Mother Mary

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Chapter 22

okay maire but we have to be more careful remember what happened last timei can’t believe lonnie believed you

come here

we give him glory as we give you into his arms in everlasting peace, to be prepared to return into the denser reality of god the father, creator of all amen amenamen

one says is that it fatherare you all done

the father says yes that’s allnothing to confessit’s on her eternal soul nowi hope she can at least rest in peacelord knows she couldn’t live in peace

one says yeah i see thatit’s written all over her body

she used to be queen of the may when i knew her as a girl everyone loved mary alice

you can tell one says and then he says thanks again for coming father i’ll see you in church on sunday

beep beep beep

click click click

beep beep beep

one says the priest just took her last confession did the last ritesthat’s pretty much it

the other one says what do you wanna put down for the cause of death

let’s spare everyone the trouble and just put it down as pneumonia

okay pneumonia it is


i am

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