Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 10: Stranger's Tied

At the diners… I do my job as a janitress and as a waitress at the same time. And if you’re gonna ask, I still wait for Samuel to show up. I am holding my phone since there are no customers needing me; I am staring at one unknown number and wait for it to call or send me a message. It was the number Samuel used to call me.

“This is the first time I saw you stare at your phone... You know, longer than a minute.” Chris poked me while putting up a tray with beer and burger and fries. I snapped and looked around if Samuel is here because he orders the same thing on the tray. “Table 3 is yours.”

I don’t feel excited, instead, I feel nervous because after two nights, am I getting to see him now? I mean, he’s not that important but I really feel curious about him. But then, my shoulders went down and I heaved a deep sigh to see a girl at table 3, talking to a little girl and a middle-aged man. They stopped talking when I came and put the tray down on the table. As usual, the man took his stare away from me and back to her daughter; eyeing her that she shouldn’t be like me. The little girl is also curling up to his father, I assumed. These things just add to a bad night. “Don’t worry, I ain’t gonna eat you. I’m not hungry.” I smiled then rolled me eyes leaving them silent and eating their food. I took the mop as I see another customer just finished their meal. I cleaned it up until a car pulled outside. Hoping it was Samuel, but it’s only his driver. Well, Eric I guess. He walked out and went to the passenger seat and opened the door. Hoping again it’s Samuel, it’s not. Just a lady wearing a white floral blouse and pink mini skirt matched with white boots. Oh, may I add? She’s also wearing shades even there is no sun or whatever she needs to block with them. She enters the diners while Eric stayed outside.

“So here’s he ate every night ignoring my calls.” She whispered as she looks around. I heard everything she said because I am cleaning next to her. She took a sit next to the table I’m cleaning. Brix brought her the menu and I eavesdrop while she’s talking and asking things.

“So, do you have steak? Or vegetarian platter?” She said still not removing her sunglasses.

“Sorry Ma’am. We only have carbs here - Fries, burgers, milkshakes, beers, pizza and everything listed in the menu.” Brix answered. Oops, butt hurt.

“Whatever, I’ll have milkshake. Make it 50% sugar.” She finally removed her sunglasses and saw me staring at her. “What are you looking at buster?” I looked away and pouts my lips because she just called me buster. Like she’s pretty. Hell no.

I keep cleaning until Brix came back with what she ordered. She sips once and started whispering again.

“This does not taste bad. No wonder he came here every night.”

“Excuse me ma’am?” Brix asked curiously to whom she’s referring too. I came closer because I want to know too.

“Nothing. My fiance has been here these past few days.” Brix smiled at her and probably remembered Samuel a.k.a the soon-to-be regular customer. “Did he perhaps, ate here last night? He didn’t attend the family dinner.” I hate the way she talks and ask to random stranger like they are supposed to know what she’s talking about. I hate the way she dress and especially how she holds the straw with only two fingers with the pinky sticking out. Brix shook his head and left her immediately. Probably annoyed to her babbling.

After a few minutes, reaching half of her drink, she called someone. I keep my ears to her in the counter while pretending to write something on the log book.

“Hey, babe. I’m here at your favorite place and I think this will be my favorite place too. Can you please drive me home from here? My car broke on my way.” She tried so hard making her voice sound pitiful but she just can’t do it right. It only makes her annoying! She even lied because she’s with Eric, a driver and the car is completely functional. I glanced back to her and from making pitiful face to make her voice sound promising, it shifts to an angry lion. I can see from her expression that the person on the other side of the call hung up without having the intention of granting any of her wishes.

I managed to smile until the door swung as well as the bell hanging before them. It’s Eric, probably fetching her because someone ordered him.

“Your father is asking you to go home now.”

“Whatever.” Once again, she rolled her eyes and I silently waved goodbye at her. After they’re gone, I looked down at what I draw in the log book; it was a rainy day and a girl holding out an umbrella. Well, I’m a good artist. I wonder who’s the guy she’s talking about. His fiance? Is it Samuel?

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