Scarlett's Death Wish

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Day 26: Trying

It’s Friday and kind of an exciting day for me since it is also the day that Samuel and I gets to see each other after a few days. My few days kind of change a bit since the day I came back after making up things with him. The worry of being treated out of pity came off a little too late so the only thing I am focused in the present is refraining myself from smacking people’s ass for being too judgmental to me.

I heard a car beeping outside the diners and it was Samuel and Eric. Eric is also back from his vacation and now doing his work, third-wheeling since we still have to keep our relationship off from his family. It’s my wish even though he doesn’t really care about it. After Shiela said those things, I was just worried that I’m putting him into a more complicated situation so we had to be cautious. Eric, in a way helps us as an excuse.

“Hey, kid.” Chris greeted Samuel who came to the counter before taking a table with his friend. “Chris, Scarlett.”

I took their orders but unfortunately, since the diners are full today, I can’t even sit with them even though Chris would have let me to. It’s sunrise when I got a free time but Sam and Eric already came home. I just remember an appointment off-site meeting he told me and he’s probably sleepy there right now.


The past few weeks made me somehow forget that I am just a businessman who does something in favor always for his parents. I felt like a human being and I stopped having thoughts of death. Must be great meeting someone just like me.


Scarlett No Surname made me feel like I own my life and I can feel and move for myself. Honestly, I am not someone brave and someone who disobeys my parent’s wishes but then, after I investigated her illegally, I envied her. She has death wishes but she lives her life just like she owns it while I live my life only trying to die one day without having my own life.

Ever since I was a kid, I am guided by the rules my parents made – from the clothes I wear and up to the job I need to do – I want to be a musician but ended up being a shareholder of my family’s business. I thought for a long time that it is fine that I obey my parents but when they decided to tie me to Shiela, that’s the first time that I had a decision against. Only when I met Scarlett, I realized that it’s true.

“Sir, they’re here.” Clarissa entered the door and handed me the papers. I am out for an off-site meeting and kind of exhausted because I stayed too late last night at the diners and didn’t even got a sleep.

“Where are they from again? Sorry, I forgot to review the proposal.” I asked while she sat beside me; holding out a pen and a notebook.

“They are originally from Australia. Their head can’t make it today so they sent a representative instead.”

“What? Then I should have done it too. I hate this.” I hissed massaging my head for sudden worse headache.

“Sam, you don’t have someone to send.” She casually replied.

“I can send you…” I whispered just in time a group of blonde people came to the room.

The meeting started and the only thing that bothers me is that my headache is kicking and I can’t even clearly understand the proposal. Seems like the representative can’t do the presentation in details. This is what I hate upon meeting reps instead of the head herself. That is a disadvantage but since my father gave me a hint that this is an important project, I signed it at pretended I digested everything.

“Sir, this is the printed details of the project. Next week, Monday, you have a lunch meeting with Mr. Rodriguez and on Wednesday, Ms. Jessica Young of Young Enterprise would like to have a private dinner with you.” Clarissa did her usual job of reminding me of my schedule.

I stopped, “Who’s Jessica?” I asked. I don’t want to hear she’s a substitute to Shiela.

“Hmm, Sir. She was the head of the group we just met.”

“Oh.” Nice.

“Should I send an approval, Sir?”

“Maybe… Let’s go, Eric.”

“What is maybe sir?” She asks following me while I rush to leave.

“Maybe… If nothing comes up more important than her request then tell her don’t pick any seafood restaurant.”

Eric and I head to the exit where my car is waiting, and a valet is holding out its keys. Eric opened the door for me while I unbutton the suit I am wearing. This is the worst part being a businessperson, you have to wear the same thing over and over again. I was waiting when will they formalize hoodies here.

“Where to, Sir?”


“Sir, I think you need to rest.”

“My rest is there.”

Just in time as Eric parked the car, I saw Scarlett sweeping the floor. She seems fine with everything she’s assigned to do, I wonder what’s it’s like to live like that – ordinary and no one’s deciding for you.

The door sounded as it is being opened; she immediately turned her head to our direction and instead of smiling for finally seeing me two times this week, she frowned and her eyebrows are meeting at the center. There were only a few customers so she came to our table and just lean in front of me.

“What are you doing here? I thought you have a meeting off-site?”

I straightened my back from slouching and grab her hands, “I missed you.” As expected, she was taken aback with what I said and her cheeks immediately blushed. I just want to take everything back.

“I’m hungry. I want a pizza, fries and burger platter and two milkshakes!” I ordered letting go of her hands. She takes our order and head to the counter with Eric feeling confused.

“Instead of resting, you decided to be here just to eat the same things, and pissing her off.”

I smiled. She’s really pissed off that I saw her blushed for the first time.

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