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30 Acts of Kindness

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Day 3

“Blake! Make your mom and I some breakfast!”

Blake looked over his shoulder his eyes still weary from what little sleep he got the night prior. He had just finished making a pot of coffee as he looked down at his phone to gauge the time. He was never a big fan of his auntie but it made him mother seem more cheerful having a lively person in the house. They appeared to be gossiping like old sister would do as if idolizing over whatever women were fascinated with. Or So Blake would have guessed as he thought of Raven and things that interested her. Shaking his mind back to himself he grabbed two apples off the counter and walked into the living room.

“Don’t got time.” Blake insisted as he tossed the apples towards his aunt with an absent-minded tone. “I think I will be late tonight I am helping out at school for the fall dance.” Blake added as he rubbed the back of his head hoping they misheard him.



Blake covered his face as both his mother and aunt chimed off at the same time. They both stared at him with a smile. His heart felt troubled slightly as he saw his mothers smile, and the dark circles under her eyes. She looked worse today but still had the sense of raw energy that kept her moving forward. Gripping his hands into a fist her turned away before he became too emotional.

“I am running late.” He insisted as he turned away and made his way outside quickly closing the door behind him. Pulling his coat closer around him he embraced a sudden gust of cold wind. A single tear rolled down his face as he held a stern glare at the tunnel of maple trees along the street. The wind was bettering at the trees forcing small openings through the leaves to see the sky through. He reluctantly walked down the street grumbling at the wind for ruining his transfixing walk to school. It was if his portal was slowly eroding away and the wind itself were eating the leaves as random one would fall to its might. Shrugging his shoulders he averted his eyes ahead of him and continued his walk to school.


Blake simply nodded as he heard Raven jog up to meet him at his pace. She was wearing her track suit along with a sweat band over her head to keep her black hair out of her eyes.

“I see you made the team?” Blake asked eyeing her for a moment before averting his eyes focusing on controlling his swelling throat and heartaches of emotion.

“Mhm. Though I am one of the slowest I am sure I could get better with time.” She cheerfully exclaimed before muttering under her breath.

“Hmm?” Blake responded having not heard what she muttered eyeing from the corner of his peripheral.

“Oh nothing, nothing I got to go see you later!” She explained before jogging of rather quickly towards school. Blake let out a yawn and a shrug pushing the thought of Raven acting odd recently.

Upon arriving at school Blake conducted his standard reminiscent of staring out at the maple trees. It helped speed up time and take his mind off the present. Letting his mind wander gave him a sense of relief he rarely receives. Even sitting in his first few classes sped time up so quickly he missed the math question thrown at him.

“Well Blake?”

Blinking quickly he looked around and then down at his desk to help remind his what class he was in momentarily. Noticing it he had an English book in front of him he shrugged not going to bother entertaining this teacher. He had always seemed to mind his own business, but certain teachers tend to provoke him for no reason and it only agitated him more. Normally he would of just got up and walked out for the day but seeing how he was on his last string thanks to the principal, he had to reluctantly oblige to the faculties whims.

“Just tell me when the test or assignment is too tired to concentrate.” He responded as he cocked his head to the side looking out the window once more. The wind seemed harsher today for some benign reason. From the front of the room Blake could hear the teacher scolding him and going on about being a diligent student. However this never phased him he heard this speech many times and he doubt it would be the last. Seconds into the rant the school bells signifying the end of the day went off sending the students into a cheer.

“Blake you are staying after class.” The teacher added as the other students walked out the classroom excited knowing it was Friday. Blake shrugged eyeing the teacher from his desk unmoving already knowing the drill. He waited for everyone to leave the room before grabbing his pen and paper.

“What punishing essay am I writing this time?” Blake asked with a zombie like groan. However he received no response as the teacher just stared back at him. Focusing his eyes and concentrating for a second he noticed his English teacher. She was older probably in her fifties with a stereotypical library set of glass and stern face.

“No essay Blake, at this rate I doubt it does you any good. Just…take care of yourself ok?”

Blake felt his heart skip a beat as his teacher grabbed her coat and briefcase from the desk, before walking out of the classroom having chosen not to scold him.

“Thank you.” He silently said as he lowered his head. The gratitude hurting him more than a regular punishment. He waited for her to leave and close the door behind her. It took everything he had to hold back the tears. He did not understand why those simple words got to him but they did. He bit the inside of his cheek again angry he lost focus and concertation letting his emotions swell inside him once more.

Blake left the English room after a few minutes and noticed the school halls were about empty save for the janitor and a few students rummaging through lockers. Gripping his hands, he kept his head low and attempted to collect his focus and block everything out. It was to no avail however as he could see how he would have been on a Friday after school before all of this started. He began to bite his cheek so hard he tasted the saltiness of blood in his mouth noting his obvious frustration and anxiety.

“It’s all her fault.” He whispered to himself through gritted teeth as he wiped his eyes slinging his back pack over his shoulder signifying his resolve. He knew he had to appear in front of student today and help out at the committee, and he still had to commit a true act of kindness before the day ended as well. Walking down towards his locker he noticed the janitor sweeping the floor looking rather sick and pale as if he was getting the flu. He wasn’t quite sure but he felt as though he should help him today. It did make much sense to Blake but he pulled out his orange juice cup from lunch and a bagel from his back pack. Blake jogged his mind trying to remember the name of this janitor as he walked up behind him. Looking down at the floor he noticed al the mud dirt and litter the student brought in on a daily basis. It was a long hallway and any uneager individual would probably had procrastinated in response. However this man sick as he was working hard despite his sickly symptoms.

“Hey Rusty?” Blake called out having only remember hearing the name from somewhere while in the principal’s office on more than one occasion. The janitor turned around and eyed Blake with a groggy expression not appearing to be fully into his work.

“Umm vice principal Wayland wanted me to give you this and have me finish this hallway as part of my detention.” Blake lied not looking directly as the janitor hoping he did not catch on.

“Oh?” Rusty asked but responded to it with a shrug as he traded his broom for Blakes bagel and juice. “This was all I had left for the day, guess I can go see my children get off school.” The janitor replied as he smiled despite his tired expression. Blake simply nodded as he noticed that same look his mother would have despite her illness. Shaking his head he brushed the thought off before he lost it again.

“I will have it done no worries Rusty.” Blake insisted as he sat his gaze on the long hallway.

“The name is John and yeah sure be sure to mop after your done to.” The janitor responded giving Blake a smile that any parent would realize a child was lying to them. “Have fun kiddo.” John insisted as he waved his hand towards Blake coughing up a lung in the process. Blake nodded back as he held the broom in his hands eyeing the hallway with a sense of unsettling persistence. The floor was his emotion and his broom his focus. He would clean and purge this wall hall till it nothing but a shining corridor of nothingness.

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