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Mother Dearest

I could barely contain my excitement as the rest of the day passed by. After Nathan and I made plans to hang out at my house after school, we agreed the meet by the front gates. I was jittery that I almost bumped into a couple walking past me. I was already walking towards the front gate. This was going to be my first time bringing someone home after a few years. I wasn’t going to screw this up.

The more steps I took to the from of the school, the more anxious I became. I could feel every cell, every never in my body stand up at attention. Even my alternate side of me was starting to come out. I couldn’t let that happen though. To suddenly, in the middle of the sidewalk break out in childlike manner wasn’t good for me.

It wouldn’t be good for anybody. The thing was, I was a little. When alone I lived in the world of daddy dominates and submissive’s. It’s a secret that I’ve been living with for so long I didn’t know if it was still a secret or not. Hopefully, I was able to hid it well with the fact that my mom and I were by ourselves, and she doesn’t deserve a son like me.

My mom was a single mother; even though my father was still alive, and she was currently sick. I’ve had to take care of her for a while, because she couldn’t care for herself. She hasn’t worked since she first gotten sick. I had to stay big for my mother. I went to work sometimes when I was called in. the pay was really good, and on top of that my mother still got a disability check every month. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to help us live the way we did.

The only other person that knew I was a little, and into the whole DDLG lifestyle, was my ex. I thought he was going to be the one. That I could finally open up to someone. I was wrong though and I was so glad that I was able to move out of that relationship before things escalated; in a bad way.

After that, I never told anyone about me being a little. It was a little embarrassing to think about sometimes. Like, why did I want to go around and act like a child when I’m four months from being eighteen? Why did I like sleeping with fluffy blankets and teddy bears? Why couldn’t I just be a normal person born with a normal life? What would Nathan think if he found out?

That seemed to stop my racing excitement. I couldn’t help but wonder if Nathan would even still like me if he knew what I was. If he knew how I acted when alone. I couldn’t risk the chances and proceeded to force myself back into a normal teenager mentality.

It was going to be the only way Nathan didn’t find out about me.

When I turned around I seen Prady waving at me, while walked out of the school yard as if he was on a mission. I didn’t wave back, knowing that the boy was up to something. Something that I didn’t feel like dealing with at the moment. I was a little taken back though, since Prady was never one to just wave at me with a, clearly, fake grin plastered across his face.

I turned my attention back to the front of the school’s opening. I didn’t have the time or patience to deal with him or his antics. I had more pressing matters at hand anyway, and it was making sure Nathan didn’t find out I was a little. Friends didn’t have to know everything about each other anyways...right?

Being a little definitely wasn’t my only secret, but it was the only one that mattered in a time like this. One of the more pressing one’s, though, was that I loved to wear women’s underwear. Not only this was weird for a boy like me to do; the ones I wore were made specifically for women. I don’t think I would ever tell Nathan that though.

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if Nathan would like them. I mean they were silk pressed, sheer black panties. I don’t think anybody wouldn’t like them. They were soft for one, and a way better fit then the boxers I wore.

I shook my head to clear the oncoming thoughts out of my head. I shouldn’t have been thinking that way. Especially not about Nathan; we just started talking today. Plus I didn’t even know if he was into that kind of thing; and I had to take care of my mom. There was no time for thinking about how nice a pair of panties felt against my ass.

When I finally made it to the front of the school, I got a glimpse of Nathan. His back was facing me, but I could still tell it was him. Mostly because of the girl he was talking to. I was the same girl from our first period class. She also had another class with the platinum blonde.

My pace slowed a little as I continued to walk towards them. I didn’t want to impose on their conversation, but I did want to hang out with Nathan today. As I drew closer the girls eyes fluttered my way. She then said something softly to Nathan; which I couldn’t hear, then walked away with a little skip in her step.

Nathan’s POV

I turned around after Sutton left to go do god-knows-what with Todd, and she was right. I saw Grey walking up to me in a cool manner; his eyes darting to the pavement underneath his feet ever so often, before looking back up. I just could help but imagine him surrounded by little stuffed animal and toys.

His nervousness made him seem like the type to eat dino nuggets, Macaroni and cheese; all while wearing a cute onesie. I also wondered if he liked wearing pretty underwear. Waist hugging briefs or even sassy looking bikinis. He would look as adorable as he did in my head. It would be so nice to take care of him in those ways. Even if he said he have to take care of his mother he could still be a little. My little.

That would be great for me, considering i’m a daddy dominate. My parents knew about me being a daddy dom. They have for a few years. I told them right after I came out as being gay, and they took it well. A little more than the whole “being gay” part, but they didn’t flip out for either of them. The only other person that knew, outside of my parents, was Sutton.

She was a little too accepting of the fact. She practically dragged me to every nightclub she could to help me find a little. It succeeded a few times, but each time they said I was either to baby looking or to over protective to stay with me. I never understood the second point since I tried to give them the space they wanted and needed, but it seemed like it wasn’t enough.

Even my parents would sometimes say I was too young to be a daddy dom, and that I should grow up just a little bit more, but I wanted want I wanted and they never complained that much.

After one nasty break-up though, they started to baby me even more. His name was Tyler, he was a beta in a allied pack. The relationship was great, he didn’t think I was over the top, or to demanding. He went along with everything just fine. At least that’s what I thought. What broke us up was the fact that his pack was conspiring against the clan. The clan my dad rules.

I went out with a couple guys after that, but none seemed to really catch my eye. That was until I moved and saw Grey for the first time. Ever since my first day in one of his classes I couldn’t help but feel like he should be mine. And not in the typical, “that’s my mate what a godsend”, but more of a “I believe things could really work out.”

I still couldn’t pinpoint if he was a little or not because he’s fairly quiet at school. He also had this bad boy air to him. Maybe that was one of the reasons why I felt like Grey was a little. I could have just been imagining it, but I would find out if my assumptions were true or not.

Grey’s POV

“Hey Nathan,” I say as I walked up to the the silver haired boy.

“Hey Grey, ready to leave?” he asked. Nathan starts to walk towards the car parking lot. I think I forgot to tell him that I walk to school in the mornings.

“Hey, I walk to school in the mornings,” I say to the teen, “we could just walk to my house. It’s only a block down the street from here.” I say as I move to leave the school grounds. I had a car but like I’ve said earlier, what’s the point in wasting gas driving to and from school every morning.

“Well that’s fine with me, show the way,” he gestures to the exit. Then he realize that I was already ahead of him and runs to catch up to me. “Wow your fast,” he huffs.

“Sorry I thought you were already behind me,” my cheeks heated up in embarrassment.

“It’s cool, so how was your day?” Nathan asks me as we started to walk down the sidewalk. I told him a little bit about my day, which wasn’t much. But I couldn’t help but notice the occasional glances that he threw my way.

And as he started to ask more questions the more his voice took on a more demanding and strict tone. I couldn’t help but let a little of little me slip out. Nevertheless, we continue to talk about things that we liked or enjoyed.

Come to find out, both of us liked the band My Chemical Romance, and that he was in love with the color green. I tell him that I like the color pink and blue and to my surprise he didn’t joke about it. I could also notice how Nathan had switched sides with me without me knowing. So now he was the one on the outside of the sidewalk and I was on the inside. It gave me a sense of security even though it could have been an innocent switch.

We walk more and more down the street, finally getting to my house after about ten minutes. My house wasn’t that big, but it also wasn’t that small. It was a normal, modern middle eastern house that was two stories and had a built in garage. I took my house key from out of my pocket and unlocked the door.

“Mom, I’m home,” I yell as I walk through the dimly lit living room, “I brought a friend too.” I couldn’t help but to blush at the friend part. I’m wasn’t so used to saying stuff like that.

“Hey honey,” I hear my mom greet from her upstairs bedroom. I politely excuse myself, leaving Nathan in the living room, and jogged up the stairs to see my mom.

“Hey mom,” I say again, but a little more breathless, “did you hear what I said?” I asked her as I made it to her room.

“How was your day,” My mom ask probably ignoring every single word I said. “What happened at school?”

“School was the same, mom, I drew in art and read in English,” I was about to finish off my sentence until I seen the expecting look in my mother’s eyes. “I didn’t really do anything in math, the teacher wasn’t here. And history was the same as every day, boring.”

“Anything else?”

“Well there is a teenage boy downstairs in the living room I was trying to tell you about.” I said a bit sarcastically. My mom just beamed at me.

“Oh, is there now?” she ask as she started to sit up. I moved over to help her a little before she pushed me away. “Tell him to come up, I want to meet him.”

After trying, and failing, to help my mom sit up right I ran downstairs to find Nathan.

Maxine’s POV

I could hear my baby running down the stairs to get his friend. It was so relieving that my baby has made another friend. I’m glad that he hasn’t given up on looking for more people to talk to. Ever since that day a few years I have heard Grey talk about making new friends or hanging out with anybody. He do say a few things about the people at his job, but since it’s a call in they don’t really see each other very often. I just hope that this new friend isn’t trying to use him in anyway, shape, form, or fashion. My son is all I have left.

After my husband left, Grey made it his job to take care of me. Even at the ripe old age of four. He used to stay up with me all night just to see if there was anything I needed. Which I would I didn’t; only to get him to sleep.

On the weekends I had to make him spend some time to himself. He would never leave the house unless I forced him to. I loved my son for being so caring and helpful, but I know that he’s wasted half of his childhood growing up to care for me. And no matter what way I looked at it, I knew that it was all my fault.

I believe that is half the reason he became a little. It saddens me at how hard he try to hide it from me.

I soon heard a knock at my bedroom door. I look over and see a very handsome young man standing there. A nice crisp white button down, and a pair of fashionable jeans on. He had silvery blonde hair, and a baby face. He is fairly tall about 6’ 2 or 6’ 3. I little taller than my Grey, who stood at 5’ 6. I give a sweet smile and beckoned him into the room.

‘He doesn’t looked scared of me at all, worried maybe but not scared,’

“Hello dear, I’m Maxine,” I announced softly, “who might you be.”

The boy smiled with a kindness that I haven’t seen many places. “Hello Mrs. Anderson, my name is Nathan. I’m in a few of your son’s classes.” he held out his hand to shake, which I took kindly. There wasn’t that many nice kids in this world, and if he was kind like this always, I wouldn’t mind having him around for a while.

“How did you meet my son,” I ask after we left go of each other hands.

“Grey and I have Art and English together,” he says proudly. I couldn’t help but notice the dominant manner of his voice. He held his head up like he was a needed presence in a room. It was uncommon feeling the kind of air he gave off in a teen his age. From what I could see I felt like it was fine to assume that he was, at least, a little bit of a dom.

“What are your intentions with my Grey.” I asked bluntly. If he was a Dominate then he would have noticed things about Grey that I noticed a few years ago.

He gave me a confused look, probably being thrown off by the bluntness of the question before quickly answering. “I do like your son ma’am, but I understand that he do have responsibilities so I wouldn’t mind just being friends with him.” he said after a moment of collecting his thoughts.

I was impressed by him answer. He was nothing like that other boy that claimed to have real feelings for my son. Nathan was more mature about everything, and even considered to put his feelings aside for a friendship.

He looked genuine with his answer. “Do you know about my son.” I asked after a moment of thought.

“Know what ma’am?” I smiled. Nathan knew something about my son but probably wasn’t sure enough to give an answer. Which meant he probably found out on his own.

“My son is a little.” I said with a smile, yet his face was unwavering as I spoke. “Sadly, he tries so hard to hide it from his momma,” I sigh sadly, “I can sense that your a dominant?”

“Actually, yes I am. I’m a daddy dominate.” he answered.

“I had a feeling that Grey was a little, but he didn’t say anything about; which is understandable, so I didn’t know for sure.” the boy explains.

I smiled again. This boy was very observant from just a few classes. I wouldn’t mind if my Grey was to go out with him. I want Grey to be happy about his little nature since it was mostly my fault he had to grow up so fast anyway.

“Do you hold any genuine interest in my son,” I asked, “besides for a little?”

“Yes ma’am, I do. He’s smart, very cute, and I can tell that he craves attention from a dom or a caregiver. I want to be that caregiver; with your permission to take him out on a date,” the silver haired boy asked me with a wild look of question behind his brown eyes.

I looked at him and nodded, “you may take my son out, but if he gets hurt just know I can get out of this bed,” I warned.

“Yes ma’am.”

“And call me Maxine, ‘ma’am’ makes me sound old,” I joke, Nathan smiled he came over to give me a surprise hug.

“Thank you Maxine.” he whispers into the hug. ‘Maybe this will help them both.’

Nathan gets up from the hug and leave the room with a small goodbye.

I was in the middle of putting pre-made dinner sandwiches in the fridge when I spotted Nathan walking into the kitchen. Nathan was so cute, but he seemed kind of scary. Not in a bad way but like a good way. Like when we were walking to my house he made me feel little. It was scary in a good way.

“Hey.” I wave while I put the ingredients for the sandwiches back in the fridge. Nathan greets back and sits at one of the island chairs at the counter of the kitchen.

“Grey, mind if we talk after you’re done,” he ask while he watched me clean off the counters. He helped move some stuff around so I could wipe it better.

“Sure, we can go to my room as soon as I’m done with this.” I couldn’t help but avoid his looks while I cleaned the kitchen. He was looking at me like I was the most fascinating thing in the world; that cleaning a counter was so intriguing.

When i finished cleaning off the counters, I beckoned Nathan up to my bedroom so we could talk. I hoped my mom didn’t say anything embarrassing to him. As soon as I walked into my room I planted face first on my bed. My room was fairly clean, if you didn’t count the hamper of clothes that needed to be taken to the wash.

I had decorated my room a slight pink and blue setting. The walls were painted a dark navy blue color I liked. I also had gotten some pink curtains that looked red when the sun was out. I had a small desk and table that I pushed to one corner of the room; along with a few pink and blue bean bags. I had my stuffie in one of the bean bags, but a book was covering her up. Yes my stuffies was a girl. Her name was Blueberry.

I also had a flat screen television sitting in the middle of one wall opposite my bed, which I decorated with dark blue sheets and blankets. Nathan sat down beside me on the bed. So I rolled over as to not be in his way, and to not be rude as we spoke. I decided to cross my legs, because It made me feel better then having them dangle off the side of the bed.

“So your mom is really sweet.” he started. Seemed like he was trying to warm me up to some type of news.

“You like her?” I ask. I was surprised nonetheless, because my mom could be quite rude and mean sometimes. But when Nathan nodded his head yes, I could only guess what type of conversation they had.

Nathan started to babble on and on about a few of the things he liked my mom, to which I tuned out. I already knew my mom; so I didn’t need anybody else telling me why she was perfect. That was until he grabbed my hand, and brought me back to the land of the living.

“Uh...” I blinked at our entwined fingers. I could feel the start of a blush rise to my cheeks.

“Grey, do you know what DDLG is?” he ask me. I shock my head yes, knowing good and well that I was a little. This conversation was going to be one heck of a ride if we were about to start talking about kinks.

Even when bringing up the subject I tried my best to seem passive about it. I didn’t want Nathan thinking that since I was into DDLG I was weird or whatever. Not until the conversation was over at least.

“You know,” he pauses then looks up at me, “I’m a daddy dom, and your mother happened to mention that you are a little.” My eyes widened at the information. Like first: when did my mom find out I was a little, and second: WHY DID SHE TELL NATHAN?

“Am I correct?” I nod my head again knowing that lying was futile because my mother already told him.

I just wanted to cry in that moment, knowing that my mom knew about me but didn’t come to me. Instead she told my crush on the first day he visits.

‘Your totally missing the point to where he said he is a daddy dominant,’ I can feel my little self try and clog my brain up with pointless knowledge. But I couldn’t switch until Nathan left. I wanted to process what was about the happen without being five times the emotional wreck.

“You know what I said earlier in class is true.” he said bring me back up to look at him.

“I like you Grey, and I don’t want to ever do, or say, anything that would make you uncomfortable.” he starts to rub the back of my hand with his soft thumb. I guess to help me calm down, and couldn’t lie and say it wasn’t.

“I would like to take you out on a date Friday; If you would have me.” he said clearly throwing me off guard. My mouth opened and closed as I struggled to get the words ’fuck yeah’ to come out, but my brain to mouth function wasn’t working in that moment.

Apparently Nathan took my lack of speech for apprehension and went on to saying “I want to get to know you better is all. We don’t have to call it a date if it makes you feel better.”

I stared at Nathan like he was popping ten different drugs, because no one has ever asked me out on a date to just I stare at Nathan like he was on ten different kinds of drugs, because no one has ever asked me for the sake of “getting to know me”. Not after learning I was a little at least. Most people would just try to jump into a dominating role; thinking that they could treat a sub anyway that they liked because of our vulnerability. They would completely overlook the rules and facts of entering into a new type of lifestyle. So I couldn’t help it when tears started to pour out of my eyes.

I could feel Nathan wrap his arms around me while I cried my eyes out. My little self was finally breaking through to the light with all the information I had just gotten. Nathan pulled me into his chest and hummed as I cried my eyes out. When I tears stopped l pulled away from him to see the the two, giant, wet eye spots on his button down.

“Sowwy,” I mumbled out while trying to wipe my cheeks dry.

“It’s okay Grey darling, I didn’t mean to upset you.” Nathan started to wipe the tears off of my face while I tried to control them from falling again.

Nathan moves off of the bed, but I don’t want him to go. So I grab onto him hoping he stays.

“It’s okay Grey, I’m just going to the bathroom to grab a face towel” he say, but I didn’t let go of him; I wanted him to stay with me, or to just go with him.

Nathan picks me up and walks over to the bathroom connected to my room. He sits me down on the toilet seat and wipe my face clean with a wet rag. I felt so much better now that Nathan is caring for me so I jump into his arms.

“Aw, is baby Grey happy,” Nathan chuckles when I nod my head, “that’s good.” Nathan tickles me little bit and it makes me giggle.

Nathan takes us back to the bed and lay us down. I cuddle up to his side, because...why not. He talked about stuff that was so boring. Like school and work and other stuff that was boring. I close my eyes; feeling a little sleepy after all the crying, but I tried to stay woke because I didn’t want Nathan to leave.

“It’s okay baby.” Nathan said while pulling a blanket over my shoulders. “I’m gonna be here when you wake up.” with a smile; I snuggle closer to the silver haired teen.

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