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Nathan Browning

Nathan’s POV

I know I shouldn’t have been complaining about my life. I mean I had a pretty nice life; even considering the fact that we moved from my old home. Unlike some people I still had both of my parents. Which was a really good thing considering some people have lost their parents before or after birth. It’s a sad thing that happens to a lot of people in this world, but I’ve had the luxury of keeping both of mine.

After moving to this small town of Nightingale, two years ago, my parents bought a large, and lavish house deep in the woody parts of the town. They’re the type of people to show off what they make. Alongside their original work, both of my parents found other jobs that pay high quality money. My father became a lawyer, and my mother a nurse. She ended up quitting a year after to become a full time housewife, and live off of the money my father made. Which was a lot of money considering he was a sort of gang leader. The kind that was wanted dead. Not alive or dead, just dead.

He was extremely dangerous back before I was even born. Even when he met my mom.

My father’s not all that civilized as some people may think. Hell, he’s not even a civilian. The whole point of getting himself a ‘mundane’ job was to get the government off his case; especially since they were getting close to busting it wide open. Behind the curtains my pops could get extremely scary, which is how he was making so much money. Back when he met my mom he decided to tone down the gang banging and decided to just become the head of one major gang affiliation. Ultimately making him the pack leader of several different packs. Big or small. My mom would always joke and say that dad tone down his gang banging to protect her, but that was quite hard to believe.

Not saying that I don’t believe he loves my mother, it’s just hard to believe that is why he would stop making all the money he does for her. I bet you can guess who was trained to be hardcore as soon as they popped out of the womb. Yep, yours truly was raised to be an Alpha leader like my dad. He trained me in combat, homicide, and money making all from a young age.

As I grew my mother and father became more and more overbearing and protective. Upon noticing that my childlike features weren’t going anywhere; my mother decided that I was to cute to be apart of her and my father’s house of bandits. Even though it didn’t matter to me in whatever way.

But since I was the only child, that never grow in their eyes, my parents practically splurged on me. They bought me any and everything that I could ever want. From the phone of my choice to the house the I live in without them. It’s a pretty neat thing to always have your need and wants taken cared of, but there is always a downside to stuff like that. For me, it has to be the hovering and pampering.

When I say hovering I mean hovering. Asking a thousand questions a day, background checking everyone I talk to and down right trying to spoon feed me; Aka mom. All this because of a few missed genes that bypassed me all together. It didn’t help that they found out I was gay. They weren’t pissed off or angry like some parents are, but they did become more over the top with their over protection.

Because of these innocent features I have, mostly my round face in general, everyone always felt the need to take care of me. Which is why I had to establish some dominance. I broke off from the gang my dad put me in and made my own. Being an alpha male helped a lot with getting my team to behave. Even then they thought I was to childlike; not understanding that I was stronger than the lot of them combined.

So when my parents said they were moving to this small, little town I gladly accepted the invitation. I decided to move back in with the two also, even though they are never at home, and I chose to go to the nearby school, just to see what kind of people I’m dealing with.

So far no one at the school, or in the town seemed to be of any danger, so I started to relax a bit. I started to go back to my regular workout schedule and eating regimen. I even started to develop this kind of fascination with one of the boys at the school.

Yes, a boy. Even though I had plenty of girls I could fool around with, make them happy, then break their heart, I had a somewhat crush on the boy.

A bad boy from what he looked to be. His name was Grey, Grey Anderson I believe.

Everyday I would see him waltz into class with those tight fitted black,or dark skinny jeans, and those skin tight muscle shirts. I just couldn’t help but be interested in him. He was this big silent dark knight. One that was just drifting in the wind and expelled high honors. He was like the strong silent type.

Even though I was more of a dominating person myself, I couldn’t help but be pulled in by Grey’s aura.

“Hey Nate?”

I turned around at the voice. It belonged to, none other then my best friend, Sora. The two of us have known each other for over five years. So when I told her that I was leaving my old home and moving to Nightingale she hopped on board with me; throwing her old life in the wind.

When we got here we both decided to attend the same school. Feeling as though it would have been pointless not to since we both came together. Though Sora did want to change her name, being the only one that actually wants to leave the past where it was.

She took on the alias, Sutton. Not a very flashy name but also not as bad as the ones I would hear around the school. She even changed her personality around; going for the ‘dumb blonde’ act even though she was a lively, and very intelligent, brunette.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked as I turned around towards her.

Sora started to babble on and on about this new guy she’s been dating, Todd. He was a class A asshole, if not that. With a terrible personality. Personally I didn’t like the guy at all. Every time I would lay eyes upon him his face would be set into a menacing scowl. Like the expression was etched onto his face by God himself when he was born.

That’s not what made me weary of him though, It was the way he would treat my closest friend. I knew that Sora could handle herself, but the mere fact that he would intentionally be rude and disrespectful towards her was unforgivable. Especially around me. Sora and I got into lots of fights over the subject.

Me yelling my displeasure of the coupling, and her screaming she could take care of herself. I just couldn’t stand by and watch, but I had to trust Sora on this one. It was her life and I shouldn’t tell her how to live it. Not after what we had just left.

Even so, if he ever laid a finger on her I would kill him myself. With no hesitation. At all. Sora knew this. With that I stopped fussing at her about it, and she started to try and get him in shape.

“Nathan are you listening to me?”

I turned my full attention back to ‘Sutton’. Getting lost in my thoughts had became a habit of mine. I couldn’t help it sometimes. I would just tune out the living world, suppressing the lives around me from my mind.

I needed to stop this madness before it starts to consume a vital part of my life.

“I am now.” I replied with one of my ‘sorry I wasn’t listening but I will do better’ smiles. Sora rolled her eyes and went on to repeat what she had first said.

“I said that I think your little crush is checking you out.” my eyes lifted to the back of the class, and sitting in the far corner, as always, was Grey.

He was indeed looking my way, but checking me out? I couldn’t really tell for sure. By the way he tried to play off his staring like he was just casually looking around the class was anything to go by, I would say he might have been. I looked back over to my blonde, brunette friend.

“I don’t know Sutt,” I said using a nickname for the girl.

“What do you mean ‘you don’t know’? I could feel his gaze without even having to look back at ’em.” she said incredulously.

“I meant exactly what I said, how do you know for sure he was checking me out. What was he checking out? My ass isn’t fat, plus he wouldn’t even be able to see it, with me sitting down and all.”

“That’s not what I mean dumb-ass.” Sutton huffed in annoyance, deciding to give up on dealing with my craziness for the day.

Soon the teacher was passing out textbooks, and I turned back around in my seat. I low-key liked this class. Though I never really liked school, or the thought of going to one, it was kind of fun to socialize with people around your age that didn’t want to either kill you, rob you, or be protected by you. Plus It was kind of fun to square off against the one girl in class that thought she was the smartest person in the world.

After awhile of reading through ‘The Dangerous Game’, answering questions, and filling out worksheets, class was over. The bell that marked the end of first period rung throughout the school. Most of all the kids in my class jumped up instantly, ready to either go to their next class or skip. Sutton and I just took our time. I could see that Grey wasn’t in a rush to get to his next class either.

“So Nate what are you doing after school today?”

“I don’t know, why?” I glanced at Sutton as we walked down the hallway that was bustling with teens and teachers left and right. I looked around to spot Grey heading in the opposite direction of the two of us.

I couldn’t help but notice the growing scowl on his face as a brunette boy, in a Letterman jacket moved into pace beside him. I didn’t know how close the two were but I didn’t like the noticeable tension coming off of Grey in waves.

“Calm down, calm down. Your man’s a big boy he can get to class by himself.”

I rolled my eyes at Sutton’s teasing; letting my eyes drift back to the chaotic beehive in front of me. “He’s not my ’man’s’.” I said putting emphasis on ‘not’ and ‘man’.

Sutton just shrugged her shoulder and laughed like there was something funny going on. She didn’t stop with her laughing fit until we made it to our next class. Calculus. One of the most boring subject out there.

I didn’t even try to suppress the annoyed feeling I was getting from just walking into the classroom.

‘Time to get this over with.’ I thought.

Finally it was time for fourth period. In other words time to draw. Art was my fourth period class. Arguably the second most wonderful class of the day. My first would always be science. Which was third period.

It was also the only other class that Grey and I had together. When I walked in he was where he would always be; in the back of the classroom at a secluded six man table. Not that anybody didn’t want to, Grey made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want anyone to seat beside or near him. That was all during the first week of class.

It made me wonder a little about why he would want to be alone in such a small easy going class. With this thought in mind I decided that I was going to finally speak to him. When the teacher gave us free time, I pushed my chair out and walked over to him. Making my way over to the table, I noticed Grey had his sketchbook laid out and was already drawing. The teen didn’t move a single muscle as I sat next to him. He didn’t even acknowledge my presence at the table. I gave a small tap to his shoulder, which he shrugged off.

So I tried again. I wasn’t about to be moved easily.

Finally Grey lifted up his head to look at me. He looked partially confused at me, like he was just now noticing I was beside him.

“Hi.” I gave a short wave towards the boy, who’s looks took on a bored expression.

I didn’t particularly like the look he was giving me. It did things to the more dominant part of my being. Making me feel as though he was looking down on my status, but he didn’t know that side of me, so I left it be for the time being. Maybe the look was just a defense mechanism anyway. I still wouldn’t let it stray me from my mission though.

The black haired boy turned back to his sketchbook, not giving me any reply from my greeting. The only indication I had that let me know he even heard me was that he turned around.

‘You wanna go the hard way I see,’ I thought to myself. I thought to formally introduce myself, hoping I would get a response out of him before my patience left me.

“Hey, I’m Nathan,” I say trying to sound as nice as possible, “You’re Grey right?”

After ignoring me for a good few seconds, he shrugs and turns back towards me.

“Why are you talking to me,” he asks lowly, “don’t you have anyone else to talk to?”

I shook my head no. Even though I knew most people in this classroom, and could have talked to just about anyone. I wanted to talk to him, and this was finally my chance to. It could have went without the attitude, but you can’t ask for it all.

“I saw you over here alone.” I said with a small smile. Grey rolled his eyes and scoffed. I didn’t let it get to me. “Someone as cute as you shouldn’t be over here alone.”

I managed to keep a straight face on as Grey sputtered over his words and looked away with a blush. I inwardly laughed knowing a small complement could get him this blush-y.

“Whatever,” Grey replied softly, still looking away, “will you just let me draw?”

“Sure,” a chirped up gleefully. I walked over to my desk and grab my sketchbook then made my way back over to Mr. Emo. When I sat back down I decided that I wanted to draw him. He had looked so calm while he drew. His face looked to be softer and much sweeter as he gotten lost in his art work again.

As I started off with a light pencil sketch I planned my next attack to get this relationship to move forward.

“Can I have your number?” I suddenly asked without thinking. I even startled myself with that question. He took my sketchbook and started to write in the corner of the page.

That was until he looked at the actual drawing on the page. He looked up to me then back at the page. Even though it was a light pencil sketch I knew he knew who was in the drawing.

“Your drawing me? Why?”

“Because, like I said earlier, you’re really cute,” I stated bluntly, “you just don’t know.” I shook my head as I went back to all the times I thought about Grey. To when Grey was the only thing I could stand looking at. He was the only person at the school who’s attitude didn’t piss me off. That was saying something when everyone practically pissed my off.

When the raven haired boy didn’t say anything I decide to leave. I didn’t want to pressure him into saying something when he was uncomfortable.

“Just get back to me when you’re ready.” I moved to leave but Grey stopped me.

“Stay, it’s okay,” he said with a small hint of a blush, “It’s a nice drawing anyway,” he said shyly.

I was kind of thrown back at his shy demeanor. He didn’t seem like a shy person at all. “You can have it when I’m done,” I say with a smile while sitting back down slowly.

I put his number in my phone sending him a quick message so he could have mine. “I-I have a question,” Grey said with a blush.


“Did you...did you really mean it? That you liked me?” he asked softly.

Even though he turned his head I could still see the blush he was sporting. I couldn’t help but laugh at the display.

“Of course I do,” I responded, “you should come over my house after school today,” I say happily thinking that I might have a chance to make him mine.

But Grey denied softly. “Sorry, I have total care over my mom, she’s sick at the moment,” he told me.

“Well, can I come to your house?” I ask, I’m wasn’t going to give up that easy. Sick mom or not.


It’s a plan. I was going to Grey’s house after school today. ‘Man, I can’t wait.’

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