Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 21: Going Back to the Normal

I’m back at the diners after twelve days of being with Samuel. At first, I thought things will be all awkward and I will just get use to him easily but a part of me is always missing him.

“How was Christmas vacation?” Christina asked while waiting for a tray she ordered. “I heard you got a good one.” She’s eyeing me like she and Chris had the talk about it. Aside from Chris, Mother Cleo and Eric, no one knew I went on a sweet vacation.

“It- was good. How’s yours?”

“As usual, Lee and I celebrated with just the two of us. Guess what, he gave me the greatest gift of all. He called me Momma!” She jumped and it was obvious that she is so happy to hear her son’s first word. I wonder why she is fine without her family for two years. Anyway, Lee is her two-year old son.

“That’s so great, Christina. I hope he’ll start saying more things soon.”

“Yeah right.” Her order came so I am once again left alone in this dazzling counter who has been cleaned thoroughly while I am on a vacation. The paint was renewed and it is so much more likely to stare at. The door of the diners opened and it revealed Shiela. Oh, long time no see to this one. Brix attended to her and I heard she ordered the usual - strawberry milkshake in 50% sugar.

“Hey, buster.” She called for me from her table. “Where did you spend your vacation?” She asks thinking that I probably spent it with her fiancé.

“House?” I answered. Then she gave me a look which means she doesn’t believe me.

“Whatever.” Her order came and she was just enjoying everything until Samuel came too. I was hoping he would talk to me first but instead, he just gave me a look and slouch across Shiela. Shiela, in just a second, shifted from being irritated because of me into her eyes going hearts because Samuel for the first time sit with her. “Hey babe. I knew you’d come!” She climbed over the table and just kissed Samuel right in his lips shocking me and him as well. Samuel pushed her immediately and was about to look at me when I left first. What is this?

Tell yourself you’re jealous, Scarlett.

I am jealous. He was kissed in front of me and not only that, he didn’t even talk to me at the time he came to the diners. What does that mean? After that vacation and the bracelet and we even celebrated Christmas together, then that’s it?

I rushed at the back of the diners totally leaving my job to others and lit my first cigarette for the year; not really a great moment to open the year. I stayed here for long minutes and was about to light the sixth cigarette - I was just so outraged about what happened and I can’t just take it all to other people so I torture my lungs instead - when the door at my back opened and someone hugged me from behind. He took the cigarette from my fingers and smoked it instead.

“I’m sorry for what happened earlier. It’s just that my father asked me to meet her, be good to her today since she’s already convincing his dad to withdraw his share on my dad’s company.”

“I didn’t say anything.” I replied backing up all what I just felt.

“I mean, you are important but I also have to do this. I just don’t want anything to be affected by this mess Shiela made. I just need to deal with her until she finally listens and call off that wedding.” He explained. I can’t completely understand but my heart is feeling weak because he’s still hugging me, burying his face on my neck.

“I know that.”

“So, are we good?” He asked but before I could answer, the door smashed open revealing Shiela looking at us with a seriously mad face. She just caught her fiancé hugging another girl.

“I knew it! How dare you cheat on me!” She ran towards me and hit me with her bag which doesn’t hurt because it was soft as a pillow. Samuel attempted on shielding me from her but I am still not used with someone protecting me. I made a move, holding her wrist in the air and looking her dead in the eye. Just like what Vin Diesel did on his enemy.

“The truth is, he’s not cheating on you. You are not even together without that fucking marriage.” I smiled while lashing that words to her. I’m sure it hit her hard. She stormed out of the place and that’s when I got nervous. What if she said something to his family that might ruin everything? “Fuck, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Samuel is just staring at me with a smiling face, not feeling nervous or not even worrying about the possible outcome of what I did to her fiancé.

“That’s a bad ass. Should’ve captured that moment and her face.” He said with amazement while watching Shiela walking away from us.

“I’m sorry. I - just, I shouldn’t be that reckless.”

“Don’t worry. I know Shiela, she’s not going to drag me down without getting what she wants.”

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