Scarlett's Death Wish

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Night 25: Hide and Seek

This is the first time I woke up in an afternoon wearing a smile on my face. I mean, I have all the energy to work and also finished my dinner which I never did since I had work. I’m back at the diners and happily treating everyone even though they can’t help but treat me the same. My mood makes it obvious that something good happened to me. Chris and Christina can’t help asking why and there is also Brix eavesdropping probably curious why am I smiling at him and not being scary for the night.

“Looks like you got good news on your hands.” Christina winked while cleaning one of the tables in front of the counter.

“I saw his car last night, by any chance, did he come for you?” Chris added to which I responded with a single nod. “Oh, that’s why. Did you even talk to him?”

“Did you give him the explanation?”

“Yup and we’re good now. No more questions, we’ve got plenty of things to do.” I caught them sending hearts to me using their hands. Yup, Chris, in his age, also does that.

The days passed by and I think I did Samuel a favor. He doesn’t come to the diners to follow me wherever I go just like a regular customer. He’s just visiting every Friday night since he’s also working and I told him we might get use to each other’s faces when we see each other on a daily basis. At first, he hesitated on agreeing but realized that it is for our good. The bad thing is that I terribly miss him following me around every day.

It’s not yet Friday so I have to wait for two days.

“Scarlett, take table 6 for me. I just need to pee.” Christina ordered before running to the bathroom. I took the tray and served it to table 6 who kind of surprised me. It’s Shiela.

“Here is your burger and milkshake, ma’am. Is there anything you need to add?”

“You, Scarlett.”

“I have a job, Shiela.”

“I paid for it.” I smiled. She’s like Samuel on our few first conversation. They pay for my time. “Take a seat. I just want to talk.” I take a look around to check if I can really sit; there are several tables full which kind of worries me. I removed my apron first before sitting across her place.

“Make it fast.” I breathed.

“I found out you are an orphan.” She’s really similar with Samuel, no wonder how they’ve been together before. “I just heard from Eric. Well, that’s bad because Sam’s family especially his parents are very picky when it comes to their son and daughter’s partner and from what I searched, you are miles away from who they’ll like.”

“So?” I gulped and took the tray, trying to leave.

“So, I suggest you just leave him before his parents found out that their son is dating a defiant and someone who has a bad girl merit badge since she was a kid. Someone, who doesn’t have a prominent family and worst, don’t have one.” Then she smiled. I could just strangle her but all I did was smile and took a fork on her plate. I hold it against her face, and her smirking face quickly shifted to a scared one.

“You were just coming here to search for Samuel but now, you are here to insult me… I mean, you are travelling hours and wasting gas and money to gain fats just to see me… That is so thoughtful…” I smiled at her but still holding the fork.

“Are you going to scare me with that? You know I can put you in jail.” She stammered.

“Go on. It’s not my first time though. But just remember,” I put the fork down because she’s not breathing normally and it might kill her, “even though I got nothing on my life, I have someone who loves me and sees me better than you.”

I stood up and wear my apron again to take a tray waiting to be served at the counter. I almost killed her and my face is burning right now. How did I even manage to refrain myself from stabbing her with fork? About the jail thing, well, I’ve been there before. Nothing serious, I just put someone in the hospital after beating him up. I’ve been charged with physical injury and the cops didn’t believe me that it was just a self-defense. I’m locked up for two months and got lucky because the man can’t pay his lawyer anymore and just dropped the case. While I’m in jail, he’s recovering at the hospital.

“Hey, sorry.” Christina appeared just in time.

I looked at the clock above the door and it’s already 8AM. I noticed that Shiela is too early to pick a fight with me. I heaved a deep sigh before going into the kitchen to take a trash.

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