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30 Acts of Kindness

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Day 1

The next morning Blake awoke to the sound of his phone alarm going off. Sitting up slowly he rubbed his eyes before opening his bedroom door heading towards his bathroom. Pausing for a moment as he stepped on the wooden floor hearing it creak from the pressure. Letting out a sigh he awaited as he assumed his mother heard but got no response. A sense of dread befell him as his legs grew shaky and his heart began beating quickly.

“Mom?” Blake called down as he began walking down the steps of the stair case towards the couch she enjoyed sleeping on. Pausing for a moment before looking into the living room he held his breath. Peeking around he saw her asleep on the couch, the obvious rise and fall of her blanket was apparent she was till breathing. Blake released his breath as he felt sick to his stomach. He hated this sensation yet he denied what was happening before him. ‘This was but a sickness and she will get better as she always had’, Blake thought as he held back tears making his way to the bathroom to begin the day.

Blake still felt exhausted and absent minded that morning as he quietly got dressed and walked around the kitchen to pack his bad with an apple and strudel for a breakfast on the go. Taking a moment to look at the calendar he noticed aunt Clair would be visiting today while he was at school. Biting into the apple he flipped the new month over on the calendar as he stared at day 1 of November. Suddenly his phone dinged obviously from the group chat messaging system.

785312 : first day of challenges I made my neighbor some apple pie hope he likes it !

785492: Great job! I just finished fixing my daughters bike she is so pleased it brought a smile to my face!

Ezekiel: Keep up the good work. Be sure to complete your acts of kindness before midnight tonight

Blake shook his head and put his phone in his coat pocket before rubbing the back of his head in thought. He was not sure how he would begin this event or what would be considered a true act of kindness over a random act of kindness. Eyeing his mother he felt making her breakfast would suffice however waking her would deprive her of some much needed sleep. Biting the inside of his cheek he decided to make a pot of coffee and keep it on warm so she had something nice to wake up to.

After fidgeting with the coffee pot for a few moments he heard the soft water drip as the pot slowly began to fill. The smell was not entirely strong but still had the aroma a barista would applaud for. Setting his back pack over his shoulder he made his way outside as he closed the front door softly as to not wake his mother. Looking at his phone he had a few extra minutes left as he tapped his fingers before walking down to the street. Today there were a few less leaves on the trees but the tunnel of orange and red were still visible. As if a transfixing portal to a world far from here. Looking to his left he noticed an elderly lady waiting on a busy street hoping to walk across should the need arise. Smiling oddly he knew this was a god send and an opportunity to complete a true act of kindness. Walking up to the senior lady he noticed her brown coat hung on her small body like a large blanket. Her curlers of various colors were still in her hair as she held a cane and a purse in either hand.

“Good morning granny, want me to help you walk across the street?” Blake asked as he looked at her warmly, waving as he approached her side. She looked at him with a menacing scowl as if angered by his words. Blake offered his arm as if an escort to a dance but met a purse bag to the face.

“Granny?! I am a young lady you best remember that!” The old woman barked as Blake held his face from the meager slap from the woman’s purse. He cocked his head to the side as he hobbled across the busy street. His eyes grew wide as a car stopped suddenly and laid into their horn. Angrily the old woman swatted the bumper of that car with her purse and began cursing obscenity to the driver who in turn stopped the horn and sat there patiently for the woman to cross the street. Once she crossed Blake took notice as she made her way into the deli across the street. Shaking his head Blake continued the rest of his way to school wondering how such a day even began.

“Hey Blake.” A familiar girls voice called off as if the sound of jogging was heard. Blake turned around and saw Raven in her PE uniform with his black hair done in a bun.

“Oh, hey PE huh?” Blake eyeing her up and down glad he wasn’t in her satiation. The thought of doing PE this early in the morning sounded dreadful.

“Yeah then afterschool I will be trying out for the track team.” She responded as she did a high leg jog as if warming up. “Anyway see you!” She finished before jogging down the street. Blake nodded in response and finished the rest of his walk to school.

Upon entering the school grounds, he looked back as he normally did as if to reminiscent on the tree he walked under. Shrugging he made his way to the home room hoping he would divert from another fight if he could not help it. It was busy for a day at school a lot of students were running around decorating the place with thanksgiving decorations as they hastily brought down the Halloween pleasantries. He held his breath as he entered the home room and was slightly relived that Kenny had not shown up yet. Only a handful of kids were present who appeared busy with finishing some late minute homework before period one started. Taking a seat, he looked out towards the maple trees once more. But instead of letting his mind drift he began thinking of his next act of kindness. That old woman obviously was not in the mood that morning and making a cup of coffee for his mother was something very minor. Shrugging he pulled out his phone and wrote in the group chat.

Blake: made my mom some coffee this morning tried to help an old lady across the street did not go over well.

437892: aww how sweet too bad about the lady maybe she was having a bad day?

Blake did not respond as other meaningless side conversations sprouted up about making an animal balloon for cancer patient kids. Rolling his eyes he put his phone away as the home room teacher walked in and a few other students as well.

“Alright class please take your seats and let’s go over some quick business.” He began as he eyed Blake for a moment before continuing.” The fall dance will be in two weeks the fourteenth of November. We need volunteers to help set up decorations and a committee to help run this event.” The teacher began as he held up a sign in sheet. “I know being a junior in high school means you have other important things to attend to but helping out here will greatly benefit the school so please consider.” The teacher added as he pinned the sign in sheet to a cork board with other random papers of information.

Blake eyes the paper as the Teacher began with the morning rituals like every other zero period class did. Attendance and event coordination along with mentoring and a few stale jokes before the bell rang. Blake sat there eyeing the paper as he knew this was an obvious choice if he wanted to complete a true act of kindness. In no way shape or form was this beneficial to him. Even the thought of having to socialize with other members of the school made a lump in his throat.

“Thank you for your cooperation class see you tomorrow if I am not teaching anything your already in today.” The home room teacher added as student began walking out of the classroom. Blake let out a yawn having not realized the bell run and being one of the last students to leave. He could feel the gaze of the teacher on him as he stopped at the corkboard. Pulling out a pen he signed his name on the paper beneath a small list of other students. Biting the inside of his cheek he felt as though he was signing his life away as he finished his signature. Once completed he put his pen back in his pocket as he turned towards the teacher.

“Well this is interesting.” The teacher began with a raised eyebrow. “Be seeing you tomorrow then I suppose.” He added before picking his briefcase up and walking past Blake.

“What did I do.” Blake whispered to himself shaking his head. He wondered if blindly trying to be kind is a harder achievement over trying to get through a months’ worth of detention. Letting out a drawn out sigh he knew he got let off easy with this and simply walked out the class to his next period.

The rest of the day went as it normally had, two classes and sitting alone on the bleachers for lunch. A simple wave to Raven and her friends before skipping out on PE towards the end of class. Once school ended he waited at the front gate staring at the maple trees with satisfaction having made it through another day.

“Ready to go home?”

Blake turned around and noticed Raven waving good bye to her friends as she walked up to him with a smile. Blake simple nodded and turned back towards the street. She was one of the few people who did not bug him too much while walking even if she did he doubt he could shake her off his trail. They had been walking to school since they were children in elementary. Today was different however as Blake quickly began writing into his notebook on the events that happened today. He hoped this act of kindness in volunteering his time for his school would be sufficient enough.

“This is my stop! See you tomorrow Blakey!”

Blake mouthed ‘see you’ but made no sound as she smiled and ran up to her front door fiddling with her keys. Finishing the rest of his walk home he noticed Aunt Clair’s care parked in front of the house. Sighing lightly he felt anxious and yet tired whenever family came over they always spent the night due to their love of wine. In which Blake was sure she brought plenty of this time.

Opening the front door, he walked in to seeing aunt Clair sitting with his mother laughing at the TV. She looked a lot like his mother except with shorter hair and a lighter color of brown. His mother looked tired today but full of a forced vigor as she laughed lightly at whatever program they were watching.

“Hey guys” Blake added as he sat his back pack in the hallway not too determined to finish any homework he had. It was going to be a long night with her here, but her excitement would definitely help distract him and his mother. It was a good distraction the kind that needs to take place to keep a weary mind sane. Blake eyed two empty wine bottles and thought better of it instead as he took a seat at the base of the coach hoping whatever was on, would drown out the absurd laughter from those two.

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