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First Date

Grey’s POV

Today was the day.

The All Mighty, Holy day.

The day to rival all days.

Technically, today was just Friday. The best day of the week. Not only was it the last school day until the following Monday, it was also the most precious Friday of them all. Why was this particular Friday so special, you may ask? Well it’s simple. Let’s just say that today was the very day that me, Grey Anderson, may or may not have being going on a date with the one and only, Nathan Browning.

Which I was, by the way, and this is what made this particular Friday rival all past Fridays.

The night before he left we had made plans to go see a movie. At first Nathan wanted to do something big and super special, like go to this restaurant that was about an hour away, but I quickly shut that down. I didn’t feel it was necessary to be all dolled up to go eat fun sized meals. After a back and forth argument, and a little coaxing, Nathan managed to get me to agree to a movie date at a newly built plaza instead.

Ever since that fateful night I’ve been bouncing around the house every chance I got. Which is what I was doing in that moment. My excitement could rival the tens of thousands of K-Pop fans finally getting the tickets for the best seats in the house, to see their idol. Yes, I was really excited.

In my opinion, I shouldn’t have been this excited for a date. I mean, come on, It was just a silly date. Just a silly date with like the cutest boy in school, though. Which made it ten times scarier than anything I’ve ever done.

When I was finally able to calm down I exited my room to see what my mom was up to in hers. If there was anything she needed I wanted to be able to get it for her before it became to late in the day. I walked in to her up and about; fixing up her window curtains. On her good days i would usually see her walking around her room, tidying up the things she couldn’t do the previous day. Sometimes the things she did didn’t even need fixing up, but her hands itched to do something, and right now they were pushing and pulling at a set of curtains that didn’t need fixing.

The sunset colored curtains were closed before. already letting in a gorgeous yellow orange glow as sun shone right on them. On some days, when the sun was just at the peak of rising, barely even fitting into the sky, the glow in my moms room would take on a uniquely soft, yet warm peachy color making the room feel like a warm noon on the beach.

I walked over to the second set of curtains to help my mom out. I didn’t know how long she’s been up fixing the same three curtains, but I still felt the need to help her out just a bit. Even if she didn’t need it.

“Hey, Momma.”

My mom looked over towards me. Giving me the biggest once over a person could ever think of receiving. Like full head bobbing up and down, eyeing me from head to toe as I sat there slinking back from her gaze.

“Hey honey, why aren’t you dressed?” momma asked while touching her chest as if I offended her. She quickly pulled the curtain from my hand and moved them back to the window seal. “You should’ve been ready by now.” she scolded

“Ready for what?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

I didn’t tell my mom about the date I was going on with Nathan, and it wasn’t because I didn’t want her to know. It was only because I could never find the right time to bring up the plane I made with him to her. Everytime I tried something would always happen. She would either get sick, or something goes wrong with her medicine. I didn’t want her to worry about me when she was the one in pain.

From what the doctors told me my mom had a unique form of Diabetes. So unique that the medicine provided for other Diabetes patients didn’t work for her and she had to take something completely different. Though the doctors explained it wasn’t too life threatening, the disorder still caused a great deal of trouble for us. What her doctor told us was that her Kidneys would stop working for long periods of time, giving her symptoms that of Kidney failure, and Diabetes. At first I thought it was weird that it was just periods of times, and not all the time, but then other people online claimed to had the same problem so I stopped questioning it. Until it came up again and none of the treatments seemed to work on her anymore.

My mom told me to stop worrying about it, but who was I to not worry about something? This was my mother we were talking about; all I could do was worry.

“You know darling,” she smiles at me and pinches my cheek, “your date with that cute Nathan kid.”

My cheeks flushed at my moms statement. The fact that she said Nathan was cute, like I didn’t already know that, was just awkward.

“Ye-eah.” I fumbled out quietly.

“Then get out of here and go get dressed.” she said while pushing me back towards the door. “Don’t come back until you’re fully dressed.”

I turned around to my mom slamming her door in my face. I was put out by my own mother. My own mom, wow. Since going back into her room wasn’t an option I just decided to bite the bullet and go get ready. I didn’t even know what I was going to wear yet anyway. I had three outfits picked out, but I couldn’t choose between two of them.

The first one had a baby blue tee that I felt matched my eyes. A pair of white skinny jeans with a matching white jean vest. I also pulled out a pair of black and white vans. Nothing to flashy, but still stylish. The second outfit I had out was white tee with a V neck collar. There was a gray palm tree designed to the front. I matched a pair of khaki shorts with it and my Wheat Timberlands with it. This outfit was a more designer outfit. Last, but not least, the third, and finally, outfit I had picked out was my typical all black outfit. The shirt was an all black, cropped like top that came in a set with a pair of dark denim, high waisted jeans. I paired a pair of black Timberlands with it.

The only part of the outfit that wasn’t black was my watch. It was a small white watch that my mom had bought me for my birthday a few years ago. It had a button on the side that when you pressed it it would turn the color of the watch; using LED lights that were built inside.

With a sigh I tossed the watch on the bed and readied myself to take a shower. I didn’t know why but taking a shower or a bath always seemed to help me with clearing my head, and making decisions. When I fixed my bath water, I would always make it a cross between hot and warm. I know it’s kind of weird, but it calms down the tension in my body.

I felt more relaxed after I took my shower. It was ten minutes of pure bliss as I washed myself clean. The only problem is that I couldn’t find my towel. Since I didn’t see it in the bathroom I figured I must have left it in my room. Dripping water everywhere; I walk out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. I stop short when seeing my mom looking through my clothes, pulling out outfits that I wouldn’t normally wear.


My mom smiled up at me then pulled a shirt out of the closet into view. It was a lime green shirt that had a teddy bear design on the front. I remembered getting this shirt a couple months ago for my birthday, but I’ve only worn it once, and that was to walk around the house. The shirt was definitely cute, but it really wasn’t my style. Plus I refused to wear such a childish shirt to a first date.

“No, mom no.”

My mom’s smile dropped into a pout, before she turned to laugh. I was confused for a minute, until I realized I didn’t have a towel on, and was dripping water everywhere. I groaned and picked up a towel that was draped across my bed post, and wrapped it around my waist.

“Hey momma, what outfit should I wear,” I asked after securing the towel around my waist. The shower provided no answer to my question, and since my mom was here anyway I might as well use her thoughts.

My mom picked up the first outfit; with the baby blue tee and vest that matched the skinny jeans and the vans.I grab the bundle of clothing, knowing that this was going to be the outfit all along, and ran back into the bathroom. With a quick change, and a new hairstyle I was out of the bathroom in less than twenty minutes. I turned around in front of my mom to see what she thought.

In my opinion the outfit was perfect. I liked the way it fit to my frame. I had muscles, but since I wasn’t bulky the blue and white made me look almost soft.

“What do you think?” I asked; doing another turn.

“I love it baby,” my mom smiles then gave me a big hug, “plus that eye candy of yours is downstairs. I’m pretty sure he would like it too.”

I pulled away from my mom and stared at her like she grew another head, because WHAT? I know she didn’t just say Nathan was downstairs. As in the love of my eyes were sitting in my living room. I rushed over to the door; grabbing my striped jacket hoodie in the process, and practically jumped down my flight of steps.

When I made it to the bottom, I could see Nathan leaning against the wall scrolling through social media on his phone. He was dressed up in a plaid red button up and skinny black jean. The outfit hugged his frame, accenting the muscle he had built up in his body. The sight was to drool for, if it wasn’t for the glance Nathan gave me before turning his full attention to me.

I was able to see the rectangular, black rimmed glasses; with studs on them that closely matched the studs he had going up the sides of his combat boots. His clothes looked so good on him to the point I was starting to get jealous.

“Hi.” I fumbled out meekly.

“Hey, Grey.” Nathan said as he moved in to give me a hug. “You look really good.”

Of course, like most normal people, I melted into the hug, and beamed at the compliment. Hey, it’s Nathan, Nathan Browning. I had to melt into his hug and beam at his praise. I pulled away from the hug when I heard a camera phone click from behind us. I turned around to see my mom holding up her phone with no shame, and total adoration. I rolled my eyes at her motherness.

“Mom…” I whined, and all she did was smile at me and Nathan.

“Get out and go have fun,” she responded a few moment later, “and no funny business. I want my son to be able to walk tomorrow.” My eyes widened. She was not about to do what I was think she was about to do, was she?

“MOM!” I shrieked while I tried my best to hind behind Nathan in embarrassment.

“Of course miss Maxine. I’ll be as gentle as possible with him.” he smirked back to her.

I had to endure another five minutes of hidden (word lookup) before I was able to escape with Nathan in tow. I pouted up at Nathan, and he just laughed as we both climbed into his truck.

Nathan had suggested we ride in his car since he where to go, but I didn’t really put up much of a fuss about it anyway. The ride was longer then I had expected, though Nathan did a good job at distracting me by asking all kinds of question and telling funny stories. Some of the questions was about little Grey. which I felt conscious about answering.

It was soon over when we pulled into a large shopping center plus mall. Everything was so bold and bright, I couldn’t even pick one spot that seemed to catch my eye the most. On the outside of the different, interconnected, buildings were larger illuminated store names, giving off the certain color theme of that given store. A few did catch my eye as we walked past. One being called ‘Stuffie City’ lit up in a bright rainbow colors. Another one was called ‘Little-Big PlayHouse’ which looked to be an indoor playground, seating area for subs and Doms to come to.

“What’s this place?” I asked Nathan while I clung to him so I wouldn’t bump into random people walking around.

“It’s a mall for subs and Doms.” He replied with a sexy smirk.

My brows furrowed at the answer. I had never heard of a mall built for mainly subs and Doms before. At first I just thought he was being funny, with how he said it, but the thought flew out the window as soon as we stepped foot into the building.

“Wow.” by just looking around I could feel myself regressing into my more carefree side as I thought of all the things I could see here, but with the thought of Nathan having to drag an over excited, little me around I quickly tried to cover it up.

We walked around for a bit; navigating our way through the maze of people as we tried to find the movie theater. We soon found it behind a pair of double doors to keep the intense light from bleeding in.

Nathan told me to go look at the movie choices while he went to go pay for our tickets and the popcorn. I looked only to see mostly children movies playing. Other live action movies were playing, but they were mostly movies even someone who lived without a television would have seen. With another look around the movie Moana caught my eye. I was surprised to see it since i thought the movie would have been taken out of the ‘Now Playing’ list.

“See anything you like?” Nathan asked as he walked up behind me.

“Umm,” I pointed to the Moana picture before quickly looking away. I knew that Nathan knew I was a little, but it was still embarrassing to be around him as a little.

“Nice pick, I haven’t seen that one.” Nathan stated while grabbing my hand to go find the room it was playing in.

After the movie Nathan led me to the Little Cafe, which was just really a food court for subs that were into pet play and ddlg. Everything was decorated in a baby blue and light pink color. Giving the food court and safe feeling for the regressed subs eating there. Even I was starting to slip from the comforting feeling I was receiving as we walked around to find something to snack on.

“Anything you want, Grey?” Nathan asked as he walked further in front of me, but I had stopped when my eyes landed on a peppermint themed ice cream stand.

When Nathan turned around after realizing I wasn’t behind he, I gave him my best pleading eyes I could muster.

“What is it bud?”

I pointed over to the stand in hopes that Nathan understood what I was trying to say without saying it. I couldn’t trust my voice in fear that he would realized I slipped.

“You want an ice cream little one?” he asked with an amused smile. I nodded quickly with an impending blush then grabbed his hand to drag him over to the stand.

When we made it to the red and white striped ice cream stand, I could see two of the workers already there waiting for an incoming customer. They were both dressed in a white mini skirt, with a red tee and a striped cap that held their ponytails back; one blonde and one with bark brown hair with pink tips. The blonde haired girl was taller than the other girl who had a dark brown hair color, and arms clenched around a tan teddy bear. They both also had on red and white, mismatched gloves.

“Hello sir, what would you like?” the blonde girl asked Nathan as she gestured to the menu above her head. I pouted because she didn’t even acknowledge me there beside him.

Nathan looked up at the menu as I crossed my arms and pouted even more. I didn’t like the she ignored me. So I turned my attention from her and over to the bear. It was a very nice bear. There wasn’t anything really significant about it, but it looked like there was something special about it.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the brunette held it so close, like if she let go for just a second it would disappear.

“His name is peppermint.” the girl said in a hushed whisper. I smiled at her and waved, to which she automatically beamed at.

“Do you have something in mind, Princey.” I turned when I heard the name pass from Nathan’s lips. I didn’t even have time to blush as I instantly beamed up at him.

“Ice shake?” I asked hopefully.

“One milkshake coming right up.” The blonde girl said while she handed Nathan his waffle cone with strawberry ice cream.

“Darla, hand me a cup please.”

“Yes miss.”

After I got my milkshake, with an added cherry, Nathan took me over to the stuffie maker store to get me a new stuffie. I had gotten a red and white striped bunny with a blue bow. After paying for it we finally left the mall and made our way back home.

Since my mom was already fast asleep in bed, Nathan tucked me in after put on my pj’s.

“C-can you, um...do you wanna stay the night?” I babbled out; fumbling over my words as I thought of the less straightforward way of asking him to spend the night with me.

“If my little prince wants me too.” I cooed making me blush.

“O-okay.” I rolled over in bed so that Natha would have some room to lay down.

After we had gotten situated in my bed I instantly fell asleep after a long day of school and and long night of fun.

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