Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 13: As The Past Still Haunts

From last night, I still feel nervous especially when it’s Friday the 13th. I’m back with hoping that Samuel won’t come tonight but also wanting to see him. Remember how I made an effort last night? I feel like I can do it again.

So here I am, taking a deep sigh every time the door opens and welcomes new customer. I wish it was Samuel and I wish it’s not. It’s Friday the 13th it might be both.

As the time goes by and the clock strikes 12mn, a group of boys enters and if you’ll be the unluckiest person in the world, everything never goes on your way. I don’t think it’s a coincidence or something but why are they here? Will they remember me?

What happened two years ago became a closed case for me. Aside from having no money to report it to the police, I know I’ll just trouble people so I decided to keep the thorns on myself. Chris noticed I immediately ran behind the counter and sit on the floor.

“What are you doing there, honey? If you’re tired, there’s more proper seat you know.”

“Nothing. Can I leave for a few minutes? Just text me if the guys just entered leave. Okay?”

“What? Why?”

“Just. Long story. Please?”

Before Chris could ask the next question I scrammed out of the place and ran to the back of the diner. I took a deep breath which was kept a long time earlier. Everything happened that night came back circling my mind like I was in the same situation.

I can’t breathe.

I can’t think of anything.

I don’t know what to do.

My hands move on its own and grabbed the phone on the pocket of my hoodie. There’s only one person I can call and I don’t know why is he that person. I dialed Samuel’s number and I immediately took it when he answered.


“Samuel… Can you just talk to me for a bit?”

[Wait. Why do you sound like that?] He probably noticed my voice sounds like I got a lump on the throat.

“Just talk and talk!!”

[Oh okay. Where are you?]

“Just talk and tell me things. Distract me, please.” I knew I was crying and this is the weakest point of my life. I hold onto the phone but no one’s talking. I can’t hear anything and just sit there, curl my legs up to my chin like a lost girl in Neverland.

A few minutes passed and Chris is not texting me and Samuel hung up.

Suddenly, a car came and light up my place. I know that car. The man came down and only his silhouette can be seen but I know it was Samuel. He came but not like in the movies that the girl will run and hug him. I did not manage to move and stand to greet him. I just stayed there until he squatted to be in the same level as me.

“This is very unlikely of Scarlett.” I rolled my eyes and sob one more time. “What are you doing and not working?”


“That’s not supposed to be the answer, Scarlett.”

“Just no. He’s inside.”


Of course, Samuel’s totally clueless who am I talking about and I don’t want to say it was my rapist and his friends. I can’t cause him any more trouble. Yesterday is enough.

“So you called and I came but you’re not telling me anything.” He stood up and walked inside from the back door. After a minute he came with my bag, “Let’s go, I told Chris about it.”

“What? No. I have to work.” I attempted standing but my knees still feel weak because after two years, I see the one who took my virginity away from me. He’s living the life he wanted and I can’t even forget about that miserable night. I can’t live mine.

“You can’t even stand properly. Let’s go.”

He held my shoulders and led me to his car. He drove away and probably back to the lighthouse.

“Can you walk or should I carry you?” He asks as soon as we stopped in front of his favorite place.

“Stop. I’ll walk.” He laughed and walked faster towards the elevator where still no one talking. I just realized he dropped the call to go to the diners instead of just talking to me on the phone. Maybe we just share the same problem, the same situation. No one understands us but us.

We reached the top and like I was home, I sat on the sofa and lean my head on the rest. Scorpion’s laughing face is still stuck on my mind and I can still see him even here. Samuel came and sit beside me holding a water.

“Finish it, then tell me what happened back there. Chris is still oblivious as I am. Good thing he cares and let me take you.”

“I told you, he’s there.” I said and grabbed the throw pillow nearest. “Scorpion and the other guys.”

“What? You should’ve told me earlier.”

“I can’t cause you any more trouble. Anyway, what happened with Shiela?”

“She didn’t believe it so stop thinking that’s trouble.”

“Probably because I am not the type of girlfriend you deserve.”

“Hey. What are you saying? We’re good.” I smiled with what he just said there. We’re good. “See. You smile. I like it more when you snub me than now, you’re crying. I feel special since you’re not the type to cry in front of anyone else.”

“So, shall I be back snubbing you?”

“That’s not what I meant.” He took the glasses from my hand and I just noticed, he’s wearing a ¾ shirt and his scars are exposed. “You saw it before, don’t stare like that. They might get offended.” Then he smirked comfortably. I wore off my hoodie and let my scars and tattoos be seen.

“Can I stay here until the sunrise?” I asked removing all the shame I had.

“Of course. Feel at home. Oh wait.” He took his phone and probably called someone while I stride towards the huge glass and just stare outside. I somehow felt better when Samuel is around. Yes, at first he’s getting into my nerves just because I am not use to someone giving his attention to me but then, I found out the reason why he’s approaching me. He’s suicidal too.

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