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Lazy Day

Grey’s POV

I had awoken to the most delightful smell of cinnamon pancakes, and bacon. My two favorite foods. I was so excited to think my mom had woken up early to make me pancakes that I whipped my head around to wake up Nathan, and tell him, but he wasn't there. I became scared when I didn't see him. He had left without waking me. I knew he didn't promise to stay all morning, but I thought he would at least woken me up before he left.

I rolled over to the other side of the bed. I could still smell the pine scent, which followed him everywhere.

I rolled to the other side of the bed and walked to the bathroom to freshen up before I went downstairs to see what my mom was up to. After brushing my teeth, using the bathroom, and washing my face I started to walk downstairs. It was then that I realized that I was still clutching onto my stuffed bunny that Nathan bought me the night before.

I contemplated on whether I should go put it back on my bed or risk my mom seeing it. I decided to just take it to breakfast with me since my mother already knew about my regression, I might as well be my full, little, self around her.

When I got downstairs I saw my mother on the couch with a plate of cinnamon pancakes with blueberries. when we got blueberries I don't know. She also had a fairly big cup of orange juice. Figure’s, it’s her favorite drink in the world. When she sees me on the steps looking at her she beckons me over with a few hand gestures.

“Hey mom,” I greet as I walk towards her and sit on the couch next to her.

“Hey baby, how was your night?” she asked as she ate another piece of her pancake.

“It was nice,” I sighed, remembering Nathan wasn’t with me when I woke up, “Nathan is an awesome mom.”

My mom beamed at me. “You know he’s in the kitchen right,” she said with a smile.

“What,” I whisper yelled, “I thought he was gone. I didn’t see him when I woke up.”

My mom laughed at me, while I gave her a ‘really’ look. “Sweetie, he woke up early this morning to see if I needed anything, then he asked me what you like for breakfast and wanted to make something for you,” she stopped to eat another piece of pancake, “he did a really good job at that.”

“Mom,” I said embarrassed. After listening to my mom talk about Nathan running to the store this morning, and home to grab some things I walked into the kitchen.

As soon as I see Nathan little me just popped out like there was no tomorrow. I slowly walked up to him with Honey in my arms. Nathan turned to me with a big grin.

“Hey little Prince, you hungry,” he asked me softly. I nodded my head yes and blushed. I liked the name ‘Prince’. It makes me sound important, and royal.

“I see you have Honey with you,” Daddy said as he went to go fix my plate, “is he hungry?”

I looked at Honey to see what he said, and he said that he wasn’t hungry. “Honey said he is full from carrots,” I giggle as I motion to be picked up.

Daddy picked me and Honey up in his arms and waited for my pancake to cook. I place my head in the crook of his neck as he rocked me around the kitchen.

“Here Princey, can you sit at the table for daddy while I fix your pancakes,” Daddy asked in third person. I nodded yes as I was sitting at the kitchen table. The seat was on the other side of the island.

“Thanks baby,” Daddy gives me a kiss on the forehead before walking back into the kitchen and fixing my plate.

I played with Honey as I waited for my food, and I noticed that my mother was no longer on the couch. ‘She must have gone upstairs for the time being.’

Daddy came back with two plates of food, one for him and one for me. My food was cut into small triangular shapes, and the blueberries were put to the side so I didn’t eat them too fast, and possibly choke. I smiled at Daddy and began to eat.

The pancakes were so good. They had the right amount of everything in them which made them so delicious. I moaned a little causing Daddy laugh, which made my face heat up.

Later after breakfast Daddy and I decided to cuddle up in my room and watch movies. He let me pick out all the movies I wanted to watch. So we were able to watch Cars, Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, and Lion King.

During the movie marathon Daddy gave me my pacifier and my other stuffie, since Honey wanted to take a nap, and he played in my hair. Everything was nice, but also kind of ironic.

Nathan was the Daddy dom type, but he had much more of a baby face. Like he could be the little. And me on, the other hand, I had a harder appearance. I wasn't as soft, and adorable like Nathan. Though I was a softy.

I had a more pronounced build, because of my workout schedule. Nathan also had a very muscular build, but he was thinner. One thing, though, is that he was extremely taller than me. I was very short compared to Nathan.

But we liked each other just the way we were. So it didn't really matter how we looked. I still wanted to be his baby, and him my daddy. That's what I liked about us.

I just hoped that we were able to last. especially since what happened in my last relationship.

By the time the last movie finished the time was rounding around to dinner. And boy was I hungry. Even though I had a sandwich somewhere in between 101 Dalmatians, and Cars 2.

Since I was too lazy to actually want to go back downstairs to eat; Nathan went so I could lay in bed. When he came back, about thirty minutes later, he was holding a small bowl of macaroni and cheese, with broccoli, and a cup of juice.

I instantly sat up, and reached for the, but Nathan softly slapped my hand away. I pout as Nathan laughed while climbing into bed behind me.

"Its hot, baby." he said, "I don't need you burning those pretty little hands of yours."

I laughed, but otherwise let the silver haired teen feed me.

After dinner Nathan took the plates back to the kitchen, and checked on my mom for me. Which was extremely nice considering he didn’t have to do that.

When he came back I turned on a random television show, and talked a little.

"Daddy," I asked softly.

I hid my face in the crook of his neck as the other boy tried to look at me.

"Yes, baby?" he laughed

"Dah...do you like me like me." I asked.

Nathan tried to push up from me, but I held him close.

"My last daddy didn't like me like me, and that made me said because I liked him...I think. But now I like you like you, but what if-" I was cut off by a small kiss.

I looked up to see Nathan smiling down, softly at me.

"Princey, of course I like you." Nathan said. "I really like you, and I'm not that other guy. No loving daddy would even not like someone as pretty as you."

I could feel my face heating up. No doubt turning my naturally pink face red. I grabbed on the Nathan. Giving him the biggest hug I could.

Nathan laughed as he hugged me back, saying how everything was going to be okay. We eventually went back to watching the show, but I never let Nathan go.

And Nathan didn't seem to mind.

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