Mother Mary

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Chapter 12

2. I am making this request of my own free will and have not been subjected to any

coercion whatsoever by any person. I have been advised of the implications that are

attached to it. By submitting this request for discharge, I acknowledge that I understand

the elements of the offenses charged and am guilty of one or more of the charges against

me or of a lesser included offense therein contained which also authorize the imposition

of a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge. Moreover, I hereby state that under no

circumstances do I desire further rehabilitation, for I have no desire to perform further

military service.

3. Prior to completing this form, I have been afforded the opportunity to consult with

appointed counsel for consultation. I have consulted with counsel for consultation who

has fully advised me of the nature of my rights under the Uniform Code of Military

Justice, the elements of the offenses with which I am charged, any relevant lesser

included offenses thereto, and the facts which must be established by competent evidence

beyond a reasonable doubt to sustain a finding of guilty; the possible defenses which

appear to be available at this time; and the maximum permissible punishment if found

guilty. Although he has furnished me legal advice, this decision is my own.

4. I understand that, if my request for discharge is accepted, I may be discharged under

conditions other than honorable. Although I understand that I may receive an other than honorable conditions discharge, I respectfully request that I receive a

General Discharge: I have been advised and understand the possible effects of an Other Than Honorable Discharge (including but not limited to reduction to the lowest

pay grade (Private E-1) by operation of law) and that, as a result of the issuance of

such a discharge, I will be deprived of many or all Army benefits, that I may be ineligible

for many or all benefits administered by the Veterans Administration, and that I may be

deprived of my rights and benefits as a veteran under both Federal and State law, as

indicated on a copy of DA Poster 635-1, which was provided me). I also understand that

I may expect to encounter substantial prejudice in civilian life because of an Other

Than Honorable Discharge. I further understand that there is neither automatic upgrading

nor review by any Government agency of a less than honorable discharge and that I must

apply to the Army Discharge Review Board or the Army Board of Corrections of

Mlitary Records if I wish review my discharge. I realize that the act of consideration

by either board does not imply that my discharge will be upgraded.

5. I have been advised that I may submit statements I desire in my own behalf, which

will accompany my request for discharge. Statements in my own behalf are submitted

with this request.

6. I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of this request for discharge, with enclosures.

Mary Alice

… because lonnie went and got someone

we’re moving out of this neighborhood my mother says there’s too much going on around herelike those black boys down at the park that daywe’re movingwe’re going across the river to new jerseywe have enough for a housei can’t take this city anymoreit’s gone all to hell

because i just pull the blankets up around my neck and i’ll be okay i tell her because the moon can’t light the night forever and eventually the pursuer will be waiting to run across the wooden floors to her bed where he lays on top of her and she can’t breathe and he snickers and moans and gasps for air and she yells for help but she can’t breathe so without air there are no words and without words there is no help and with no help you are alone

we’re not moving my father says this won’t happen againwe don’t have to get hysterical

you heard her my mother says they’re following her everywhereon the trains

and the trains rumble over head while the air comes up from the empty steam benenath the empty city i am

to school all over the playground my mother sayswe have to get out of here

but i don’t want to move i want to stay here stillthey’ll be in the bushes over there too and in my aunt regina’s attic on the other side of the river in new jersey i saw a ghost when we visited her one christmasshe told me to go upstairs to get the garland for the tree and it was wavering in the far corner in front of a dirty pane of glass glowing in the dark they’ll follow me there toothey lean over you and steal your breaththey bite your neck and you bleed

but she’ll be okay doctor my father asks and leaves his hand on my shoulder

she lost a lot of blood the doctor stranger says but that’s just a matter of time before she gets her strength backand then she should be finejust a lot of bed resta lot of fluids and as much food as she can eata shock like this takes time to healsometimes a lifetime the doctor says and he moves out of the light just take her home and make sure she stays in bed

on my side of the room

and rests all she can no more playgrounds for a while

never again my mother says and holds the cross in her hand tight kissing her knuckles never again

and then my mother moves out of the light and there is only my father leaning over me i open my eyes and look at him

can you see me mary alice

i can

can you hear me mary alice

i do

everything will be fine my father tells me we’re going to take you home so you can rest up okay and then everything will be better okay


are you okay mary alice he asks me are you okay

i am there is no more paini can feel no painnothingthe blood is dry or goneand my clothes are clean nowi am on a solid table beneath a light i am waiting for my father to take me homei am staring into a perfect white light hanging from the stranger’s ceiling i am going home so things will be better where i am still and quiet as a church mousei am against the muscles of his chest as he carries me off the table to go home

i am …


To Whom It May Concern:

I was baptised a Roman Catholic in St. Barnabas Parish Church, 419 E. 241st Street, Bronx, NY on the 13th of August, 1945.

I have not participated in a Roman Catholic ritual in over twenty years, and I have not subscribed to the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church for even longer.

Due to recent philosophical, personal and metaphysical realizations, I am obligated not to submit to the “Congregation For The Doctrine Of Faith”. I am writing to renounce my Catholicism.

I am no longer a Roman Catholic for the following reasons:
* I have seen no conclusive proof that God or any such being exists.

* I believe that consensual sex between adults does not need to happen within the boundaries of marriage.

* I believe that consensual sex is ultimately for pleasure and that procreation is not the ultimate goal of consensual sex.

* I believe a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion.

* I believe that statutory divorce is necessary where marital relationships break down.

* I do not believe in the concept of original sin or of the need for it to be washed away by baptism.

* I do not believe in the concept of sin or the need to confess and be absolved of it.

* I do not believe that Pope John Paul II or any Pope is infallible.

* I do not believe that any individual, object or place is any more sacred than any other.

* I do not believe in Immaculate Conception or any Virgin Birth myths more than any others.

Therefore, I expel all of the blessings and rites conferred on me by the Roman Catholic Church into oblivion, including my baptism, communion and confirmation.

I ask that my name be removed from the records of the Roman Catholic Church.

Please respond in the affirmative.

Archdiocese of New York

1011 First Street

Floor: 15

New York, NY 10022

Dear L ---:

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