Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 15: Stories Behind A Mark

The weather got better but I somehow felt sad about it. It feels more home in that lighthouse than the diners and the orphanage. Samuel got back to work too and things have been much busier than it was before.

I continue my life instead of waiting for him to have time again. I’m back at the diners and Chris have been asking many questions because he found out that I stayed two days at a stranger’s place. Mother Cleo probably talked to him about my whereabouts. He can’t stop teasing me until now; he said I’ve been staring all the time outside.

I am not waiting, okay? I just want to start keeping things low just how things were normal when Samuel is not yet existing. I am just a normal woman from the orphanage and now works as a waitress at the place she works for. When I got back, Chris surprised me that I am now going to be a waitress and he already hired someone for my replacement as a janitor. Melanie was also replaced by a single mom named Christina and for the first time in forever, I finally got someone to talk to; someone who has no stigma about tattooed girls.

“Hey, if I could have a tattoo, what do you it could be?” She asks while we clean tables just next to each other.

“Your baby’s name is the perfect first.”

“Hey! You got a good idea, I never thought of that.” She grinned at me like she’s really clueless to what should be her first tat. “So, will it hurt?”

“You already had a baby in normal delivery, I guess that hurts more.” After I said those, she just stares at me pleased. “And you know what hurts? It’s not getting a tattoo but the reason behind that tattoo.”

“You are a smart girl, you know? I wonder why no one talks to you here.” I just shrugged because I am not use to compliments like what she just said. I guess I just learn about life even if I am a drop-out. Life’s the best lesson anyway.

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