Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 2: A Night at Work

I get to work an hour earlier to help Chris redecorate the diner with Christmas stuff. Christmas is fast approaching as it’s only a month away. He purchased a Christmas tree, garlands, and additional lights. Everyone is smiling while cold waiting outside and there’s me, getting bored because I can’t get this garland hang on the hook.

“Leave it, Scarlett! We need to open! We don’t have forever!” another cook yelled at me so I immediately climbed down from the ladder while cursing at him in my mind. As if he makes good dishes, he just chops everything in the kitchen and checks on his phone time to time. I wonder he’s not fired yet?

I go to my place and wait for my turn to clean the mess. A garbage cleans a garbage? Really ironic. Hours passed and I am feeling so bored until a kid accidentally slipped on the door and his glass broke while the drink is all over his shirt. He cried as usual.

I ran and bring the magical mop with me. I picked the broken glass from the floor and started wiping everything. I was about to hand a tissue to the child but his mother, threw my hand away even before I touched his son.

“Can we get a different cleaner? My son is crying and scared of you.” The heat goes to my head but I tried so hard to contain myself. I don’t want to make a scene so I smiled at her, of course, the fakest.

“Of course! I don’t like me either!” I took the cleaning cart and go to the back while my workmate took care of the mess. What hurts me is that his son is not really crying just because he is scared! His son cried because he’s hurt because he fell!

I take another cig and inhale the goodness from it. After I’m done, I get back and found the kid being scolded by his mother. That’s right, you have to bring it to your kid. Don’t be like me.

“Scarlett!” Chris called me from the bar counter and I see what’s he got for me. “Melanie had an emergency and Brix is still running late. I know you hate this but take it.” He handed me an apron – for a waitress and brought me a tray of strawberry milkshake and burger platter.

“Chris… I can’t, they will freak out.”

“Table 4 is a hungry man; he’ll freak out if you don’t get this to him now.”

I am forced to wear this red and yellow apron and took the tray to that table with heavy heart. I am so tired of hearing curse, hatred and despise from people but I need this job.

I see the back of the head of the man in table 4 and I started to feel nervous until I saw his cool serpent tattoo on his hands while talking to someone on his phone. I get to his table and laid the tray down in front of his busy face who doesn’t even take a glance on the waitress.

“Strawberry milkshake and burger platter. Do you have anything to add?” I tried to be nice with my voice while chewing a gum on my cheek.

“I told you I don’t care! So sue him right away after this call!!” Okay, this customer got a temper and probably didn’t hear what I said so I take my leave. Weird, he looks like a man but he drinks strawberry milkshake.

I was about to get to the counter when he shouted from his table.

“I said a beer not a milkshake! For god’s sake, do you think I drink milkshake?!” I heard him yelled from my back so Chris immediately signaled me to get to him. I ran back to him and keep my pride with me while whispering to myself that I can’t punch him.

“I’ll just take this and get your beer. Sorry.”

“No. Take it and drink it. You look like you need lighter color in your life.” He said staring on his phone. I didn’t even notice him taking a look at me so why say that, right?

“I don’t drink such thing sir. I’ll get your beer.” I took the milkshake away and bring it back to the counter. Thankfully, Chris decided to get the man’s order by himself instead of me. I stare at him from the counter and while serving other people who continued on being freaked out because of my presence. Well adjust, people! I don’t need to comply to what your eyes want to see in this place.

I noticed he finished his meal and instead for calling a waitress, why is he walking towards the counter to pay?

“Yes, sir. How may I help you?” Chris asked him.

“Yes, what’s the name of your waitress?” I was startled about what he said. Why is he asking for my name? I pretended on taking a trash and head to the kitchen leaving him and Chris.

I returned after a minute and he’s not there anymore.

“The guy got a message for you.” Chris winked and gave me a receipt with a black writing behind it.

Call me and let’s talk about the keloid scar on your wrist. +000000000

With a wink emoji by the end of it. I threw the paper away because this is what I hate the most. People’s curiosity of my scars.

Days passed by and this guy still goes to the diner probably waiting for me to call him. He also tried getting my number from Chris but Chris isn’t too nice to give it away.

“Scarlett. Table 8 wants a beer.”

“Wow, Chris. I am just a cleaner why do you order me to serve?” I asked while being confused to his acts lately. My job is to clean and keep the garbage away but why this old man is making me do the waitresses’ works.

“Just serve it and smile, okay?” I took the tray while looking at him suspiciously. “Go.” He added.

“Okay, old man.”

I look for table 8 and damn right being suspicious is trouble. He’s there.

“So here’s Scarlett.”

“Here’s your beer, sir. Do you still want something?” I ask him as if he’s just an ordinary customer and not someone who visits the diner just for a reason.

“You. I need you to sit down and take that beer.” He said seriously. So I never felt nervous in my life but this man is also freaking me out. He’s really weird.

“Hmm, sorry sir but that is not included in my job. So if you don’t have anything I’ll- “ I was about to pass by his table and get back to my post when he held my wrist just as strong as he looks.

“I am holding your old man’s life so stay.” My eyes got big when he said those things. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? “Sit down and have a drink.”

I was forced to sit across him then he suddenly burst and laughed his ass out. What the fucking fuck?

“Wow, I really got you by that! You don’t look like someone who’ll take that joke seriously!” Then he continued laughing but I just glare at him because nothing’s funny. “Okay, I’m not funny. I only paid for this so you still can’t go.”

“What do you want from me? I don’t know you.”

“Okay.” He fixed his clothes, brushed his long hair up and stretch his face. “I’m Samuel King. You are?”

“You already called me and you still don’t know my name?”

“Scarlett, right? Scarlett what?”

“Scarlett no surname.” I said and rolled my eyes. Why am I even talking to this guy? He’s just a random person coming to the diner as a customer wearing a neat uniform as if he’s working in a decent company.

“You’re kidding me. No one doesn’t have a surname, even my cat has one.” Look, he’s saying things that will really lead to me telling him about my life – which I don’t want to happen.

“Well I’m obviously not your cat so can I go? Because more customers are needing my help.” I was about to stand when once again he said something that made me stop.

“Is Saint Mary Angels a good orphanage?” That caught me. I’m sure he didn’t just ask that out of innocence. He seriously knew who I am. “Goodness! I know you won’t say a thing about yourself so I had you checked.” This man is really getting out of hand. I could just punch him but I promise not to do it anymore when I’m on duty!

“Look, Mister. I don’t care why are you so interested about me okay? So do what you want to do, you’re not getting anything from me.” I stormed out at the backdoor and lit the last cigarette for the day; I should be lighting it up later at night but this guy is stressing me out. No one has cared about me except the nuns in the orphanage and everyone outside are just strangers whom I won’t want to see again. They feel the same.

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