Underwood High

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I sat straight up on my bed and right away I noticed a spirit, Its presence was kind of eerie. ” go away you’re the cause of everything!” I yelled. It just... stood there watching me...

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Chapter 1: Repeating

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and sighed in disappointment. “I have to go back to this hell hole” I mumbled to myself. I stared up at the ceiling then directed my eyes towards the clock. It was 6:00 am, I had an hour to take a shower and get ready for school. I sat straight up on my bed and right away I noticed a spirit, Its presence was kind of eerie. ” go away you’re the cause of everything!” I yelled. It just... stood there watching me with its dim red eyes, staring straight into my soul, as if it was waiting for the right moment to attack. Ignoring it I walked to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. My room wasn’t that big, but it was a decent size. My bed was under the window and the bathroom was adjacent to that. Across the room was my dresser and to the left, my body sized mirror. I let the hot water run down my dirty face, it burned, but I didn’t care and proceeded to wash up. I stepped out of the shower into the massive clouds of steam, I wanted to stay in there forever, it felt refreshing. I walked out the bathroom and made my way over to my dresser. I grabbed some random clothes ” guess I’ll just wear something simple.“, I didn’t really care too much about my appearance. I slipped on my black off-shoulder long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and my black calf length boots. Heading downstairs I realized the same spirit from earlier was following me, a chill ran down my spine so I tried to move as fast as I could. It felt like something was about to happen and whatever was about to occur next, I wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible. Feeling uneasy I decided to skip breakfast, walked out the door, and headed to school.

Beach Marsh, Iowa looked fairly nice in my opinion. Spring was filled with the exhilarating smell of the beach. In summer, the most beautiful tree blossomed it’s called Twilight Crape Myrtle and its flowers sweet essence lingered through the air. In fall, the jagged ground was veiled with the trees delicate purple petals, as if it’s trying to mask the reality of this world. The winters were long and cold, the snow covered the ground in a thick blanket locking away its beautiful treasure to keep it pure. My favorite seasons were Summer and Fall, only because of the tree, I thought of it as a safe haven and would often sit under its beautiful flowers. When the petals fell it was the only bright thing in this dull, hollow city. While walking I saw Leon, he’s my cousin and the only friend I really have.

“Hey, Leon!” I shouted as I ran towards him.

“Cass, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, on my way to hell,” I mumbled.

“It’s okay Cass, It’ll get better.” He said as he gave me a hug.

“So how’s Beach Marsh University?” I asked with a smile

“It’s okay so far, I’ve met a lot of new people”

That’s great I said in a melancholy tone. I sighed and check the time, shit! I’m gonna be late!

“well, I’ll talk to you later Leon, love you!”

“Love you too, bye!”

Running towards the school I slowed down my pace and my facial expression changed. As I walked on school grounds everyone stared and whispered about me. I didn’t care since this happened on the daily bases. I walked towards the sturdy brown double doors, they were old, worn, and started to rust. Before I could open the doors a few people pushed passed me and open them, I just followed behind them. The school was filled with all types of spirits, some were brimming with hatred others gave off a peaceful vibe. I walked to my locker, opened it, and started putting my things in there. During this, I encountered Alex, someone I use to consider a friend. We exchanged glares and she started running her mouth. I don’t feel like dealing with this bitch I thought

“Hey Cass, I see you’re still-”

I slammed my locker closed

“Fuck off Alex”

I then walked passed her and made my way to class. My class had about 15 students including me and our teacher name was Miss Steele. My desk was in the back of the class, I liked it back there, no one really knew if I was there or not. I walked into a room full of guinea pigs, Alex basically had the whole school wrapped around her finger. Ignoring all the scoffs and laughs I sat at my desk and sighed. “This is gonna be a long day.”

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