Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 19: Warm Christmas Eve

Last night, we kissed. Then tonight, on our way back to his favorite place, we were holding each other’s hands. He’s very comfortable about everything we do. From me carrying heavier objects than him, and me sleeping during the whole ride.

“I missed this place.” I sighed as I lie down to the carpet on the floor - that’s where we sleep.

“Don’t tell me you’ll sleep again?”

“I just love sleeping.” Then I cuddle one of the pillows he has here. I let him fix our things and put it in their proper place. I suddenly thought of what relationship do we have right now.

“Anyway, Samuel. What should I call you? Samuel’s too formal.”

“Sam’s my nickname. Family and close friends call me that.”

“I don’t like it.” I said and got an unbelievable response from him. He didn’t say anything, he just grinned at me.

“Just don’t call me babe. Shiela always calls me like that.”


Through the days we’re together, I felt home. Our relationship with each other grew and I became more comfortable whenever he is around. I also learned many things from him. I learned to eat breakfast, I learned the basic cooking and I learned to say good morning. Maybe it’s because he always greets me.

Samuel is really a morning person; obviously because he works in the morning just like a student go to his classes. I also found out he owns one of the highest position in the board of Kings Group of Companies, as well as his sister that he would like to call Alicia even though her real name is Alice.

Anyway, Shiela is still keeping in touch by calling, sending voice mails and e-mails and even calling him on Skype but I feel bad about her being ignored all the time. I’ve read her messages and they were like, “Good morning, babe.”,”Babe, are you at work? Eric told me you granted him a vacation. Why is that?”, “You are so cute babe. Don’t play hard to get.” And texts like, “I’m here down at the lighthouse.”

I pitied her that moment so I asked Samuel just to come down and tell her to leave because this man is too heartless just making her wait downstairs. Of course, I stayed and tried to be discreet as I can be. He said Shiela will soon believe that he has a girlfriend already and once we go back in town; he’s going to do everything to never let that marriage happen. To which I am also wondering why I have to pretend we are in a relationship when it looks like he has no intention of introducing a girlfriend on the way. I was wondering too if he only wants someone on his side, like a friend.

I almost forgot, today’s the Christmas Eve and this is the first time I got to celebrate with someone who is not in the orphanage. Earlier in the morning, we’ve gone to the grocery to buy stuff we need to prepare tonight and he cooked everything alone. But I did something to help, I tell him anytime the water boils while he’s playing games on his phone while waiting. We’re not seating across each other in a four-seater table with lots of food in front of us. Everything is romantic and I’m asking myself if I deserve this one.

“Here.” He handed over a small box wrapped in a pretty red shining paper. “Open it. A present since your birthday just passed.”

“How’d you know my birthday?”

“I told you, I had you checked.” I opened that same box and inside is a simple silver bracelet with round pendant with diamonds in it. “And also, you have to accept it.” That was before I can open my mouth saying I can’t accept this gift. It looks very luxurious and he has been doing too much for me.

“Let me help you.” He moved over next to me and just locked it in my wrist. “I picked that one personally since I think you hate wearing girly things.”

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