Scarlett's Death Wish

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Day 27: Two Scarletts

It’s Wednesday and all I have been doing for the entire morning was listen to people’s unweighted opinion during an urgent meeting; sign more papers and letters and just take a nap. Clarissa came with another bunch of papers and put them all down on my desk.

“We need your signature to all of them and, don’t forget, you have a dinner with Ms. Young later at 7 at Sorellina.”

“Who is she again?” I asked while starting my work.

“Sir, Ms. Jessica Young of Young Enterprise. She understood you don’t like seafood so she suggested a modern Italian restaurant.” I remembered the one who skipped the meeting because of a reason she didn’t even bother telling my secretary. I hope she’ll give me an excuse tonight since she incredibly chose my favorite place. I wonder when will I bring Scarlett to that place.

She seems like she doesn’t want to leave the diners and the place.

“Sir?” Clarissa called. “Do you have other plans?”

I came back to my senses, “No. Just call Eric and he’ll drive me there.” She left after getting satisfaction from my answer. I wish she can be nicer – Clarissa. My secretary is always dozing off even though she’s actually good at her job, and she doesn’t even smile at everyone.

After a moment, Eric came to drive me to Sorellina where the receptionist welcomes me, “To Ms. Jessica Young.” I said fixing the buttons on my shirt, first two were unbuttoned.

“This way, sir.” I followed her towards the center table where a girl with short ash-blonde hair is facing her back at us. She’s wearing a sexy blue-green dress that I don’t expect to see being wore by my soon-to-be business partner. Suddenly, the possibility that my Dad sent her flashed before my eyes yet he didn’t bother telling me.

“Take a sit.” Someone spoke and I didn’t notice I am already standing just across her seat. A negative energy suddenly came and as she lifted her face, I knew something is not right. Instead of acting confused and weird, I took my sit and stared at her. She really looks familiar but she’s way too plain to be sexy.

“Hi, Samuel.” She greeted and extended her hands to me. She even sounds like someone I know. I just can’t get a glimpse of who could it be. As a gentleman, I took it and said her name in exchange, “Jessica.”

“So, before we order something, I want to apologize for not meeting you the last time, I hope I didn’t cause any problem.” I shook my head, I am still thinking if I’d seen her somewhere before, “I had to go back home [Australia], my grandfather died that day.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“No worries, I’m fine. I want to make it up tonight so, dinner is on me and I will answer your queries regarding the proposal if there are any.” She smiled and that’s the second I finally know who she is.

“By any chance, do you have a twin?” I asked and she was confused as expected. It was so random but I had to ask that question! She looks like Scarlett, and even sounded like her.

“What?” She smiled. “Is that a pick-up line? No, I don’t have a twin.”

That can’t be. She’s really similar to Scarlett – the height, face, voice, and aura. She looks plain while Scarlett is bold, but it doesn’t matter because I feel so distracted seeing another Scarlett.

For the whole night from the dinner and until I reached my flat, I can’t get her smile out of my mind. I rarely see Scarlett smile so I remembered it well, and now, I am seeing it at someone who is not her, but definitely looks like her.

Recalling Scarlett’s story, she was an orphan and found beside a trash bin when she was a baby. She doesn’t want to know anything about her family so I don’t give much care about it too. But then, Jessica showed up confusing me. I mean, it’s impossible, Boston and Australia are too far from each other; far like they are on either side of the planet.

I took my phone to see a message from Scarlett and now, my mind is thinking twice whether I should ask her about Jessica or it’s not a good idea to talk about her family. I dialed her contact instead of replying. I want to hear her voice.

[Hey, what’s up?] The voice sounds similar, I swear.

“Just checking on you, are you busy?”

[Not really. How was the dinner?] She’s now asking about my dinner with Jessica, possibly her twin but no, Jessica said she doesn’t have one.

“It’s nice.”

[What do you mean nice?] Here, she sounds curious.

“Nice. I mean, not bad.”

[The food? Or Jessica?] Here, she sounds jealous.

“The food. I should bring you there some time.” I answered smiling. My tongue is dying to tell her about Jessica that looks exactly like her.

[Great to hear that but you know, your world is different from mine.] and here, she sounds dry.

“I understand, we’ll get over it. I should let you work now.”

[Yup. Rest now; missed you.] The last phrase was more like a whisper that I fortunately heard.

I don’t know but after a few affections, we still don’t know how to end a call and who should hang up first. I don’t even know if I should say ‘I love you’. Gladly, she didn’t give me chance because she already dropped the call. Nice.

After changing home clothes, I lay in bed still thinking what should I do with Jessica and Scarlett.

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