Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 11: Avoiding Unnecessary Scars

A week after.

I slowly getting back with my sleeping time habits after a few nights of being sleepless because I’ve been wondering what happened to Samuel. I decided to not bring my bag to the diners since I don’t need to bring anything important. There will be a lot of work so I probably won’t be able to touch them anyway. I wear my red hoodie with inner pockets and put my phone and a few cash into it. I went down seeing Mother Cleo sweeping the floor.

“Sister, Chris is asking if you can you make it later.”

“Of course, I’m gonna bring Sarah and Ezra with me.”

“Cool. See you. Bye.” I ran outside back to the diners since it’s celebrating its 5th anniversary. We offered anniversary promos so it’s a 100% no rest tonight. When I reached the place, a bunch of customer are already lining outside to get their seats. Luckily, we just opened the second floor of the diners which was under construction last month.

I was so busy until 12MN when Mother Cleo came with Sarah and Ezra; both names came from the bible. They were both adopted when I was 10 so they’re 11 years old now. Funny, because my name is from a prostitute generally. But the nuns explained to me that it was a strong name so they gave it to me. I led Mother Cleo and the two earthlings to a reserved table.

“What a good place to be having midnight snack. Right, kids???” Mother Cleo asked while the two is smiling both obviously excited and sleepy at the same time.

“Why are they up at midnight, Sister?” I asked while mopping the path.

“They wanted to come so they slept for long this afternoon. But I guess, it even made them sleepier.” She smiled as well as the two. I took their orders and saved them myself because Chris told me to do so. “Seems like you’re being promoted.” Sister teased me and winked.

“Nah. Melanie ran away and we still can’t get someone to replace her. I’ll be back on my place soon.” I stretched my lips which kind of look like a smile. The dull one. Sister massaged my arm, staring at me with the most merciful look she got.

“You deserved to be treated good, Scarlett...” Sister comforts me. Sarah and Ezra grabbed both of their burgers until one of them talked. “Look, isn’t it the guy who visited Scarlett last week!” Sarah pointed someone at my back which also made look.

I forgot Samuel existed. He’s smiling while going towards me. Why do everything seem to be on slow motion while he’s walking closer. We both stood in front of each other, just 3 feet away and he’s staring at me like it was the first time we saw each other. I can’t hear and feel anything, just my heart beating.

“FUCK!” Finally, I went back to my senses when Ezra bit my finger. “What are you doing?!” I rose with anger because he bit my finger as if it was a fries!

“My goodness, what happened Ezra??” Sister rushed to him because he’s about to cry after I scolded him. Well, he bit me! “Oh, you mistakenly bit her finger thinking it was french fries!” Mother Cleo laughed because of the dumbness of that kid and also make him laugh since he’s feeling tensed and scared right now. I also came back to my senses when someone giggled behind me.

“You got no temper.” Samuel exclaimed while shaking his head. I looked for a vacant table to have him seated but there was none. I can’t say a thing but I need to escape such an awkward situation I’m in right now. I am aware that I’m just standing in front of him and not doing anything besides holding my finger which still stings.

“Hmmm... Oh- hmm - there is no table... Hmm.” I looked around the place not losing hope of finding a vacant table when some annoying thing interrupted my moment with Samuel. I don’t care before but why am I having interest now!

“Surprise, babe! I knew you’d be here tonight!” The girl Eric brought here came and kissed Samuel on the cheeks in front of me. I was left dumbfounded not knowing my place in this world again. I just froze in the middle of the customers eating with two people busy in front of me.

“What are you doing here? Go home.” Samuel irritably asked the girl. I still don’t know her name so I can’t address her right. Sorry for that.

“I’m home wherever you are.” Is it just me or I just wanna puke because of what I heard? “Come with me over there, I got a table.” This girl hauled Samuel by the arm and in just a snap of a finger, he seemed to forgot that I am here. Whatever. Another sting came from my finger, I looked at it’s slightly bleeding. I possibly cut it when I took it fast from Ezra’s bit. I walked downstairs with the mop and go behind the counter.

“How’s Mother Cleo up there?” Chris asked as soon as I came searching for the first aid kit.

“They’re good. Ezra bit my finger real hard and I need the first aid kit.”

“That’s bad. Here.” He gave way and opened the cabinet down the cash box and handed me the kit. “You can take a rest. Good thing I called a few friend of mine to help the job today.” I noticed three new faces walking around with tray and mop on their hands. I feel more at ease with what I just saw.

“Thanks, Chris.” I gave him a high five and take the kit with me. I planned on seating with sister but when I saw Ezra still feeling bad about how he hurt me, I backed out. He’ll feel worse so I decided to climb on the third floor of the dinner. I jumped over the sign “DO NOT ENTER”. It’s not yet open because everything is still messy up here. What I mean by messy is that it is still opened with cements, sands, hallow blocks and a few steels for construction.

From up here, you can see a perfect sky with a few stars covered by mass group of clouds.

I chose my place at the center and stack some blocks to be my seat. I grabbed a flashlight from the kit and put it on my mouth to at least help me with my finger. I dropped alcohol and almost broke my teeth when I chewed the metal flashlight real hard because it still stings!! A few blow, it feels better and I was to put a band-aid when some asshole tried to scare me while putting a flashlight to his face.

I spit out to flashlight like it’s just a bubble gum and glared at him.

“What are you doing here?”

NOTE: I am forcing myself to be cold as I can get because I don’t know why.

“Saw you crossing the boundaries DO NOT ENTER and I thought you’re gonna jump from the building... I’m kidding. Thought you might need some help.” He smiled like nothing happened. I took the band-aid to continue what I was doing but he stopped me.

“Hold the light, I’ll put it.” I did not hesitate to do what he just commanded still because I don’t know why. “You should first disinfect the wound before putting band-aid you know. Not just alcohol.” He focused while talking instead of looking at me. He added betadine, some liquid I don’t know and wiped it with a gauge before wrapping them up.

“It’s just a tiny wound. I won’t die.”

“To avoid unnecessary scars.”

He simply said those words without putting a lot of thought about it but it hit me hard on the chest. We both fell silent as he finished treating me. This time, I felt like I needed to take the move first.

“So, when’d you learn to treat a tiny wound that specific?”

“I participated to a medical mission last summer conducted by the company. And also, my mom runs a clinic.” He also pulled some blocks and stack them to be a bench just like what I did. I was far more concern to his suit than him.

“Hmmm. Cool..”

“How- how’s the girl downstairs? Did you indian her?”

“Shiela? No. I told her mom was calling me home so I had to go. I just can’t stay even a minute with her.” Samuel released those words as disgusted as he is right now. I think it’s a good thing but I don’t know why.

“Yeah, she’s got a lot on her mouth last night.”

“What? She’s really here? I knew it. She spends every hour of her life stalking me.”

“So. Why’d you didn’t pick her up when she asked you too?”

“She wish. Eric let me knew she’s with him even before she told me those lies.”

“What if they’re not?”



I noticed I’ve been asking so many questions about that girl and their relationship so I might get misunderstood. We’re both silent with only the breeze of the wind on the background when we both heard shouting outside. We quickly peeked downstairs and saw something that made us both laugh.

“Ugh! He ditched me again! How can he leave without his car?????” Shiela is throwing her tantrums outside the diners while calling Samuel who immediately switched his phone into discreet mode. Funny, we’re lying here while watching Shiela being so crybaby downstairs and kicking his car’s tires.

“Hey, you should call your driver about this in case she calls a tow-away truck completely believing you left without your ride.”

“Right.” I felt so good when he slides the decline button of that crazy girl and called Eric. He did as I said and asked Eric to send Shiela home because he’ll be staying. Staying… “So, I guess we’re done. Are you going back downstairs?” He asked while removing his coat. I shook my head as a no.

“Chris let me take the night off, he’s got company too.”

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