Mother Mary

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Chapter 11

Cleaning: I have:

1.Two bills from Leeanne (March and April) for a total of $140.

2. You received a check for $100 with the paychecks for the beginning of April, supposedly to pay for cleaning.

That’s $240 for cleaning over two months. Where is the money going? I am not paying Leeanne’s bills.You can pay them out of your cash.I already paid for cleaning for the month.

Phone Bill: $164 for March on the personal line.That’s more than I pay for three lines at the office combined.If I see another bill over $50, I am having the phone line cancelled.You can make your calls from a phone booth.

Credit Card Charges: I have charges from the health food stores ($45, $16, $44, $15), the A&P, Kavulich ($30), LL Bean ($101), Kmart ($55 & $111), Wal-Mart ($53 & $83).This is the kind of buying behavior that is getting us deeper in the hole.Unless you can guarantee me that you will not abuse the card again, I’m canceling it.

An $1126 credit card bill, $164 for one phone, and $240 for “cleaning”, along with the calls you make to friends and relatives – this is not normal behavior, Mary. What makes you do these things?

I am putting in a call to Ron to schedule our next appointment.

The Journals

Spiritual Peace


I want a 1. dog –

2. bike –

3. car –

4. real estate license

5. good bed and shoes that fit

I cry w/ the pain & the

futility of it all and

Sunday is a day of rest

paper and bushes + music

pack if want

rest Tasin’ room

make stew

I love you Lonnie

but it’s over

until you look @

your disease –

I won’t be a

victim anymore

I will do it my

way & the Lord’s.


Fear of being alone!

a terrible thing –

I will survive and

really need a lot of

sleep & less food

must set alarm

next time & drive

myself. tired of someone with me

Need a dog


5am – 20 mg Hydrocortisone

? 10 mg

2. 2 low dose aspirin

6:30 am

3. 6:30 loose bowels

3 pills (herbs)



4. Ice pak

+ super food

LET GO! Sat.

Congrats – you’re married to an alcoholic

*Call ROD 555-2121

*SAT. – FA








TO: Ron

FR: Lonnie

RE: 44 Blackberry Way

The items on the for-sale list described as “wall hangings” consist of several sailing ships, a seaside scene in several pieces, and a diorama of two sea captains/ketch/sea/seabirds.

These are all items either given to me as gifts, purchased by me, or created by me from craft materials.

Mary had several pictures and a “Titanic” lifesaver from the pool room. Why they are hers is unclear to me but unimportant.


TO: C--- Z ----

FR: Lonnie

Re: Mary’s Credit Card Expenses

I have cancelled this card. This is the next to last bill we will see.

I note $816 charges from the QVC, Victoria Secret, and other phone shopping sources.

I also note $470 in charges from health food stores.

Please deduct a quarter of the $816 from each of the next four paychecks for Mary. This is in addition to the second deduction for phones.

I expect that, with the next phone bill, the bill will be in excess of $150. I will want half of that deducted from the two checks following receipt of that bill.


1. I, PFC L. Kahner, hereby voluntarily request discharge in lieu of

trial by court-martial under AR 635-200, chapter 10. I understand that I may request

discharge in lieu of trial by court-martial because of the following charges which have

been levelled against me under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, one of which or a

combination of which authorizes the imposition of a bad conduct or dishonorable

discharge: Article 128 x 4

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