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Life After You

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Chapter 2

I woke up to the smell of pancakes dancing through the air.

I turned my head and popped one eye open to look at the clock resting on my nightstand waiting to wake me up.

It was exactly twenty minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off.

This only meant one thing:

Our apartment had been broken into, and the perpetrator was cooking me breakfast!

Well, at least he’s nice.

I slowly sat up in bed while rubbing the tired out of my eyes. I looked next to me only to find an empty bed.

I slowly got up and made my way to the small kitchen in the corner of the apartment.

I stopped short and watched as Landon maneuvered through the kitchen, stirring the pancake batter and pouring it onto the large square skillet.

I looked on our little dining table and saw eggs already made and a side of bacon.

Bacon. He loves me! He really loves me!

I assume he felt my eyes on him and he slowly turned around with a sleepy smile on his face.

I wanted to attack him right then and there as he was completely naked with only an apron on.

I let out a small chuckle and walked up to him.

“Landon, are you sleep cooking?” I asked, not able to hide the huge grin on my lips.

“Why would you ask me that, silly?” He asked. Flipping a pancake with the spatula.

His back was to me again and I looked down at his bare butt and laughed some more.

He looked ridiculous, but in a sexy way.

“Well, you are up twenty minutes before the alarm and you are cooking a big breakfast.” I said, in a duh tone.

“C’mon, Olivia. Can’t a guy wake up early and surprise his woman with a nice breakfast before class?” He said as he turned around with a cheeky grin on his face.

The apron is blue with white bold writing on the front that says, “Mr. Good lookin’ is cookin’.”

“It looks wonderful, babe. The apron is a little cheesy though.” I tease as I make my way over to the dining table and sit down in front of the bacon and eggs. I remembered back when Landon bought the apron. I smiled at the memory.

I slowly reached out for a piece of bacon but Landon was right next to me swatting my hand away with his spatula.

“Ow! What’s your issue?” I asked, rubbing the top of my hand.

“You must wait for the pancakes to be done and then we are eating together.”

“Fine. Hurry up.” I said with an innocent smile.

“Babe, you can’t rush art.” He said dramatically as he walked back over to the stove, purposely bouncing his butt up and down as he walked.

I let out another laugh and rolled my eyes. I got up and walked to the bathroom while I was waiting to eat.

When I returned to the dining spot, Landon was nowhere to be found. The pancakes were stacked and sitting on the center of the dining table.

The stove was shut off and Landon’s apron was hung up on the hook next to the refrigerator.

I slowly drifted my eyes towards the bed and there he was, sitting on the edge of the bed in his boxers.

I grinned and playfully made my way over to him.

“Landon, what about breakfast?” I asked.

He reached out and grabbed me pulling me down on his lap.

“It can wait.” He said with a sleepy smile and slowly pulled my tank top off, letting it gently land on the floor next to us.

I nervously bit my lip and held my arms up giving him access to do so.

My messy hair fell over my face and he gently pushed my hair behind my ear, running his thumb against my cheek.

I giggled and ran my fingers through his hair, lightly tugging on it.

Landon slowly leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine, not caring about our morning breath, as we have not freshened up yet.

I kissed him passionately and pushed him down on his back so I was straddling on top of him. I then got up and pushed my pajama shorts off letting them fall to the floor next to my top.

I got back on top of Landon and sat up straddling his waist while looking down at his smile.

“Landon, my bacon is going to get cold.” I said with a frown.

“Forget the bacon.” He mumbled, digging his nails into my hips, but gently, causing me to bite my lip once more.

“But... I thought you wanted us to eat breakfast together?” I asked, letting the grin sit on my lips.

He let out a laugh and pulled me down crashing our lips together. Our bodies were completely exposed and resting against each other. I shivered as his skin came into contact with mine as he held me tighter against him.

We stayed that way for a few minutes. Making out and letting our bodies rub against each other with anticipation. We were both breathing heavy and our hands were anywhere and everywhere.

My alarm finally went off and Arms by Christina Perri slowly started buzzing from my phone.

I let the entire song play as Landon and I started to make love. We were finally starting to feel good when we heard a loud knock on the apartment door, startling us both.

I let out a small squeal and immediately jumped off Landon. I quickly grabbed my pajama shorts and tank top, throwing them back on as I grabbed the pair of boxers that rested on the floor and threw them at Landon, smacking him in the face with them in the process.

“Yeah, thanks.” He mumbled.

“Shut up and put clothes on!” I whisper yelled.

Another knock echoed through the small apartment and I turned the lights on.

“Just a minute!” I yelled loud enough for whoever was standing outside of the door to hear.

Once I looked at Landon and noticed he had pants on, I walked to the door and pulled it open.

I knew it was either Tori or Riley.

“Hello baby sis!” Riley yelled while storming into the apartment.


“Dude... put a shirt on.” Riley said to Landon who was sitting at the dining table now.

“Dude... piss off.” Landon said with a glare who was pissed for being interrupted.

Riley smirked and looked between Landon and myself and let out a laugh.

“Did I... interrupt something?”

“Shut up.” Landon said, placing a pancake on his plate.

“Ugh, gross. Keep your filthy hands off my sister.” Riley said puffing his chest out.

Landon smirked and gave Riley the finger.

I rolled my eyes at their childish behavior and announced that I was going to take a shower.

They both waved me off now in their own conversation about some football game while eating the breakfast that was specifically made for me.

I closed the bathroom door and slowly undressed. I turned the hot water on and stepped into the shower.

I sighed as the steam engulfed me and I felt relaxed. I let the hot water fall over me as I stood underneath it with my eyes closed.

I shampooed and conditioned my hair, washing the soap away.

I poured my vanilla body wash onto my purple loofah and started washing my body, getting ready for the day to come.

I had my phone on the bathroom sink blaring music. All For You by Sister Hazel was playing and I smiled at the old tune.

The music was loud so I didn’t hear Landon walk into the bathroom.

I saw movement through the shower curtain and grinned.

Landon pushed off his pants and boxers and pulled back the curtain letting himself in.

I giggled and pulled him in for a sweet kiss letting the water fall on both of us.

I picked up his suave men’s body wash and poured some onto his blue loofah.

I motioned for him to turn around with my finger and he did as asked.

I started washing his back with the loofah, letting it drag against his soft skin.

I washed all the way down to his legs and then back up. I pulled his arm to turn around and he did with a grin plastered on his face.

I started washing his chest as we starred into each other’s eyes. I smiled and continued washing him with the loofah not stopping as I made my way down his body.

Once he was all soapy, I switched spots with him so he could rinse the soap off.

I then poured some more of his suave men’s body wash into my hand. It was a three-in-one that also contained shampoo and conditioner.

Men are so simple with their products. He had one bottle while I had at least six different bottles of products lined up.

I leaned in for another kiss as I started lathering up the soap in his hair. He smiled at me and started letting his hands wander against my bare body.

I sucked in a breath and let the goosebumps appear from my skin.

Once I was finished with his hair, I pushed him into the water to rinse it out. He laughed and closed his eyes quickly, not letting any soap burn them.

Once all of the soap was rinsed out, he opened his eyes again.

I stared into them as a smile played on my lips. I moved closer to him letting the front of our bodies touch.

’It’s hard to say what it is I see in you,
Wonder if I’ll always be with you,
But words can’t say, And I can’t do,
Enough to prove,
It’s all for you’

The music continued to play and Landon started belting out the lyrics loudly putting his hands around my waist to sway our hips together to the melody.

I laughed at his ridiculous singing and held onto him tightly as to not slip.

’There’s been times, I’m so confused,
All my roads, They lead to you,
I just can’t turn and walk away...′

He followed along with the song perfectly and I started to sing along with him. We both swayed to the music and sang as if we were doing our own little show.

He slowly twirled me around and I couldn’t stop the laughter that was echoing around us.

The song ended and we were still in the shower just enjoying each other’s company.

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz started to play and Landon started singing it to me.

He sang every word and he actually sounded pretty good.

The song ended and I knew we had to get out of the shower.

He turned around and shut the water off as we both stepped out of the shower, our bodies dripping water onto the bathroom tile.

He grabbed a big towel and wrapped it around both of us. I laughed and pushed him away as I grabbed my own towel.

We dried ourselves off and before opening the bathroom door I turned to Landon.

“Riley left, right?” I asked.

“Yes, he ate and then ditched.” He said with a glare.

I laughed and opened the bathroom door walking out into the main room towards the side closet.

I felt Landon’s eyes on me and I got a little red in the cheeks.

I pulled on my underwear and snapped my bra into place around my chest.

I then glanced through my clothes to pick out an outfit. I settled for a pair of jean shorts and a light blue blouse leaving the top two buttons undone.

I looked at the clock and yelped when I saw that I only had fifteen minutes to get to class.


I quickly pulled on my light brown sandals and grabbed some bacon to go, as all of the pancakes were gone.

Forget you, Riley.

I quickly ran over to Landon and pulled him in for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around my waist keeping me there for a few seconds as I tried to pull away.

“Landon, I’m going to be late!” I said.

He laughed and waved me off.

“Have a good class, babe. I love you!” He yelled as I made my way to the apartment door.

“Love you too!” I yelled back as I shut the door behind me.

I guess Landon didn’t have a morning class today. Asshole.

I ran desperately trying to reach campus and my classroom before the lecture started.

I let out a long breath as I entered the classroom just seconds before the doors closed.

The professor gave me a warning look and I let out an apologetic smile as I made my way to my seat next to Tori.

I quickly sat down and went to pull my notebook out of my bag and that’s when it hit me.

I forgot my freaking bag!

I let out a frustrated sigh and was about to ask Tori for a piece of paper and a pen when I heard the classroom door swing open. The professor looked over and glared as Landon came running towards me.

He handed me my bag with a smile and kissed my cheek. My glare turned into a huge smile almost instantly and I mouthed thank you as he backed away from my seat and back towards the door, closing it behind him.

I sighed to myself as I pulled my notebook from my bag and opened the cover.

I turned the last page from my notes I had taken the last time I was in this class and saw a note written on the next blank page.

Tori looked over my shoulder and rolled her eyes with a smile as she read the words that I was currently starring at.

I saw, “It’s you, Olivia.” written in big black letters with a little heart drawn next to my name.

I bit my lip and turned the page, leaving a blank sheet of paper as I started writing down the notes from the lecture.

It’s you, Landon.

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