to the Heart of God and his one true love.

Gutler and Isa were bathed in the Pure White Light of God, surrounded by golden rays. The Guardian of the Light of Divine Love opened the Portal for the young couple.

They traveled into the Dimension of the Highest Spheres, where only those chosen by God are Blessed enough to enter. Gutler flew with Isa in Heaven, thanking God for the opportunity of Forgiveness. Gutler was incredibly happy.

“Lord, make my heart Isa’s heart.” She replied with the same love.

“Make your heart my heart. Gutler. You are Forgiven.”

From Heaven, the sweet sublime Melody of Love and Forgiveness could be heard. Isa knew that even though he had been pardoned, he would have to return to Earth in God’s Time for a Mission. She promised The Creator that she would be next to Gutler, working and teaching him. She would show him how to do God’s Will and to respect other people’s Karma without interfering.

The two soul mates were happy for that moment they had waited for so long and to be alone with The Creator. The Blue Light of the Morning Star surrounded Gutler and Isa, allowing them to enjoy all that had been taken from them.

Isa and Gutler lived in the Spirit of the Morning Star of Venus an Ethereal Life of Light, Ecstasy, Love and Happiness until they received their call to return to Earth again.

God’s Will is always done.

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