Mother Mary

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Chapter 4


Drag me there Leeanne.

Took a ride to town at nite

got $$ -- apples – NY Timesyeah –

today will be great.It will be done.

8 am Antibiotics

10 am PB8

11am Ultram

12 Hydrocortisone

1 antibiotics

2 Ultram (spread out)

3 PB8/Hydrocortisone

4:15 Perry

5 Supper (salmon & veggies)

6 – Hydrocortisone

8 Antibiotics

10 PB8

Day One – 33rd anniversary

I feel very sad today. Went out to do errands & bought myself a rose.The adrenals are acting up so much because I cry so much.Started the day sobbing.L got up – went out and that’s that.Alcoholics are tough.I wish he would address his problem but hold little hope.He can be so self-centered & comes and goes & it sucks.I’m really angry (at Mom for brining it up and I have no family on the weekends.The nice weather is coming and weekends are for family time.Better get back to real estate soon.) Eileen always asks about L – just what I thought – nosy or empathetic?If I can get through this I can do real estate.I refuse to continue dwelling on this, this is a tough day and L really sucks – he’ll come home in time to drink & that’s it.How can someone be so uncaring.No one can understand his attitude or Liam’s and that’s that.

People not to call ---

Father Bill – was awful

Liz Revere

Elena says to call the Pope!!

Judgmental crap is crap!!

My adrenals are awful today – all I do is spasm. I may not be available Sunday – that’s that.

I’m really pissed at Fr. Bill – what an awful thing to say! What a judgmental S.O.B. !!!I really hate when someone talks to me like that – Mom too – be quiet with Helen – be quiet !!!

L is an alcoholic & he’s in denial – about so many things. Staring with his mom’s death.That’s his problem – not mine.

I had a wonderful dinner tonite & enjoyed putting it on his credit.

Should I go to party with my immune system.

Abandonment is L’s middle name.

Day Two

L still comes and goes & I refuse to be sad. He pals with Liam – the guy thing & I hate it.“Is she out?” “NO”

Wish Liam would move out – they are both nice to me when the other is not around. L got so fat I can’t believe it this is a crazy way to live.

Day Three

We talked about the financial part of separation and there is a lot he doesn’t get – like how I won’t move and maybe would even get a lawyer if he tries to force me. I’mdoing mediation because it’s less expensive but don’t try to push me around.I don’t care about Keough and retirement but he’s all about money.Maybe when he’s alone he will finally grieve.He finally admitted his impotence and it will be interesting to see what his P & A tests come out toIf I get –

3150$75 massage

630 chiropractor

90070 shrink


450+ food

1150 give $1,000

150 for savings

I will not give up the house yet – but maybe in six mos.

This is a very weird time. We talk & laugh more than ever and he just wants out.

I’m hot and angry.

Whenever we talk about separation I get pissed. He just doesn’t get the “for better or for worse for sickness and in health” I resent that he’s causing a major upsetment between Candida, menopause & emotions, it’s a wonder I sleep.

Day Four

I am hot and angry again! Liam is a sarcastic snot and I’m very tired of his attitude.So moody, I find it hard to believe. I didn’t have the business appraised so I won’t move.The market is changing already.What happened to “if things work out” you’ll still have the house and we won’t have to buy everything again.

I’m through with manipulation. I didn’t drink too much water.

Stress! & hormone imbalance. It nearly killed me an

Liam has really made things very stressful. I don’t worry about him anymore – but he has lots of problems.

The Police Report

Town of Algonquin Falls Police Department

Case Report








At 17:90 hrs. I responded to Blackberry Way for a complaint of trouble with the neighbors. Upon arrival I spoke with ------ --------- who stated her neighbor -------- from across the street came over her house and stated that -------- exposed himself when he was at her house for a visit.--------- said that about a week ago her and her husband were sitting on their front porch when they observed----------- on her front porch .--------stated that ----------- was a friendly woman who had invited them, along with any other of the neighbors to come and use the indoor pool any time.------------ stated to his wife (after confirming with ------) that he was going to go over and use the pool.-------- said her husband left and went swimming.Her husband returned later without incident. Until her conversation with--------, she states this is the first she heard about it.

Interview with (Mary)

------ said that ---- did come over and used the pool. She states that she was in the pool room most of the time with ----- because (he) liked conversation.She stated that she had no problems when she was in the pool (approx. 20 minutes) ------ then walked from the pool to the Jacuzzi (located in master bedroom). She said---- then removed his swimming trunks and got in the Jacuzzi with his underwear.She said it was at this time the conversation became sexual, talking about sex and other things.Shortly afterwards,---------got out of the Jacuzzi with his underwear partially off and stated “do you like what you see?”He also stated “don’t worry I have done this before” meaning cheating on his wife.------ stated that it was time for him to leave. As he was leaving he kissed her and grabbed her breasts.----- stated the next morning she left and stayed with a friend because she was so upset.---- states that she does not----- arrested but would like it on record at this time.

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